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The King's Power

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Gospel of Mark: Kingdom Invasion

Week #7: The King’s Power





 kingdom can only reign and be sustained if its ruler has ultimate power.  In this week’s passage, look for ways that Jesus demonstrates this power, and consider if you are availing yourself of Jesus’ power in your own life. 

READ Mark 4:35-5:43


  • When Jesus and his disciples crossed the lake (the Sea of Galilee), how do you think the disciples felt when “a furious squall came up and the waves broke over the boat, so that it was nearly swamped”?

§         Why did they feel this way?

  • The disciples’ fear of the storm gets transferred to a different type of fear after Jesus calms the storm (see 4:41). Why do you think they are “terrified” now?

  • What word (or words) would you use to describe Jesus in this passage (4:35-41)?

  • When they arrive “across the lake,” they land in an area largely inhabited by Gentiles (notice the presence of pigs, animals considered unclean by the Jews).  Describe the man they encounter there (5:1-5).

§         Where does he live?

§         How does he behave?

§         Why do people cut themselves?

  • This man is able to escape his chains . . .but is he really free? Why or why not?

  • In 5:6-10, how does this man address Jesus? What does he know about his identity?

§         How does the man understand his own identity?

  • In this section, we see that the man’s identity is so tied up with the demons that possess him that it is difficult to distinguish who is talking, the man or the demons. Under demonic influence, what does the man fear Jesus will do to him?

§         Why do you think he feels this way?

  • What evil influences possess people in our society today?

  • When an addict goes through early withdrawals to rid himself of an addiction, does it feel like life or death to him? Explain.

§         When Jesus comes to rid us of our own idols, addictions, or cherished sins, how might this feel at first?

  • Looking at 5:15-17, how do the people feel now that the man is “dressed and in his right mind”? Why?

  • The man of the tombs will return to his family and friends with an amazing story of God’s mercy and Jesus’ power. Do you have a story of God’s mercy and power in your life? Explain.

  • How is Jesus’ power seen in the remainder of this chapter (5:21-43)?


The disciples feared the storm and then feared the man who had power over the storm.  The townspeople probably feared the demon-possessed man, but were then afraid of the one who had the power to transform him.

  • What do you fear?

  • How might a healthy “fear” of Jesus and his power put your own fears in perspective?

  • You may not need to be delivered from a legion of demons, but is there anything in your life where you need the transforming power of Jesus? Write it down.

§         How do you think you could access his power?


The following questions will be posted on-line for comments:

  • What stood out to you about the story of Jesus calming the storm (4:35-41)? 

  • What stood out to you about the story of Jesus healing the demon-possessed man (5:1-20)?

  • What personal application did you get from this lesson?

  • Do you have any other comments about this week’s passage and lesson?

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