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That ain't your Business

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One of the hesitations in giving is that for many it has become more of a necessity rather than a joy. It seems that our service to the Lord and in His house is no longer fill with Love rather with social duty. It seems that we overwhelm ourselves with everything but lack in the main thing and that is serving the Lord.

It seems strange that Paul is here talking to Christians, those who are in the Church, those who are set aside for the work of the kingdom to Love one another. It is strange that Pastors, Preachers, and teachers, spend many days and sermons encouraging, persuading, and enlisting saints to love one another...ect. Paul tells them that love must be sincere. God's love has been given to believers by the Holy Spirit for us to share that love with like believers that we may share in love, joy, happiness.... be able to care for the need of the saints. Even our Church Covenant speaks to us [to promote prosperity and spirituality]

Dissimulation- means to hide under a false appearance, hypocrisy, not sincere.

Paul tells them in [vs.9] "let love be without dissimulation" . Don't be fake. Let your love for one another be free and real..... We are able to love others if we don't allow sin to overtake us. So he further says, to abhor/hate evil things. It seems that we make evil our business.....ect.

[Rom. 12:10] says, consider other better than yourselves. Treat others better than yourself. Selfishness is not you business. We can not love in a Christ way if the only one's we love is ourself.

vs. 11 suggest that our business thru love is serving the Lord. And we should not be lazy with it. We should be enthused, joyful, happy, full of energy because he says next that we should have a fervant spirit. To have a fervant spirit suggest (to boil, very hot glowing with power) our love, joy, and happiness in the Lord should be boiling over in our spirit and actions toward Him and one another. It is not something that is quite, soft spoken, or with shame, but hot as thou we can't help ourselves from spreading the good news about our Lord and Saviour. People should be able to see His Spirit in us and be positively affected because of that.

Whatever we do it must be pleasing to God Thru our spirit and under the direction of the Holy Spirit.

We serve with all our heart and total spirit. This ignites the fire that sugguest fervant It sends a sweet smelling odour into the nostrils of the Father all because we have made serving Him our business. [Luke 2:49] Jesus says, "How is it that ye sought me? wist ye not that I must be about my Father's Business". Work, parties, get togethers, associations, meetings, vacations, singings,.......ect are all okay but that is not our Business. We should never take our dutyrelationship with the Lord lightly without energy/slothfulness, but with a fervant spirt. Hot, boil ready to run over, pure, with excitment for the Lord.

When we become lazy in our Church/Lords work we are absent from the business.

And when you are absent from the business to long yu go "out of business". The reason why many of our Churches may seem cold is because most members have gone out of business. Can't say a-men, hardly sing, don't contribute in anything physically or financially, gone out of business. Our sign (of Christianity) says that we are open but we have nothing inside, empty, out of business.........ect.

Paul suggest that there are some things that we should possess when we are in The business


Things may not look good all the time but I still can rejoice. There are times that we feel that things are getting worse and not better but through all of that I still can rejoice. I can rejoice because my hope is Christ. My hope is reaching beyound my pain, sorrow or trail into an eschatelogical future. We should know that there is hope a better way and day in Christ that brings joy. Jesus is our (as Peter says) "lively hope". he is our living Saviour, our Living God, ready to bring us thru our days with joy and rejoicing.......ect.


There are times when God calls us to suffer. Many times it is not for us personally, rather for those around us. Our business is to bebecome witness of His goodness even thru tribulations. When we fail to do so we move into an area that is "not our business"/........ect. Things may not come or happen when you want or expect them to, but be reassured that if it is His will God will perform what He said He would do. To have patients speaks of having Trust in Christ. I trust Him with my affairs. Our attitude in life should affirm that "there is Nothing to hard for God"!


Prayer brings everthing together. It is the anchoring hook that secures my hope & patients thru good and bad times. Because Christ is my hope I am steadfast in the business of serving Him which comforts and secures me during times of tribulation to have patients. Therefore, I become "faithful in prayer". I am continously in communication with Him. Whatever I do I pray; wherever I go - pray; do-pray- before I make a decision-pray......ect. Our faithfulness is related to our trust and dependablity to/in Him. Faithful Prayer never stop in any condition.


The bussiness of the Lord needs all of our financial help. We should not wait until we are asked or only when the Church is in need but consistently, and frequently we should give freely of our substance to the Lord and kingdom building. The word here in [vs. 13] "given" suggest in the Gk. "to pursue". We should go after hospitality. Be aggressive in our approach in giving. Once we recognize that you can't beat Gods giving, in His pursuit in showing me Love. All this becomes easy because i love the "business" in Serving Him. This is my business: Serving, love, joy, happiness, giving, sharing,..........ect all is my business because God is pleased when we thank of others more than ourselves. When He becomes first in our lives and all His work we can grow in grace with joy, and peace.

Everything eles just "Ain't Your Business"

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