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An automobile accident badly injured a driver and demolished his new sports car. Spectators removed him from the car and placed him beside the road to wait for the ambulance. One arm and both legs were broken and he was bruised and bleeding. A police officer examined the situation, walked back to the injured man and said, "I know you're in a great deal of pain, sir, but I need to ask you a few questions. Are you married?"

Startled, the man raised his head slightly, glared at the policeman and said, "No sir. This is the worst mess I've ever been in.

I remember hearing a story of a prominent Bible teacher, a godly man; it
was said that when this professor was in his seventies he was walking down the
street with a young seminary student, and an exceptionally attractive young
lady walked by. The student carefully watched her pass and then realized that
the professor had caught him staring.

Apologetically, the student said, "I'm sorry. I'll sure be glad when I'm so old
that things like that don't bother me any more." To that the professor simply
replied, "Me too."               

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