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I am of the opinion that the reason we have more Church members than Christians (those that walk in the way of Christ) is because they have not truely experience who the "Lord Is" in there lives. The reason myself and many others can proclaim with excitement that the "Lord Is" because whenever I meeded Him He is always there. if I call on Him He is faithful to answer.

  • Some say He's a way maker, Peace, a comforter, i like to say that He is a Rock in a weary land. See a weary Land suggest dryness, the absorption of all life needing substance; its like being in a desert and there is no water the children of Israel would say He's a Rock in a weary land.

When our love ones (mom, & dad) have all gone to glory and we are left with nothing but a memory and all that we depended on is gone, but then your heart is comforted, you can say that the Lord is a joy in a weary land. When darkness hits your home and there is no money, food, or help, but then out of nowhere a little light hits your life - you can say The Lord is a Provider* in a weary land....ect.

  • He's a Rock, a sure thing, solid & unmoveable. He is there when I need Him. Somebody here should have had some experience with the Lord to know...... The Lord Is. He is able to make crooked places straight, and the rough places plain. Somebody can say I have seen some rough times, I have had some dangerous moments, my heart has been broken more than enough times. I"m tired and ive felt like giving up but, then as Jeremiah says, "I recall to my Mind". When I think about The Lord's track record I think about all that He has brought me through........I could not have made it by myself............ect..
    • i become strenghten and encourage and proudly say the Lord Is my Shepherd.........ect. The Lord has been good .....why is the Lord so good to me. What makes Him love & care for me so much. David's examination of He's position with the Lord as he looks down from the rocky Pal. hills. he recognize who God really was to Him. Just as he is a shepherd to the sheep so is the Lord to him.


The word Lord suggest "mastery". It is a word spoken by a servant. One who is submissive and obedient to the Lord and His will. Our first exceptance to our relationship with the Lord and who He is to us is to know that we belong to Him......because we are His children and the sheep of His pasture.....

    • As a result our Lord protects us, provides for us, he keeps us from harm and danger. And because He does such a good job for me I trust Him and obey Him.
      • It is an indictment on the Shepherd when his sheep is not taken good care of.............. So as David examine his care of his sheep - so does the Lord care for us. Just as David would lay his life down for His sheep so did the Lord for us. Therefore, David says that the "Lord Is".
      • As Daid sat on the Palestinian hills looking and gazing he realized the relationship between sheep & shepherd. The Lord is the maker, creator, and substainer of all things....... before we can pronouce ownership to God we must first accept the fact that we are His property. we have been bought with a price.


David says that He is MY SHEPHERD. That's personal. He is not at this time talking about some else this is for me. When we talk to the Lord/praise and worship His Name we should not do it for anyone else but for ourselves. Personally you know what the Lord has done for you........ There should be a personal relationship between sheep and shepherd.

    • David came into a life changing personal experience.......ect. Every now & then there will be something that will turn you around. don't let it be to late.........David relized that his experience with God is that he never provided for himself, but yet he was taken care of..............ect. We need to take an inventory of our lives and just see how good the Lord has been to us.
      • David came to a conclusion after examining his life that the Lord is MY Shepherd..........ect.


David relized that in his shepherding he had to provided everything for his sheep in order for them to be happy, & healthy.... His sheep depended on him and not anyone else. Our lives should be entrusted to the Lord.

    • What has the Lord not done for you today that you really need? How has the Lord failed in His shepherding? We can not in fairness say yes to any of these questions. In fact, there is nothing that The Lord has not done for us.... The only thing that He has NOT done for us is FAIL....
      • David as he examine his position as a shepherd to his sheep and the fact that he provides everything for them. He came to a summation that The Lord is My Shepherd he takes good care of me and I shall not want. No matter what I need the Lord has it under control. All of my needs have been taken care of because of who he is.
      • Since He owns everything why not trust Him?
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