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Can You Hear Me Now

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“Can You Hear Me Now?”





Finally. Finally here__.  The 3rd –thing_ in your dead situation, is that you’ve got to have_,, (and this is a must),, You’ve got to have a determination of faith. I’m talkin’ about yawl,  you’ve got to have__ in your heart, a never-say- die__, attitude.  Notice, He said Father_,, I_, thank thee!! – Oh_ I pray that yawl get this principle today:

The situation is_ bad__; The grave_ is stinkin; Lazarus is, dead; The critics are criticizing; Mary & Martha are angry & bereaved; The mourners are mourning; The disciples are dumb___;  There is no possibility for Lazarus to come back for it has been 4-days___// the Jews believed that after the 3rd day the spirit of the dead left the body – They believed that on the 4th day the spirit left the body = ALL_ HOPE IS GONE_!!

·         So in a completely hopeless situation, with no way_ out__,, Some how__ Jesus,, managed to say__,, “I thank ya’.”

I wish you could get this.  How many times_ in your dead_ situations,, when you reached that point and you look around_ and see, no way out; Do you complain__?  Do you curse_? Do you get drunk_?  Do you throw a temper tantrum or a pity party?  Do you get depressed_,, when you see__ that things_ look bad__?

I pray_ that you get this today__;  What you need_ is a determination of faith__.  Somehow__,, when your focus is right_;  (When you’re lookin’ at the right stuff); You can see God__ as Father,, and you can say__,, Thank-Ya’!!

You may not understand__ what’s happening,, (You can’t, figure, it out_;)  You can’t honestly_, see_, how it’s goin’ work out.;  But you trust the Father__;  So you tell Him_,, “Thank ya’.”

Now__,, I need to tell you_ about thank ya’;  The Grk word_ for Thank you “Eukerestio”;  It’s a compound_ Grk word “Eu_” from which we get our English word_ Eulogy from; which means to speak well of.  And the word_ “Keeris” which means_ “Grace.”

And so thank you is really my expression of God’s__, Good Grace.  And you know what grace is_ don’t ya’??  It’s something_ that you need_, but you don’t deserve__; It’s God_ being nice to you__, even when you’ve been nasty to Him__; Grace,, God’s benevolence.  Grace,, God’s riches, lavishly displayed__;   It’s somehow_,, God_ blessin’ us, in spite of us; It’s what God_ does for us, for Jesus’ sake.. It’s overshadowing Mercy!

When_ ugh_,, you know_, that you have not been faithful to Him__; Um_,, Everytime_, I think about_, God’s_ grace_ to me__;  I can’t, help. But ugh_, to say_,, Thank ya’; Um_,,

For ugh__,, your situation__, may be dead_ now__,, or ugh_, it may be_, gloomy_;  But ugh_,, you need__, to focus_ on a__,, God’s_ good grace__;   Jesus said__,, I thank thee_, for thou_ ugh_, has heard_ me;   Umm__,, when I look back_,, over my life__,, umm_ When I think, about the goodness of Jesus….

Well Ugh__,, Jesus said__,, when you have__,, a dead_ situation; Umm__,, You need_ to run back down__, the memory lane_, of God’s_ good grace;   When a’__,, you think about_, how__, He’s watched over you__,, all_ night long__;   when a’__ you didn’t even say your prayers last night__. – That’s God’s__ a’__, good grace;

And__ ugh__,, if He woke you up__,, early___ this morning__,,  that’s God’s__, good grace__;   And__ ugh__,, If you a’__, have food_ to eat__,, well a’__, that’s God’s__, good grace__.

And__ ugh__,, if He brought you out__, of a situation_, that seemed_ dark_ & dead__,, and you know nobody__, but God__ brought you out__!!,,   You oughta’__, say thank ya’___!!!

And ugh__,, if you’ve been_ through the storm_, and thru the rains__,, you oghta’ say thank ya’;  Sometimes_ up,, and Some times_ down__… You oughta say thank ya’

I’ve seen the lightening, I’ve heard_ the thunders roll__; I’ve felt sin-breakers dashing, tryin’ to conquer my soul__; … THANK YA”

Friends walked out on ya’; Bills behind__; trouble in your home; sickness lookin’ hopeless;  - You ought to say__, Thank Ya’…

If you can just look back over your life__,, And see how He has made a way before__,, you oughtta be able__, to lift your head__, and say__ Thank ya’__;   In spite of a dead_ situation__,, you ought to say_ thank ya’__; - Ain’t God_ all right__!!

There’s something__,, about thank ya__,, that touches_ God__;  There’s something__,, about thank ya’__,, that get’s God’s_ attention__;  There’s something__,, about thank ya’_,, that shakes heaven up__; especially in a dead_ or bad_ situation__; 

Jesus said__,, Father I thank Ya’__; And He said__,, Not for my faith__,, but for all of these__ standin’ ‘round__; ‘Ain’t God_ all right__;

Somebody__,, in BBFTT, needs to know how to say thank ya’__,, in a dead_ situation__’  Somebody__,, needs to know how__,, to lift their hands__, when days_/things__ look dark__;

You see__,,  I’ve cried many tears and sorrows; I’ve had questions for tomorrow; there have been times I didn’t know right from wrong__; but in every situation, God gave me blessed consolation; I didn’t know my trials would make me strong__.


I thank God__ for my mountains; I thank Him for my valleys;  Thru Good times & bad__;    Thru it all__!!// Thru it all__!!   I’ve learned__ to trust is Jesus….

Thank ya’ for my mountains___;…. valleys; 

·         The Lord__ will make a way,, out of No WAY!!

·         The Lord__,, will make a way_,, somehow__!!

I got to close_ here__  so come on__ and go wit’ me__,, to the grave___,,  You can make noise__ now__//

Lazarus__,, xxx



Hanging around_ with the other dead spirits… Lazarus, walking around_ in dead spirit land__;  I HEARD Lazarus say_ “Hush, x,, somebody’s callin’ my name__//   HUSH__, Somebody’s callin’ my name__;

I’ve got to leave you father Abraham__;  It was nice talkin’ to you Isaac__; It was nice talkin’ to you Jacob__;  But I’ve got to go now__;  Jesus___,, Is calling my name__…

And Lazarus__, xx came__ forth__,, bound___; hand__ and foot__;  And Jesus said__, “Loose him__”//  Lazarus has got a testimony__.

So they stipped the tape__, off of Lazarus’ mouth__; And I heard him,, for myself__, tell Him thank ya’__,,, xxxx ;  Can you say thank ya’__?; Has God__ , ever put life,, in your dead__ situation__??

Thank ya__!!  Xxxx    Grab somebody’s hand__; Tell ‘em neighbor__…..  xxxx

My situation looks dark__; my situation looks dead__;  My situation is stinkin’__;

But ‘Om gonna get my focus right, I’m goin’ declare_ that God_ is my Father; And then I’m gonna say Thank ya’ – That’s my determination of Faith…. – Hold On__ To Your Faith!!    xxxx

It looks bad___,, I don’t see no way out__; But neighbor__,, I made up my mind__,, I’m___,, goin’ say_ thank ya’__!!    I_____, I’m gonna say thank ya’__;   I__’m__,, goin’ stay on thank ya’ Blvd.__;     I__’m_,, goin’ stay on gratitude avenue_;  I’m___,, goin’ stay right there__,, until__ Jesus says__,, “Come forth,, xxxxxx”


Thank ya’__ xxxx; I dare you to try it__!!    Thank ya’_   xxxxx

Back up,, and think about what the Lord__ has done for you….  I can’t do that for ya’__,, But can you say_ thank ya’__?????????????

·         LOOK UP – Focus

·         CALL UP - Call The Father

·         FESS UP  - Be Thankful

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