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America's Greatness

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Psalm 33


            I am an American.  I love the country of my birth and am proud of her Christian heritage.  As believers, we understand that God has a plan for every individual life.  We should not forget that He also shapes and uses nations for His purpose. 


1.      He chose Jacob to be the father of Israel.  He selected their land, the time of their possession, and the line of kings from which Messiah would come.

2.      He gave them their laws and raised up their prophets and kings.

3.      God dealt with the sins of the Amalekites, the Ammonites, the Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Ninevites, etc.

4.      God permitted other nations to punish His people when they were guilty of disobedience.  And now I declare to you that God will discipline America if we fail to repent.


The United States of America has been more richly blessed than any nation in history.  America is not a Christian nation, but a nation in which a significant number of Christians live.  The faithfulness of the Church has caused this nation to be blessed and protected from her beginnings.


1.      America is blessed with natural beauty and wonderful resources. 

2.      God has given us a good form of government (checks and balances)

3.      We enjoy freedom of movement, of speech, and press.  I can get into my car and drive from one state to another without anyone stopping me or attempting to trace my movements.  I can stand and say just about anything I desire without fear of arrest.  I can criticize government and its policies without fear.

4.      Americans enjoy freedom of religion.  Even atheists and homosexuals can practice any form of religion they desire.


 But in the last few decades, the Christian principles upon which America was founded have been deliberately sabotaged.  The enemies of God have been hard at work to undermine the Christian foundations of family and church.


The Sins of America


1.      Indifference – it is someone else’s problem, someone else’s responsibility.

2.      Ingratitude – No thanksgiving in America.  We have come to believe in the so-called fundamental rights of man.


We cannot depend upon the Constitution, the Congress, the president, or the Supreme Court to insure our freedoms.  We must instead depend upon the prayers and dedication of Christians to obey God’s word and do the right thing! 


1.      A return to Fundamentalism

-The Bible is God’s infallible Word, faith in Jesus Christ, filled with the Spirit

-Subject to God’s plan for every individual and every nation

- Submission to God’s purpose and will


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