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God's Grace and Mercy pt. 1

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It is hard to speak of God's grace without including His mercy. God's grace speaks of His kindness/favor He shows toward us regardless of our worth or what we truly deserve. Whereas, He forgives us inspite of our actions toward Him or others. We have not always been good or faithful, but it is His grace that allows us to still recieve good things......ect. Many of us have lived rugged lives, evil, decietful,........but God's grace kept us in His care, it kept us......ect. Israel was thankful that God had forgiven them. He was angry but now He has forgiven them. It was notthing they did to deserve it for it was only God's grace....

The Mercy of God speaks of Gods love whereas, He withholds His punishment from us. The judgement we should have recieved has been held back by God.... This song was written for people who survived despite the opposite of the enemy. After I have been beaten and shamed, attacked by friends and foe, to weak to stand, feeling loss and deserted, God sends His mercy to protect me and His grace to comfort me. Whatever I may be going thru God is there to see me through. The writer says in the [vs. 1] that "in that day thou shalt say" he is encouraging them personally to recognize what God has done for them. In that day suggest that there is a continuation in my story. I may be down right know, trouble seems to hit me on every side but, "in that day" What day? the day that the Lord change me, that day that the Lord saves me, "that day" that the Lord's grace and mercy revives my live, gives me another chance...... after the church has been attacked and scorn, torn apart and scattered by the enemy God is going to bring them back together, "and in that day"........ of deliverance....

Salvation comes and it is IN God.... verse 3 suggest that our salvation comes out of the well or deepness of God. God's salvation will never end. It is endless!

He is continuing saving us. It is by His grace to the Church and fold that His grace & well will never run dry. Whereas, everyone who desires of the Lord can come and be filled. [John 4:14] speaks of the woman at the well Jesus says to her whosoever, drinks of the water that I give will never thirst again........

There are things we recieve out of salvation, however, [vs. 3] says that we must recieve it with joy. Water is to be drawn out of the well with joy expectation.


It is in life's bitter stages that we thirst for better. It is in the deep well of God that He comforts me. It is in the deepness of God's reservoir of comfort the even the hardest of my trails are driven away. I gain understanding and appreciation for them because a first, have a relationship with Him and it teaches me how to wait on Him for help. 2nd I have a assurance that there will come a time that He will take all my pains away. It comes from accepting His promises. It is when I am at my lowest point in life that the grace of God moves in and comforts me. It is comes so quickly I never seem to know when it got there. One moment I am sad and crying and the next i'm okay. It's nothing but God's grace....


When I speak of strength I must first recognize my weakness. I was to weak to fight or save myself. But the grace and the mercy of God restored me. To restore is to bring back to a former condition. My relationship with God had been severed but by the grace of God I am now saved. My strength comes only from God's well of salvation. For salvation is only in God and if I am going to make it, have strength to fight, overcome adversity, I must get it from God. I believe Paul said it best when he said "when I am weak thou art strong". It is when we declare ourselves weak, usless without God, dependant on God, that He shows up in such a way that the things you thought you could not do He will give you the strength to do it............


Trust speaks of a continual action toward Gods grace in knowing Him. Because I know He I trust that He will never let me down. I know that if He saved, helped, delivered, and provided for me before He will surely, do it again. Because God is my Salvation suggest that He reache me in time and at my ever worthless point in life. He salvaged me for His purpose. Because He salvaged or saved me I recognize that I belong only to Him. And if I am His property surely He will take care of me and provide for me.

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