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Satan's Coming Superman

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SATAN'S COMING SUPERMAN                                                                                                                          2 Thess. 2:1-12

Sermon in a Sentence: We must be saved to escape the coming of Satan's superman.


Aliases of the Antichrist?  26 names and titles

                                               1)  The Spoiler (Isa. 16:4,5); 2) the Little Horn (Dan. 7:8); 3) The prince that shall come (Dan. 9:26); 4) The vile Person (Dan. 11:21); The Desolator (Dan. 9:27); 5) The Beast (Rev. 11:7:13:1)

Define- "Antichrist"

                      I.  The Coming Superman will be Satanic in His Personality.

                                 Is he the devil himself? (Rev. 13:1-4;Jn. 13:27Matt. 4:8)     

                          A. He will Have a Satanic Morality

                                1. "that man of sin" (v. 3)

                                2.  "that Wicked" (v. 8)

                          B.   He will Have a Satanic Motivation

                                    Demands to be worshipped v. 4 (cf. Matt. 4:9)

                     II.  The Coming Superman will be Supernatural in His Power.

                                                      v. 9  miracles (cf. Ex. 7:11;Matt. 7:21-23;24:24;Rev. 13:14,15)

                     III.  The Coming Superman will be Sure of His Perdition.

                                       the son of perdition (v. 3,11,12;cf. Jn. 17:12)


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