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Walking the Talk

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There's a story about a farmer who was visited by a couple of young, energetic evangelists. They knocked on his door and asked if he 'was saved.' The farmer left the two at the door and went into his farmhouse for a pencil and a pad of paper. Coming back to the two evangelists, he gave them a list of 10 people. "These are the names of my neighbors. Go talk with them. They will be able to tell you whether what I say I believe is truly how my life is lived."

Talking is not enough. What we claim to believe has to manifest itself through our very life. And this is not just about activity or specific deeds or works that we can do on a weekend. It is about the building of our character. It is about creating a life that is so steered, so controlled by our faith in Jesus Christ that when the rain falls, the floods come and the winds blow we are still the same.

Source: Attributed to Suzanne Webb, Walking the Talk, in an email on 05-26-08

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