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Jacob Homiletical Outline - Gen. 25.19-26

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Genesis 25:19-26


The manner by which God introduces the passing on of the divine blessing in the line of Abraham through Isaac was by the miraculous birth of the twin boys and sovereign selection of the younger son, Jacob, as the heir of the blessing.


The Lord’s sovereign decisions will sometimes initiate struggle/strife and lead to undeserved blessings.

HOMILETICAL PROPOSITION:  Submit to the sovereign Savior.


1.      Image: Julie was chosen by the Americans for no good reason…

2.      Need:  When people are blessed undeservingly, everyone wants to know why.

3.      Subject: How can we have peace in light of undeserved blessings?

4.      Text: Genesis 25:19-26

5.      Preview: We will look at the beginning of the life of Jacob and see how the Lord is sovereign in life circumstances and in decisions that lead to struggle when undeserved blessings come to others.


I.         God is sovereignly in control of life circumstances. (19-21)

a.       Isaac’s wife Rebekah could not become pregnant.

b.      Isaac acknowledged the Lord’s sovereignty over the situation (21b)

                                                                          i.      Isaac understood that the Lord was in control of life circumstances.

                                                                        ii.      Isaac called on the Lord to provide for his & Rebekah’s needs

c.       God is always sovereignly in control of life circumstances

                                                                          i.      This is a theme that will come about throughout the rest of our series on the life of Jacob.

                                                                        ii.      The Lord was sovereignly in control of the Americans inability to have children and the selection of Julie as their adopted child.


II.      God’s sovereign decisions lead to struggle because of undeserved blessing (22-26).

a.       There was a struggle between the children in Rebekah’s womb (22)

b.      The Lord tells Rebekah the reason for the struggle within her (23)

                                                                          i.      There are two brothers and two nations within her who would be separated.

                                                                        ii.      The Lord sovereignly chose to bless the younger son instead of the first-born.

c.       God’s sovereign decisions will lead to struggle because of undeserved blessing.

                                                                          i.      God’s decision caused much strife between Jacob and Esau because of the undeserved blessing.

                                                                        ii.      The undeserving selection of Julie led to strife and jealousy between her and other native Ethiopian children.

III.   HP:  Submit to the sovereign Savior.

a.       Submit to the sovereign Savior when others receive undeserved blessing.

                                                                          i.      As you complete your education and look for ministry jobs while others already have great jobs and job offers.

                                                                        ii.      The children who made fun of Julie needed to submit to the Lord’s decision to place her where he did.

b.      Submit to the sovereign Savior when you receive undeserved blessings.

                                                                          i.      As the Lord guides and blesses your life during and after seminary continue to submit to his sovereign leading.

                                                                        ii.      Julie is following the Lord’s direction in her life to return to Ethiopia to serve the people there.


1.      Review: God’s is sovereignly in control of circumstances and struggles of our lives.

2.      We must submit to our Sovereign Lord when we see undeserved blessing.

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