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Gospel of Mark: Kingdom Invasion

Week #3: Marks of the Kingdom



s Jesus begins his public ministry, he not only preaches about the kingdom of God, but he demonstrates its characteristics through his words and actions. As you read this passage, watch out for certain distinguishing marks of the kingdom and of Jesus’ ministry. 

READ Mark 1:14-45


The King’s Message to the World (1:14-15)

When Jesus speaks about the kingdom of God, he is not merely proclaiming something that comes at the end of the age. There is a present reality to the kingdom that Jesus is announcing. In this passage, what is Jesus calling people to do in response to this kingdom that is at hand?

Do you believe Jesus today is still king and desires to rule over people’s lives and for his kingdom to expand? If so, how should you respond to the kingdom of God today?

The King’s Summon to His Followers (1:16-20)

What does Jesus call his followers to do?

  • What do you think it means to fish for people?

How do they respond?

Does Jesus’ call apply to you today?  If so, how does it?

The King’s Power to Overcome Evil (1:21-28)

Look again at 1:21-28. Jesus’ power includes his ability to confront demonic forces and drive them out (see also 1:33-34, 39). 

  • How do the people respond to Jesus’ teaching and his power to confront evil spirits (see especially 1:22, 27)?

  • How might the power and authority of Jesus, through his people, be used to overcome evil in our world today?

The King’s Compassion to Bring Healing (1:29-34, 40-42)

Look over 1:40-42 (see also 1:29-34).  Lepers were untouchable because they could defile people both physically and spiritually. 

  • How does Jesus respond to this leper’s request, and what insight does this give us about Jesus?

  • What are some ways that followers of Jesus can bring compassionate healing to the world today?


If the kingdom of God were to invade your community today, what might that look like?

How might the church be a participant in this kingdom invasion?

What role do you think God may be calling you to play?


The following questions will be posted on-line for comments:

  • What stood out to you about Jesus’ message in 1:14-15

  • What stood out to you about Jesus’ call to his first followers (1:16-20)?

  • What stood out to you about Jesus’ power to overcome evil and demonic forces?

  • What stood out to you about Jesus’ compassionate healing?

  • What personal application did you get from this lesson?

  • Do you have any other comments about this week’s passage and lesson?
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