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It takes courage to show appreciation. It means taking a chance of being rejected. We need to see through the masks that people wear and search out their innermost feelings, realizing that they need expressions of appreciation as much as we do (Sandra J. Wanner).1

| We entered the supermarket together, the elderly woman and I, and just inside the door she suddenly started coughing violently. Plagued myself at times by a similar dry throat tickle, I offered her a cough lozenge.A little later I saw her again—when she elbowed ahead of me at the deli­catessen counter. Annoyed at her rudeness, I thought, "Is this the way she thanks me?"Immediately I was ashamed. Giving her a lozenge was such a small thing and so was this; what did one have to do with the other? Did I expect to be honored for a simple kindness?As I waited, I thought of the many times people do things for me. Do I treat them kindly, thankfully, afterward, or do I forget? And what about our Father who looks after all our needs constantly? Do we elbow him aside, anxious to get to the delicatessen counters of our life? (Anne FitzPatrick).7 |

| (1) ©1986 Sandra J. Wanner. (2) ©1986 Janice Wise. (3) From "It's Your Life," by A. Reuben Gornitzka, ©1958 A. Reuben Gornitzka, T. S. Denison & Company, Bloomington, Minnesota. (4) ©1986 Marilyn Kay Phillips. (5) ©1986 Elizabeth Herbert. (6) © 1986 Vivien Moores. (7) © 1986 Anne FitzPatrick. All selections are used by permission |

True appreciation involves more than just a casual glance. It requires the high cost of time spent evaluat­ing and experiencing the worth of the one appreciated. To appreciate God means to grasp the true nature of his being. Such appreciation comes on­ly to those willing to take time in his presence, opening themselves to the revelation of his character (Janice Wise).2

The best way in which we can say, "Thank You, God," is to live that way in our relationship to him and to our fellow man, to live graciously and winsomely in our everyday ex­perience so that this world will be a better world because we live in it (A. Reuben Gornitzka).3

Appreciation begins with the at­titude of the heart, a thankfulness toward God, not only for what he has done, but for who he is (Marilyn Phillips).4

As I center my focus on God, not on the circumstances of life that can drag me down, my perspective is one of vivid security and peace. Knowing that I have a God who not only desires to meet my person­al needs but One who does meet them is overwhelming in thought. And when I experience it in reality, "overwhelmed" is not an adequate word for such a wonderful God! (Elizabeth Herbert).6

When I can't choose between the ironing or the cleaning, the baking or the shopping, Lord, help me to pray. Thank You for Your help, Lord. The world may not seem to value homemakers highly, but I'm glad You do. You want me to serve humbly, and my homemaker's job is ideal for this. I come to You in my weariness and indecision. I do not hesitate, knowing the smallest de­tails of my day are important to You (Vivien Moores).6


DECISION November 1986


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