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The Burden of Sin

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I. There is Inescapable Sadness (1-2)

  A. The misery in their hearts (1)

    1. From the first day they were in their new house they were absolutely miserable.

      a. There is a tremendous difference between being lost and being saved. They lost person knows nothing of the joys of salvation

        1. Neh. 8:10-

      b. Both lost and saved people can sin but only one can enjoy it.

      c. Some one has said God loves you enough to let you go into Babylon, but he loved you too much to allow you to enjoy it. Making joyful music to the Lord in a foreign land was so difficult that the captives refused to make music at all.

      d. Sat down – grief was long in duration

      e. wept- a mourning, a bewailing. This is the most expressive form of deep grief.

      f. sing us one the songs- not only did the Babylonians have them in captivity, they taunted them by asking them to sing some of the Zion songs. Sorta like the lost we are hanging with asking us to tell them about our God.    

     2. Jer. 25:1-11- Not only were they sad because of where they were, but because of why they were there.

      a. Someone has said – God can hit a tremendous lick with a crooked stick. God had used a pagan king, ruling over a pagan army, living in  pagan land, teaching pagan laws, serving pagan God and used him as a rod of discipline to punish His people.

    3. Lam. 1:7-

  B. The memory of their homes (2)

    1. Their minds wandered back to Jerusalem- their homeland. Even their singers could not sing of their homeland.

    2. I feel sad at the spiritual emptiness in the U.S. today. I fell sorry for those who have never known the joy and peace from a relationship with Him. But, the saddest person on earth today is that true Christian who has tasted of that sweet fellowship and is now out of fellowship with the father.

      a. I can look at that person and can see the misery all over them.

      b. 1 Chron. 16:27-

      c. Do you know why so many so-called Christians live in sin and never shed a tear- it is because they have no memory of Zion. They can’t remember what it is like to walk with God because they have never walked with God.

II. There is Unendurable Sarcasm (3)

  A. Sin brings slavery and shame

    1. The world loves to unload on fallen Christians.

      a. Look at the coverage on Swaggard, Baker ands the likes.

    2. One of the greatest tragedies of a fallen Christian is the reproach it brings to the Lord’s name

      a. 2 Sam. 12:14-

    3. Ex. Teenage girl on date- take me home if you are going there. “I’m afraid I’ll hurt my daddy”

      a. When a Christian sins, they drag the name of the Lord thru the mud and the filth of that sin.

III. There is an Unsingable Song (4)

  A. Psa. 32:7- only the free can truly sing songs of deliverance.

    1. Psa. 119:114-

  B. Only sin can rob a person of their song, we can even sing in suffering.

  C. Eph. 5:18- there is nothing that can put a song in your heart or a bounce in your step like knowing you are clean before the Lord.


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