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To be in prison means to be traped. To be closed in, unable to ge out, unavailable, restrained from the rest of the world, unable to enjoy the pleasures of a normal society....ect. One thing about a prisoner or being in prison is that he can't eat, sleep, bath, or go outside unless someone helps him. His whole day is spent in suspense hoping and praying that someday, somebody will come rescue him from the prison he's in. I found out that I don't have to go to a jail or prison to find a prisoner. To find someone that is trap and can't get out of their world of pain and unhappiness. I don't have to go to the county jail to fid someone that is starving for some spiritual food, unable to feed himself, or someone that is struggling trying to get release from the bonds of satan. We often find people who have fell in the pit of life unable to get up with their self will. People are dying and giving up all because they feel locked up in a prison with no guards to let them out.

There are many people right here that are beat down by life. They have been stab by untrust worthy friends, tied down in bonds by a suffering community, and slain to death by Churches & congregation who refuse to open freely their heart to the Praises of God....ect. But I have news for you today if you pray and sing to the Lord the bonds of the captives shall be set free.. There are people that come to church already feeling bad, placed in shackles by their own problems, looking for some freedom, but don't know how to get it.......Just pray to the Lord to give you strength and start sing praises unto His name.

/ Choir members sit with sour looks mad at the world when they are the ones who are to lead the congregation in a period of praise. The Church is not a place of gossip but for worship.....ect.



When you are in pain, hurting or feeling bad it is easy to get in a shell and have a "pity party". Always feeling sorry for themselves. They act like there's no God in heaven....ect.

The greates joy you will have is the joy of doing for others. Being in self prevents us from engaging in true joy. it causes selfishness. We begin to think that we are more than others. This not only put us at odds with others but also with God. When we begin to be sooooo self absorb we miss out on the joy of giving and we fail to see the goodness of God and all He has done for us. We begin to locked in to only our own emotion and forget about our need to serve others. Don't let self get in the way of God doing something special in your life. We are our own worse enemy. It is hard to be/get free from something you want to hold on too. We must learn to let go those things that are destroying our lives and the lives of those around us. God is soooooo good that we should not have time for self.


There are some who come to God's house madd at everyone. They will not speak or participate in service. They just sit with their arms folded madd. Looking around seeing who is here, singing, praying, or enjoying service. It seems as thou they believe that everyone has come to give them praise......ect. When we are in Service our focus should be on worshiping and praising the Lord. Why should the choir director, min. of music, or Pastor try to prime you to sing/praise. There are some who stand in the choir frowning, angry, don't want to half sing as thou they are hurting someone other than their selves. Why are we stuck on sorry worship. We don't know what shape people may be in when they come to Church....ect. We should have some joy in our hearts. We should sing like we truly believe what we are singing. Sing like God has made a way for you. Sing like God has saved you from a burning hell. !! Sunday morning service starts at rehersal or during the week night not when you get here on Sunday. Before you sing, praise, or worship we should pray. Pray and ask the Lord to open up our hearts and anoint our voices, take out those things that will hinder us from worship.


One of the greatest joy for Paul and Salis was to spread the word of God throughout the nation. The gospel that they believed and preached was no less precious in its promises, its hopes, its power, its present light and joy in that dark prison, during times of sadness and sorrow, pain and tears.....ect. They relized that even in pain and prison that God is still worthy. if you are in the hospital *God is still worthy.

If you are sick, bills are due, struggling, trying to get up don't get down or worry God promises still stands and He is always worthy. Don''t allow anything to take away the joy that God gives the believer.

Even in prison after being beaten and cut Paul and Salis "Sang praises unto God". They rejoiced that they were "counted worth to suffer shame for Christ Name" They did not sing for their benefit but the overflowing happiness they found in Christ took over and they just could not help themselves. There is something about the name of Jesus that gives a believer strength during time of trouble.

[verse 25] "midnight Paul and Silas prayed and sang praises unto God. It is in those dark times in life that we must not soak in a pity party but call upon the name of the Lord. No matter what situation you may be in if you give God all the praise those that are locked up in their prisons of life can hear from heaven. That prison that has been holding you back from praising, serving, sharing, loving. That mentality that has prevents us from doing our best and giving our best. Many homes are destroyed because they have married someone who has never got out of their spiritual, mental, or emotion prison that someone else placed them in years ago.

Sing when you are; happy, sad, lonely, when friends seems few,.....all because God has been so very good. There should be a personal reason why you sing and serve God. A God that has never fail nor has He ever forsaken us.

When we give God our all and no matter what has happen in your life you continue to sing and pray to Him verse [26] says that suddenly there was a great eartquate, that the foundations of the prison were shaken; and immedietly all the doors were opened and everyone's bonds were loosed. They did not have to wait for an answer God responded immediatley. Whenever God answer you it will be on time. Just know, trust and believe that ! HE WILL DO JUST WHAT HE SAYS. HIS PROMISE IS; "I WILL NEVER LEAVE NOR FORSAKE YOU"


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