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God's Grace and Mercy pt. 2

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Can others see God's grace and mercy by looking and observing your life? What does yur life say about God? Will others know that you love Him, trust, and obey Him? Does your life witness of Christ. [verses 1-3] speaks of a personal conviction of God's grace toward them. No one should have to tell you that God has been good to you. Your life should speak of this. Your lips should ever be praising God for all His goodness........ [verse 4-6] encourages others to join in the Lord. If you who God has blessed and spared won't praise Him what does this say to others. Our lives should be filled with the presence of God. Thanking, and Praising Him for all of His goodness...

To declare is to have knowledge of. Its root is to know.

To declare God's name is to know who He is. Recognize and be willing to witness of the things He has done for you and others.

The Isaiah states in [vs.4] that "In that day Ye shall say"..Ye speaks of others. The Lord did not just help and see me thru but He also saw you thru. Even those you never trusted God can look at what He has done for me and declare that God is good. Maybe someone else will look at the events in there life and turn again to the Lord and declare (with knowledge) that it was nothing but the grace of God that kept them.

Once we know Him all should be able to do three things as it is address in the text.


Prayer ignites a communication and relationship with God. For it is in the mechanism of prayer that we conversate with Him. [vs. 4] says, "to call upon His name". To call upon His name is to come into the Presence of God. When I come into His presence I come humbly, worthless, needing Him, I don't come has one who has it all nor do I come as one without sin..... To call upon God's name is to give Him His due glory. I call because I need Him, because He is the on.y one who can save, help, feed, and deliver me.......ect. There are many out there but there is only one God who can here, and help me.. There is only one God who breathes and in us has breathe the breath of life. Who gives us His mercy and His grace. He is not only a creator and provider but, now I can declare that He is a Savior. he has saved me/nation from death, destruction, and demise.


When I bring you thru God says that I want you to declare my name and exalt my name. You have now personal knowledge of my goodness and with that comes a responsiblity to tell others and become a witness. Look at God's mercy what He has brought us thru. Saved us from, don't live as though you had no help, or that man was the one who kept you.....To exalt is to lift high. lift Him high above. Speak of His goodness throughout this land. Don't be ashamed to tell other what the Lord has done for you. God wants His name Highfirst on your list of priorities. Whatever you do lift Him Highfirst.


Shouting is a sign of victory. It is joy and praise. [verse 6] says, to shout. He encourages the people of Israel to shout, cry out don't be shy let everyone know that it was the Lord who delivered you. Let everyone know that it was the Lord who has saved you. Let them know that if they trust God He will save them too. So Shout with joy that the Lord has come into your life to stay.

When Israel retrived the ark of the convenant [I. Chr. 15:28] ! They Shouted

[Ps. 5:11] Those that put there trust in the Lord let them ! Shout for joy because the Lord has defended them.

[Acts 3:8] the man at the gate called beautiful.........he got up ! Shouting and Praising the Lord

I don't know about you but when the Lord brings me out of my trail i'm not going to be quiet but I'm going to shout and tell everyone about His grace and mercy towards me. What about you?

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