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Dr. Wm. Stivers tells about a little boy who saved his nickels to buy a puppy.  One day he saw a sign “Puppies for Sale.”  He hesitatingly knocked on the door of the large house and waited expectantly.  The owner frowned when he saw that the caller was a small boy in overalls.  “Do you really have puppies for sale?” he asked.  “Yes, but these are registered pups and you wouldn’t be interested because I am asking $50 each.”  “I have $2.58 and I will pay you ten cents a week, I promise.”  The owner was touched, but still not convinced.  About this time the mother dog appeared with five frisky puppies close behind.  The little boy was captivated by the sight.  Then a sixth puppy tottled around the corner.  It was obvious he could not run.  He was crippled.  Without a moment’s hesitation, the boy said firmly, “I’ll take that one,” and he picked him up and held him close.  The owner said, “You wouldn’t want him.  He is malformed and will never be able to run like the others.”  The boy insisted, “He needs someone to love him, too.  The sale was made for $2.58.  As the small boy walked down the path to the sidewalk, the man noticed for the first time a steel brace under his overalls.  Obviously, there was a special empathy between this, boy and dog.

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