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Psalm 103

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Hymns 29 843 235 Higher throne.
Do we ever have problems with our worship-
David as the great worship leader of Israel- Responsibility as King to lead the nation by example and exhortation and instruction.
Type of Christ- Eternal worship leader of the whole creation-Heb 2:12
Heart that is reluctant to worship- Learn the spiritual art of stirring our hearts to worship. Delightful recipe for spiritual happiness. Brief manual for spiritual worship.
It starts and ends with David calling his own inward being to worship.
But he does not simply say oiy heart you had better get on your knees and worship because God says so…. And sort of sit there shouting at his soul to get on with it. It doesn’t work-
Delicate mechanism- sensitive apparatus-
Old vinyl records- turntable – tiny needle- gently dropped down onto the grooves
Old vinyl records- turntable – tiny needle- gently dropped down onto the grooves
Turntable turning at just the right speed- volume set just right – speakers pointing correct angles and correct height. – No point sort of slapping the lid to get it to work!
Stimulate spiritual memories.
Main obstacle to spiritual worship is forgetfulness of the LORD and the covenant relationship that we have with the LORD.
- v2 forget not
3 infinite blessings to stimulate our hearts to worship God.
1 Infinite mercy – enters into our sorrow and despair. 2 hebrew words used over and over
Cheseth- lovingkindess, mercy, faithful unchanging love
Racham-Tender mercy, pity – deepest feelings of compassion – Parental! – Newborn -v13 Like the best father at his most loving and in his deepest compassion!
Infinite! – David looked at stars- smallness against vastness – Psa147
Ellies memories – Caravan – forest track – totally dark!
Even the greatest parental love is nothing compared to Gods. Different scale- Love measured in inches and feet. God’s in light years! V11 Andromeda furthest with naked eye 2.9 million light years! Most distant object ever seen 32 billion light years!
Infinite in time as well! => death not the end! V17 everlasting- from forever to forever!
V6 Just God and a Saviour- sense in which the devil is the great oppressor of humanity – But
v8-10 Finds a way to end the quarrel, removes anger and hostility and punishment– restores the relationship.
Reminder of the great work of Christ- removes just anger – removes the root cause of hostility and disagreement…so
This infinite mercy leads to…
2 Infinite forgiveness
Covers - All sins v3 Consistent with justice of God
As far as the east from the west – Man cycled it – reckons it is 17,000km! Western point of Africa – Eastern point of Russia- then beyond- still more land! Difficulties of travel even today! But then- takes a lifetime!
But really meaning same as v11 infinite!
Tool bag lost in space – Heidi Piper - £50,000 - but was seen by telescope in orbit.
But no reappearance for forgiven sins!
This infinite forgiveness leads to…
3 Infinite life
God from a world unaffected by death – coming in mercy to a world in the grip of death to bring infinite life.
V 3b Total Healing – no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying, nor pain.
V4a Saves from death and the grave – brings life from it.
V5b Youth renewed like eagle – image of great power and beauty and grace.
Infinite life of glorious worship! No evidence that Gabriel has got the slightest bit bored with the worship and service of God after thousands of years!
Sometimes when I preach I see people in the congregation and my heart sinks--- they should be the ones preaching to me!
Who am I to give them lessons!
David even more amazing- who does he think he is! Teaching the angels how to worship!
V4 Crowns – restored dignity. Personal crowning – like ancient knighthood ceremony
Aspect of worship that is reserved for human beings!
God from the eternal world – come into our broken world
Showed his infinite mercy.
Showed how an infinite forgiveness could come – by taking our sins to himself.
Showed how an infinite life could come by conquering death and leaving his grave empty.
David took hold of this hope- many of his psalms – knew that this hope would become reality in his family.
Urge you to take hold of this hope- How? Well all that is spoken of in this Psalm has become personal and visible in history! Great descendent of King David
As many as received him to them he gave the right to eternal life.
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