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            In Point Man, Steve Farrar tells this story:

            The photographer for a national magazine was assigned to shoot a great forest fire.  He was told that a small plane would be waiting to take him over the fire.

            He arrived at the airstrip just an hour before sundown.  Sure enough the Cessna was waiting.  He jumped in with his equipment and shouted, “Let’s go!”  The pilot swung the plane into the wind and soon they were in the air.

            “Fly over the north side of the fire,” said the photographer, “and make several low-level passes.”

            “Why?” asked the nervous pilot.

            “Because I’m going to take pictures!” retorted the photographer.  “I’m a photographer, and photographers take pictures.”

            After a long pause, the pilot replied.  “You mean, you’re not the instructor?” - Ron Willoughby

Leadership, Winter 1996, page 81

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