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Luke 1.39.55

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Luke 1

Vs. 39-55

Mary and Elizabeth

·        Leaped in the womb….Luke 6.23

·        Filled with the Holy Spirit..Luke 1:15, 41,67

·        Fruit….καρπός (karpos)…..Matt  7.16-17, John 4.36. (Deeds, fruit or harvest.)

The Magnificat

·        My soul magnifies…μεγαλύνω (megalynō)….Acts 10.46

·        My spirit rejoices in God our Savior…σωτήρ (sōtēr) …Jude 25, Phil 3.20,                I Tim 4.10

He is the Saviour of all men potentially (1Ti 1:15); of believers alone effectually./[1]/Eph 2.8-10

·        By His strength….κράτος (kratos)…supernatural power…..Col 1.11, I Pet 5.11

·        The proud and the mighty are brought down (in their mind…Eph 4.18)             Mark 14.27, Acts 5.37

·        He fills the hungry….to satisfy with food

·         Exalts…ψόω (hypsoō)…lifts up ……John 3:14, 8:28, 12:32-34

·         The humble….lowly, humble of status….Rom 12:16

·        He remembers Israel, his offspring forever…Isa. 44.21-22, 49.3, Gen 12.1-4

Now  the promises were made to Abraham and to his offspring. It does not say, “And to offsprings,” referring to many, but referring to one, “And to your offspring,” who is Christ.                                                                                         Galatians 3:16 (ESV)

Magnify… XVI. (86) What then is the fourth gift? The having a great name, for God says, “I will magnify thy name;”47 and the meaning of this, as it appears to me, is as follows; as to be good is honourable, so also to appear to be so is advantageous. And truth is better than appearance, but perfect happiness is when the two are combined. For there are great numbers of people who apply themselves to virtue in genuine honesty and sincerity, and who admire its genuine beauty, having no regard to the reputation which they may have with the multitude, and who in consequence have been plotted against, being thought wicked though in reality they are good. (87) And indeed there is no advantage whatever in seeming, unless being has also been added long before, as in the case with respect to bodies; for if all men were to fancy that one who was labouring under a disease was in good health, or that one in good health was labouring under a disease, still their opinion would not of itself create either disease or good health. (88) But the man to whom God has given both things, namely both to be good and virtuous and also to appear so, that man is truly happy, and has a name which is really magnified. And one must have a prudent regard for a good reputation as a thing of great importance, and one which greatly benefits the life which is dependent on the body. And it falls to the lot of every one who, rejoicing with contentment, changes none of the existing laws, but zealously preserves the constitution of his native land. (Philo)

Salvation…(93) For it is said, very correctly, that “the children of Israel groaned by reason of their tasks.”29 And what man in his senses is there who, if he saw the tasks of the generality of men, and the exceeding earnestness with which they labour at the pursuits to which they are accustomed to devote themselves, whether it be the acquisition of money, or glory, or the enjoyment of pleasure, would not be greatly concerned and cry out to God, the only Saviour, that he would lighten their labours, and pay a ransom and price for the salvation of the soul, so as to emancipate and deliver it?[2](Philo)


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