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Every man in His Place Jud

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Every man in His Place  Jud. 7:16-21.

Phil. 1:27-30  EBC   6/01/08

  There are many ways to look at these verses and give credit. Some say it was great leadership on the part of Gideon – which it was.

  But, there is another way to look at this story- from the point of the individual- every man stood in his place. Every man was exactly where God wanted them to be. We also found out that every man did that which God expected him to do.

  The Christian life is something let than a cakewalk. Being at the right place is certainly a start but a continuance is to be doing what God expects.

  Samuel explains in the Book of Judges where God expects us to be, Paul explains to the Philippians what God expects from our actions:

I. Our Life thru Consistency (1:27a)

  A. Conversion- our matter of walk. Be as it becometh the gospel- to live in a manner consistent with the revealed word of God.

    1. The greatest testimony we have as Christians is a consistence life of following the Lord. John MacArthur- The church’s greatest testimony before the world is spiritual integrity. When Christians live below the standards of biblical morality and reverence for their Lord, they compromise the full biblical truth concerning the character, plan, and will of God. By so doing, they seriously weaken the credibility of the gospel and lessen their impact on the world. When the unsaved look at the church and do not see holiness, purity, and virtue, there appears to be no reason to believe the gospel it proclaims.

      a. By implication this word “conduct” means to be a good citizen. One whose conduct brings glory to the political body we claim allegiance to.

    2. Phil. 3:20- although we living on the earth, we ought to behave according to our citizenship which is in Heaven.

    3. Eph. 4:1-

    4. 2 Cor. 3:2- let others see Christ in your behavior and you will bet opportunities to share the gospel with them.

II. Our Life thru Cooperation (1:27b)

  A. We aren’t in this battle alone. Warren Wiersbe- Paul pictures the church as a team. He reminds them that it is teamwork that brings victory.

    1. In one spirit- we should be as one man—this is the attitude that should characterize EBC.   

  B. There was some dividedness in the church at Philippi and many were taking sides in the dividedness.

    1. The Devil always loves to see God’s people divided on issues. 

    2. Warren Wiersbe- in the Local church each person has job to do and an assigned place, if each is doing their job it helps the others. Lack of discipline results in lack of production. FCHS verses Abrams High.

      a. 1 Cor. 1:10-

      b. Acts 2:46-

      c. Phil. 4:2-


III. Our Life thru Confidence (28-30)

  A. The fact that we are opposed should not frighten us nor shake our confidence.

    1. Battles prove our salvation (29)- the fact that we have those against us really goes to prove our salvation.  

    2. Battles should be a privilege(29) – it is given- God gave us the privilege to suffer for Him.

    3. Battles are spread around (30)- I’m not in the battle alone

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