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Our son and his bride had just be­come new homeowners. When he called his father and told him that they had also bought a "CD," my husband was proud. "They actually saved enough for a house down pay­ment and a certificate of deposit at a bank!" he told me.

Then we visited the newlyweds and learned a bit more about the genera­tion gap. They excitedly showed us their CD—a brand-new compact-disc

player.     —Gertrude Larzalere (Trinidad, Colo.)

Driving to Minnesota from Denver, a cousin and her family stopped in South Dakota to spend the night, and began looking for a place to eat. They spotted a restaurant with a sign that said: "Open 24 Hours." But as they approached the front door, the owner emerged and locked it behind him.

"Your sign says you're open twen­ty-four hours!" my cousin protested.

"But not all in a row," the restau­rant owner replied.

 —-Sherryl Loepfler (Rochester, Minn.)

power Disney exerts over the

imagination quickly went to work on us during a visit to EPCOT Center in Florida. Soon we were lost in the illu­sion that we were actually in France, browsing through the stores and com­paring prices.

My companion picked up an item and studied it closely. Turning to me

she asked, "Do you think this is cheaper back in the States?"

—Rita Mosley (Denton, Texas)

My wife and I are avid joggers but seldom run together because our speeds are different. One day she started out before I did. Two miles later, I overtook her and said in my best Humphrey Bogart voice, "Where you going, sweetheart?"

Without missing a stride, she re­plied, "Your pace or mine?"

—David Allnutt (Louisville, Ky.)

As a professional animal trainer, I was disturbed when my own dog de­veloped a bad habit. Every time I hung my wash out on the clothesline, she would yank it down.

Drastic action was called for. I put a white kitchen towel on the line and waited. Each time she pulled it off, I scolded her. After two weeks the towel was untouched. Then I hung out a large wash and left to do some errands.

When I came home, my clean clothes were scattered all over the yard. On the line was the white kitch­en towel.

—Lori E. Andersen (Sierra Madre, Calif.)

In the mail one day was a thick letter from my son, who had just moved to a very small town in Texas. Eagerly I tore it open. "Hi, Mom," he



illustration: dan lawler

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