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Meet a guy we know named Tyler.  Tyler thought about graduating from high school early, but he wasn’t sure if he could do it.  So he didn’t.  After high school he had several ideas for business start-ups, but he didn’t want to risk losing the little money he had if they went under.  So he decided to wait.  He considered going to college to study environmental engineering, but he was afraid he might change his mind partway through.  So he stayed home.

Now Tyler is twenty-one years old, and he hasn’t failed at anything.  In fact, he hasn’t really done anything.  He’s missed opportunity after opportunity to grow, explore, discover, and get stronger.

Life is full of scary things.  You start your first day of high school.  You deliver your first speech.  You get married, certain events mark important passages in our lives.  Before the event you were one person.  Afterward you are another.  But Tyler has spent his life avoiding such firsts.  The result?  He’s basically the same person he’s always been.

Harris, Alex & Brett, Do Hard Things, Multnomah Books, Portland, OR.  Page 63

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