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If we allow this world to have its way with us we would be overcome by worry and stress. It seems that everyday brings about a new problem, new troubles, and higher obstacles. We try very hard to make things easier by getting better jobs, move education, to live in a more prosperous environment, we by the best clothes, we can eat at the finest resturants. But in the end many have found themselves still empty, loss, without hope, still serarching for some peace and happiness.

  • Today I can bodly say if haveing a stronger and deeper relationship with God our father is not on you to-do list then your trouble is just begining. What we look for in life above all else is peace from heartaches. There are times peace is hard to come bye..........ect. But the Lord is our shepherd that guildes us to greater peace and understanding.
    • As David looked over the sheep in the Palestinian hills he notice that most of the land was barren, burn, and dry. He thought of the efforts it took him to find green pastures. And even in these green pastures full of nurishment....... the sheep till has times of restlessness times of worry and stress..........ect. He then thought about his oun life and recalls the times when he was afraid, lonely, unsure, & restless and he trusted in the Lord..........ect. ! Then he says that "He maketh me to lay down in green pastures"
      • This suggest that although it may seem like every thing is well around you there are some hidden things in our lives that cause us to be distracted from the peace of God. We have seen people who appear to have it all but, yet there is something missing in their lives and that is the Peace of God.....ect.

I don't care what you have or accomplish in your life if the Lord is not in it and if He is not First in your life there will be trouble and agitation in the mist of your green pastures.

  • The strange thing about sheep is that it is almost impossible for them to be made to lie down unless 3 things take place.


Sheep are fearful they panic to the unknown. It is significant that to be at rest there must be a definite sense of freedom, from fear, tension, aggravations and hunger.

  • A sheep can not lie down unless they are free from worry. There mind must be clear, & heart satisfied.
  • Sheep are easly distracted and they are easy to panic off of blind fear. If one sheep runs from something at lease a dozen more will run blindly without knowledge. It is amazing that in this walk, God's sheep often run blindly in fear of the unknown.......ect. If one person stars a rumor in the Church they are bound to get 6 more people to believe and follow without knowledge of the truth.....ect.

We fear the unexpected. It is in fear that we can not cope with the evil circumstances and harsh realities of life. It is when tragedy hits, money gets low, family down that are hearts get weak..........ect.

  • The calmist theing to a sheep is to see the shepherd comes. It is the shepherds job to make sure that the sheep rest in clear conscience that the pasture is prepared to them. The shepherd clears the stomps, tills the grounds, makes the area safe all for the sheeps peace. Jesus makes our pastures safe for us....................ect.

Those that are sheep of God is made a resting place free from fear, stress and worry. It is the unknow that causes us to treat others wrongly but Jesus the Good Shepherd can bring peace in my trouble. God has it all under control.......ect.


We have allowed our personal ambitions to overtake us in a manner where we will step on our brothers head just to get ahead in life. We will mistreat our sister just because she may have something that I desire for myself......ect.

  • It is not unheard of among older sheep to attack a younger or weaker sheep. They prevent them from enjoing themselves in the green pastures a stronger/older sheep will come and knock them over. Even so in the Church of God-His sheep has a way of mistreating those who they should be help. There are some who do not work in the Church because they do not really have the love Christ.
  • There seems to be alot of jealousy moving in the Church and among the sheep. This is where petty peeves grow into hate, disagreements turns into heated rivaries.....ect.
  • David speaks of sheep inspite of there many challenges to rest are "made to lie down" .....ect. There must be something beyound my hurt, pain, and disappointments......ect.
  • Paul says whatever state I'm in Therewith to be content. Paul saw contenment because he look beyound Christ. The sheep are restful whever the shepherd is near. Whenever Jesus the good Shepherd is near me everthing seems okay inspite of the storms, and distractions around me.......ect.


it is not unnatural for us to have a yearning desire to be feed. Many Christian sheep are unrest right now in Churches because they are starving from spiritual nurishments.

  • In the text not only did David attest that the Lord maketh him lay down in green pastures inspite of the adversities that may appear, but he realize that the only way he can recieve green pastures is that he follow the shepherd......ect. He also recognized that "He leads me besides the still waters".
  • The key to sheep arriving the good water lies in the directions and leadership of the shepherds. It is the shepherd who knows where the water is not the sheep. We must realize as sheep is that we must be lead. Sheep as we, are unable to provide for themselves. Thank God for the Good Shepherd.

Two things arise as the Shepherd leads the sheep to still waters. It suggest that.

          • There are some rough rivers ahead. Sheep will not drink if the water is rushing to much for them to handles at one time. The water becomes to quick to digest but they are expected to be filled......ect.
      • To thirst indicates a process of taking something in. Well Jesus said that He that drinketh out of this well shall never thirst again.
    • David realize after examining his efforts in leading his sheep that in the mist of his storm. yes, Jesus maketh him lie down, storms of life are raging, yes, but Jesus brings peace, The maketh me lie down, when confussion is in my home but Jesus is my peacemaker.
  • There are some mud streams that are fill with parisites that could infect there systems. Even when knowing that there are some things that are out there that can really hurt us yet, we still will drink from this posion. We as God's children can not listen to everyone and everything. I know some people who have some t.v. Pastors.... but it is the responsiblit of the shepherd to lead and the sheep's to follow into green pastures adn by the still waters. Jesus saik Blessed are they who hunger and thirst after righteousness for there is the Kingdom of Heaven.

In my conflicts He is my arbirator. In times of social, and private seperationfrom my brethren jesus is my mediator; when trouble rise He is there, friends are few yet, Jesus is there.........ect.

Jesus is my Peace in a trouble land.............

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