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Hospitality versus Entertaining

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Karen Mains distinguishes between Hospitality and Entertaining:

Entertaining says, "I want to impress you with my home, my clever decorating, my cooking." Hospitality, seeking to minister, says, "This home is a gift from my Master. I use it as he desires." Hospitality aims to serve.

Entertaining puts things before people. "As soon as I get the house finished, the living room decorated, my house cleaning done--then I will start inviting people." Hospitality puts people first. "No furniture--we'll eat on the floor! The decorating may never get done--you come anyway. The house is a mess--but you are friends--come home with us."

Entertaining subtly declares, "This home is mine, an expression of my personality. Look, please, and admire." Hospitality whispers, "What is mine is yours."

Source: Karen Mains, Open Heart, Open Home; in an email sent by

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