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Does The Body Of Christ Have A Spiritual Attitude?

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Bishop David Shaver
Developing The Right Attitudes In Body Of Christ  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  59:58
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Having a Christ-like Attitude

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Will you know I want to preach starting? My probably a new series is called developing the attitudes within the body of Christ. If we were honest here today, I believe every one of them would say this. My attitude is not what it should be. I believe every one of us would say this right here that I could stand a lot of improvement, anybody? Because a man would you agree or disagree? I can ask someone close to you and get the truth. Hallelujah, you know, someone ask my wife one time. They they said, you know, they were talking about how wonderful I was noticed. She said you don't know that man.

She said you just got to go home with him. And and she

the reason I'm sharing this is because things in life develop our attitude. Believe it or not a man the family you're born into will develop your attitude as you grow older. You'll have one to say, you know, you're acting just like your mama. Are you act like yo daddy or you'll have one just so you know what your temper is just like this one and you ask why do I do this? I meant is because you were developed into that mindset a man and then you begin to pass it on to somebody else. Well, I told I told her children this right here. I don't want you to have the same attitude that I was developed in me. Show the way that we're going to attack that is that you're going to be opposite of me. When I get angry, I want you to feel peace. I want you to move in. Peace. And so when we look at this right here a man will give you a minute there. Hallelujah, we're going to go to the we're going to go to First Peter chapter 3. Hey, man, you know that remind me one time that I told him I turn the phone off and I forgot to turn mine off.

and it went on but I was cool. I said yes Jesus. You want me to tell him what? It was nobody on the other hand. I said I made a whole message out and when I put it and put it back in my pocket fact if it is actually went out on the Airways and they said was that your phone went out. I said, yeah, they said you were so cool that I said, you know what just had a little talk with Jesus amen, but I will send some things. You know, I wouldn't normally just say Okay. Amen hallelujah, so I put it on Jesus First Peter chapter 3 Start with versus ate the whole chapter email you need to read it develops attitudes wives a man in verse 1 it be in subjection to your own husband. Wait a minute, you know, he ain't riding is come on a man. I'm not going to follow him, you know, he didn't take care of finances. You don't do this morning both yard, right? Come on, you know you've been going on but says spiritually Spiritually man. We are to lead our wives a man and you shouldn't first one if any obey not the word. They also May without the word be won by the conversation of wives. You know, I'm just throwing this out there what he was saying is remember, what does Mentor whether a man husbands or wives? If you talk to the wrong one long enough, they'll lead you down the wrong path and happy happy. Will you let the wrong one talk to you and they can bring you down a man and so we we see this right here today in and won't let me redress just now get into that a man Hallelujah. I'm going to bring this down the verse age a man after he talked to the husband talk to me. Why is he says in verse 8 finally all of One mind. Having compassion one of another tell me know we need some compassion back in the body of Christ. Love as brother and me pitiful be courteous where you would say was show sympathy not rendering evil for evil really for railing but contrary wise blessing knowing that you are there that aren't you call that you should inherit love life or they that will love life and see good days. Let him I put the italics near let him or let them refrain his or their tongue from evil. And his were there live Chesapeake? No guile now if he's just a verse 11, let him or them hate. Now. This is a true means to hate to have a really a bad taste for evil and do good seek peace and in suet why for the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous and his ears are open to their prayer. But the face of the Lord is against them that do evil. And who is he or who are they didn't harm you if you be followers of that which is good. Verse 14 be careful here. But and if you suffer for righteousness sake not someone so I'm just suffering for Jesus. Come on. Now. We're not talking about that. We talked about your suffering for righteousness sake making the right statement making the right decisions a man and leave the people in the right direction. Now, he says if you're going to if you're suffering that but you may be lost a family, you know, you could even lose a job or whatever. He's ever happy. Are you and be not afraid of their chair neither be trouble but sanctify the Lord God in your heart and be ready be ready always to give an answer to everyone or every man to ask you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear. You can be seated. Peter we should eat it when he's he's writing this or related to one that is actually pain in it. What are you saying is listen most do not even know what suffering is most think that they're suffering because it was 99 degrees outside and they were going to church I'm suffering for Jesus come on, or you know coming to church and you know that one give you that.

Can you just Chevron? I'm just going to I'm just going to say Mercy but no I'm talking about in the world or evil is evil is cross is Evel Knievel's want to take prayer out of school. He was wanting to disrupt the marriage a man Divas wanted to take the baby out of the womb of a mother. We see all this right and someone says, well, what do you think? What's not what I think it's what the word of God says, you know, and I said this right here. They just announced this on the news. I turned it on this morning while we were getting ready for church and everything and they said that the lady that was a head over the abortion clinic pro-choice and everything and it said that I mean, oh she got fired. She got fired but you know why she got fired because she would not admit that a man can have an abortion.

I couldn't say I couldn't talk. Now watch this right here. She said are you for real? No, you got it. You got to change the conversation change a man the way that you're thinking straight this morning, but now she has turned to be a conservative voice a man that she's going to stand Hallelujah. She's going to stand for the life of a child in the womb of a mother tell me God is not good.

Wait a minute. I'm one of these that you don't have to you don't have to be saved to understand men can't have a baby. I'm sorry. I hope I didn't offend anybody, you know, you were really thinking this but you can't it's just impossible. You got to understand this right here. That would we a man in society stand for marriage between a man and a woman and a man were standing because we want to repopulate we want to bring young people into where they can a man be vessels of God and be used for the future. We want to a man make sure that were taken and be the ones that the population. Look what happened in China. Female babies were killed upon birth just killed him. Do you know that in China right now? They're saying 7 to 12 men. I'm looking for a wife. I can't find one. 7 to 12 guys are going hey.

It's all me and work. Where's the women? We killed him. It was a mindset. We're going to help the population what when we look at this right here, and we get into the word of God. We begin to find out that teaching starts in the house of God. It starts with our attitude when we talked in the house so you can sleep. Just what we mostly do in church. Hey, man, you know Don wildmon he had spoke that on a fre should he said me time to reason I will go to church and he should but when we go to church, he said we go there and he said weast and he said then we fall asleep waiting for Christian to do and he said we have no Sunday night. We have no midweek. We come back the next week. And guess what we going to do. We going to stand up for watch. The deceptive news will stay awake a man instead of the message of the word of God being implanted down deep within us. We begin to hear and I love that fake news. Cheap fake news did not start with President role in Genesis deception. God knows a minute that you tasted this right here is like him. Well, really? Yeah. It's so easy. Listen to the fake news instead of listening to what Adam it said about God.

And look what happened. We see in the word of God that he begins to tell us, you know what we've got to be of one mind. They were these are steps. I want you to hear this yesterday and I pick up on the steps cuz I I listen to Christian radio. That's all listen to do. You know in the Baptist convention. He said that the the members are fleeing is such a rate that they said that they are afraid that with another for five years. The church is won't even be able to pay their light bill think about that. They're leaving. Who were they going? I'll tell you where they're going. They're going back to the world. They're going back to the fruit of the flesh the desires of the flesh. They're going back in a while because stead of being in 111 one in the body of Christ.

fighting cursing each other. I'm not telling profanity I'm talking about you said church over there like we do. Come on somebody. When I ride by I said Lord, if they're preaching the word of God bless them or John still overflowing cuz we want souls to be saved a man. Tell him if you can't love the Baptist if you can't love your brothers and sisters in Christ then how can we ever get along in heaven? Cheap In Heaven There was disruption was when Lucifer started it. He was not in one mind with. Anybody here. He was not in one by any God a man 1/3 a man of all the angels in heaven. You got all these together and just what they became of his mind and not the mind of God and they all say when division is in the house of God, we find failure when division is in the house of God. So this is why he won't mind he should but have compassion.

if you see a brother or sister that falls don't be quick to condemn them. Don't because I knew there's something wrong with him did not tell you this going to fall. Initial we don't we don't talk like that. What we have to say is you know, why come on, let's join together and pray for me. Let's help them a man. Let's begin to strengthen them. Why because it will come a Google need somebody can help me find out that anger and retaliation is always taking You know, one of the answers that comes forth. Hey, you want to go to church now now I tried that and let me tell you some. They like the way I was dressed or they didn't like this or they didn't like that. It's just someone say you know what? I've never said anything about how anybody dresses in the house of God As Long As I got clothes on. Come on somebody. The reason I'm saying that is because I know this right here you get Jesus on the inside here. Take care of the outside. Come on somebody your get Jesus on the inside. He'll take care of the outside Hallelujah and we show compassion. Why is it thank God for the Youth here today. Why is it we don't have this place full of Youth I'll tell you why cuz there's no compassion. There's none. I'll look at my over there on their cell phone over there texting. I'm looking over there. I would rather have somebody in the house of God sitting here texting a man and it because you're still going to hear some words. They're still going to a man. Hallelujah. We're going to leave them into the place and sometimes maybe what they're doing. Is there their fact-checking me?

You know, he said they and it's not what it said. I mean King James and if you're not in King James.

Come on somebody. One mind one mind compassion now. Watch what he says right here. Be courteous, you know when your courteous. I got to work on that one. How are you guys open the door for your wife to get in the car? Get your hand down? I had a hard time with that my wife will tell you. Even when we were dating hey where we should go get her so I get my side. Cuz I was raised with a brother. I never had no sister nothing else. We getting in the car. Okay, and you can he is the most non courteous person. She's ever met. I don't mean it to be wrong. what does just me and I have to work on that sometimes I catch myself and I

and even before she had her stroke what just sometimes I slip up and open the door. She almost. What happened? My husband?

In church, sometimes we not courteous. Excuse me. Let me get up and let you sit right here, and I've been sitting here for 15 years. You're not sitting at my place.

Hashbrown. Which I won't say what church? but we went we couldn't find a parking spot. Everyone I've ever had names on them. Do not park here in this and he would have shown so now the source on this number. He was super saiyan this really it was this that I told him I said, hey.

It was on the parking spot.

And I said we got into church Lord. About time you get ready to sit down and eat. I've been sitting there for a long time. Okay, we'll move back here. Again, we would wish about we're almost to the back. Nobody wanted them back seats. Cheapest place is full and you having a hard time finding a seat? Just sit in the back. Nobody wants it back there. But be courteous and what he was saying this in the body of Christ. Amen. Hallelujah, I believe in saying. Yes, ma'am. No, ma'am. I believe you're no sir. I don't care who it is a man if I meet somebody it's no ma'am.

Our son came home one day from school. He was all down. I said hey, what's up? He said I got in trouble today. He never gets in trouble. That's what you get in trouble for. He said I'm calling my teacher ma'am. She said don't call me ma'am. I got it. I went down to the school the next day. And I said I have raised my children to respect. They respect the position that you're in. This is may not respect you but they can respect that position you bring the one I'm talking about a man the authority and I cannot say. Yes, ma'am in another class.

I should but if you let him continue say yes, ma'am other star catching on I said you'll have a greater respect from these students and you'll be able to teach him more by the end of the Year everyone in that class was you and I mean she had control over the class and and it was just wonderful and she told me she said from now on she said my name is yes, ma'am. She in church. We don't even many times. We don't show respect to the officers in church leaders. You know why cuz we were raised rebellious. Well, I've had I had I've had one tell me well, I'm not going to call you Bishop. I'm not going to call you Pastor. You put your pants on the same way I do. That's fine. But I said I can never minister to you. You hear what I'm saying? As I can never ministered you because you refuse to accept the authority that God has placed me in. Where did the song you get pulled over by state trooper? Yes, sir. my license find it here somewhere. I mean just nervous. Yes or yes or yes, or you know it is so you look at this right here a man in the church is no different in the forties. It's out there.


Not rendering evil for evil see how this sounds. As you touch me you're going to burn in hell. The devil going to put hot change around your feet. What? Come on, listen to me. I seen Christians a man that literally damn someone to hell because they didn't like what they said. I should wait a minute that's rendering evil for evil that is not a blood Bond a man child of God. It says you're the best in that curse you I'm working on that one anybody here.

He said because I'm listening me Heap coals of fire on their head. Wow. I'm going to bless you. How do you bless somebody? Doing something that your flesh does not want to do. Somebody that came against you. by and large

bless him the way that hey, I just want to buy you lunch today.

What's the catch no catch? I just want to buy you lunch. You're not found out that by doing that. Ones that I had problems with everything instantly it shut their mouth that quick bless him, but in church, he should want to just meet at Peters talk about this in the early church was if we find out that in church that many times that evil in the church is the way that we speak to one another. It's the way that we don't love one another. It's the way that we I won't tell you about him now, but wait till we get outside. Come on somebody. You know, we had loved that it work anybody here. Call me and let me tell you know, why I don't want to hear it. Don't drag me into your Cesspool. Hey, come on somebody. You know, I used to get nervous when I was sudden and I'm looking Churches. I've said this right here. I can see who you hang with long enough and I'll know your attitude. Come on anybody. Eagles and buzzards don't hang together. Chickens don't hang with eagles are buzzards either draw separate. They hang with each other. And so when I begin look at you. All here goes and then I'll send his light or Hey Brother come over here. I want to talk to you. You know what I just heard and she want to say wait a minute in the name of Jesus. We're going to let that person up or going to pray for them. And you know what it will not come out of our mouths a man in the evilness. We are not going to die some slander. We're going to protect him. We're going to surround Sisters by Steely kill and destroy. Wow.

he goes only says not really for really but country-wise blessing knowing that you are there in to call that you should inherit a blessing she God bless you by how you act.

Know how somebody treated you it's how you respond. A man, so the words that come out of our mouths and I said this many times what happens is we speak negative words as it gets intercepted and we don't receive it. You know, why by the words of our mouth and meditation of our heart we find Acceptance in the presence of God. I sure didn't want to come the house of God check your mouth. Check him out. That's what James said. Is that your mouth feels watch sweet and bitter water? And he said she's going to be cold or hot. You got to be able to speak a man with either you got to speak with love and when you speak with love that man, I would do anything that would help you be elevated in the face of Christ or I'll help you do anything. There's needed a man for you to be able to enjoy life.

You know if you see an accident on the road and you failed to stop and render Aid you can be charged? UB Chartwell, I'm in a hurry is that person dies and you could have stopped and helped them. Think about it. Now the charge goes different if that person died and somebody saw saw that license plate that...

Did you see that accident over there? But yeah, you didn't stop don't know. I was going to hurry you have the right to remain silent anything said, you know, and you go wait a minute. That wasn't my problem. I'm not the one that caused the wreck. Why should I be charged for something that is not my fault.

Just bring the sin spiritually if you see a brother or sister that is following. If you see one that has been damaged and you just Walk On By.

Spiritually you can be charged failing to stop and render Aid. Show me a brother. Let me let's just pray. I know I know it sounded bad. I know that what they said, but I want to pray over you that it is not going to watch it that the words were spoken over you and anger isn't that these words are not going to be able to explode as characters of power. Amen and bring an attitude you so let's go ahead and pray. Let's get all that off of you. I want you to live in the spirit. I don't want you to be one. That's angry why I'm not never coming back here anymore, and I'll let you know. I want you to leave here and help me somebody.

so we got we got too many sitting at home injured. Too many injured, you know, I was thinking about that meal on wheels. I know they deliver food in everything. But what about meal on Wheels where we're delivering encouragement? Maybe somebody can go set with somebody and just encourage them and say Hey, listen, I just wanted to come and let you know. I love you. Is there something I can do to kind of help you and let you know that the body of Christ Parish that were missing you you might have been in oxygen over here. And you know, I don't know that and bring you back into this so that you can enjoy The Fellowship of the body of Christ.

We're so busy today that it's all about us. It is just all about us. And we don't we don't do like we used to and I'll look around we got some older ones here. But remember on Sunday it used to be that once would go out and have lunch. Hey, would you all like to join us for lunch and then go out and it's fellowship and you know or go to someone's house. I remember that goes someone's house that kids are all out there playing and you get to know each other and hear the stories and everything, but you see we don't do that anymore. We leave here and it is a fast track. tires squealing hit the road.

Preacher says Stand by Your Head. Come on.

But know someone says hey, wait a minute, you know, I want to stay cuz somebody needs prayer. I want to stay because you know a lot more than just come to the Altar and the bishop rain over them. I want to go to them and just love on them and share with them. I want charm. You know why they've been a bright star my life and and just to encourage them and lift him up. But what happens if many times we are wow ourselves to be deceived in believing that listen are our time.

Peterson in church, we've got to get rid of some of this stuff at any goes on. He says in verse 10 for he that will love life and see good days anybody here. For he that would love life or you that would love life and see good days. What is good days good days is waking up in the morning cuz I'm going to help somebody today. God today is my day and you know what? I'm going to be able to bless somebody in the name of Jesus. I've gone to stores and then going to HEB or going to Walmart or something like that, but I'm always find somebody that's depressed. I don't have to look very far. But when I see it, what year is I want to come up there and then I begin to kind of tell something, you know a little crazy. So I'm start laughing and everything had a guy over there and I said, you know what I said, are you? All right. He should man. I've been having suicidal thoughts and let me see what happen.

You should what happened. I said I was on the train track that train was moving that I still would laugh so hard I had tears in his eyes when I finally got

I said what you want to know something. I'm just kidding about that. I should but I will tell you this. I said I never had real life. Until I met Jesus Christ. Listen, how many want good days? if you've never let somebody to Jesus Christ, you don't know what a good day is if you never seen somebody sick and dying it and you go up Minister them about, you know, if you don't brush your butt go off in hey, how you doing in it'll listen to am listen to him and then say would you mind if we

One incident and I didn't have no oil. I reached up and went like this. Anointed and prayed over them.

Three weeks later I get a test on every bit of cancer in her body was gone. Her daughter was embarrassed when I was going to pay for her daughter's embarrassed and I should go on honey. It's okay. It's okay go. See I could have said all well, that's your mama not going to be here because of your your ear, you know your lack of faith, but nauseous.

And I laid hands and I pray for I rebuke every every cell cancer in her body and I begin to that she told me where it was and I begin to call it out in the name of Jesus. And you know, I wouldn't I'm about like I am right now and pray and maybe a little bit louder. But anyway when I got done and I leaned up and I looked around and there probably 25 people.

Just found your head. How many prayer how many need prepped and what's just right here at three weeks later when I see her and she's all happy and she was so frail in the wheelchair and she was the doctors and told her she was going to die, but I begin to share with her then Jesus Christ his life but watch as more than the healing of the cancer. He wants to heel your sole man, and she had accepted the Lord Jesus Christ HEB or Walmart. I saw you in Walmart in and so she hollered she said they went back to the doctor. And the doctor took some tests and said the doctor said something is wrong here. He said that cancer is not there. He said that tumor is not there. He's I want you to come back next week. He said we're going to go to here.

He told reason I don't know what you did in this what she told him. She said a friend of mine's a pastor. He reached out and took her so it's wet pussy for me. And I accepted Jesus Christ.

She went from 80 lb. in a wheelchair after 6 months she was back to her her weight about 1:30. And she was getting a clean bill of health and went back to work.

That was a good day. Come on, that was a good day. That's what we got to do in the body of Christ. Amen. You see a mother that struggling and chief. She's a single mother. She's trying to raise her children and she's she's trying to work the maybe two jobs and ever and the kids are unsupervised. They're babysitting themselves. Can I help you?

How about a couple days a week? I have you kids come over and let me kind of help you. You know, how many would love to have a man to be able to talk to some young boys today? A man that can take them out and say hey look come on. Let me show you and God's creation. Let me show you how to survive if you have no electricity. No running water. Let me show you how to survive if all your food is gone found in the frigerator. Let me show you that you don't have to lay down and find a way to show you how to live.

We took 17 young boys in when was I'm Kepner. We took him out in the middle of nowhere. We should you going to learn to live for three days.

We can't have no TV. No. No phone. No. What about bathroom?

But you going to learn how to live out here on God's green playing it and they were like all they learn how to do a rabbit trap.

They learn survival had to skin it. And when they done with it.

What's in the when they put it over the fire and they start roasting it and the boys are going around hungry. I'm hungry when it got done. They were eating it like I mean it hadn't eaten in a week. And they say all that is good. I said you're learning to survive. God created everything with purpose that rabbit. Amen purpose was to feed you right now.

how to build take some hot rocks And how to figure out a hole in it and Tate. We have Poncho's put it down and put them rocks in there and then cover them up and it draws the do down from overnight. When you in the morning you remove the rock. Can you have water down in the bottom? That's how you drink your water. Wow, when they finished they were graduating from that class man. I'm tell you what they still do with their chest out and you should pay listen, which is better sitting in front of that TV right there that she can we do it again next weekend or no.

What you see in the body of Christ? What happens is we've passed our young people aside. Pastor one time said if you don't have used in your church, you have a dying Ministry. You have a dying Ministry and you know, I've said this we're getting ready. We're getting ready cuz there's going to be a youth explosion.

You know I can get crazy. That's my wife. I can get crazy. We can do stuff that a man used today can go back to school. And so you not going to believe what I learn. You're not going to believe some of the things I've been taught it is going to go past the cell phone detection to Google the tweeting and all of them other things out there amen, but we have to bring in the house of God and we have to have one just say, you know what I want good days. I want to bless somebody I want to help somebody I want to be that ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven A, man and so No longer says about me. no longer every need has a seed right here. Right here. I made mention I said, you know what would happen?

I & II told patch Brown about this long time. if we what to put down if we are to put up a man I need within the body of Christ Somebody says hey. You know what? I got an extra bed and all this around not even using it and I'll talk about good here you go. Your need was just met. Someone says over here says, you know why she's just getting ready to have a baby and everything else man. We've got to change the table. We've got this the last one is now where we don't need it. It's in good shape how many no need just met We all got something that we can bless somebody with. Hey, man, we all can reach out further than our self and say you know, how many here? got more stuff in your house and you know what to do with

Will pray for you? Dust collectors. Come on. Got so much stuff in if it's almost as well. You know what man? I just would just moving and we need some silverware and you go man, you know, I got this over here that was given to me as a wedding gift. No 15 years ago still in the rapper recycle it repurpose it. Anybody here? Come on anybody here? You know, I just feel this I'll tell you what. next Sunday I want everybody here next Sunday to bring a repurposed gift.

We're going to put them down here. If it's something you need you come get it. Is that okay? Is that okay? Alright, praise gone, and I'm not telling Don't bring me your junk. I've been wanting to get rid of this for a long time. No, no, I'm talking about bring something that is worthy of giving as a gift a man. Alright, praise God no names. Cuz I don't really want to know who's is water. Whatever if it's something you need get it and take it. Hallelujah if it's too big Michael gaudreau Hey, man. That's why I'm saying it could be someone say I need a better I need this or whatever will get it to you. Amen. Hallelujah. How many want to see that good day? Come on, how many more see that good day love life and see good days. Let him or let them refrain his or their tongue from evil and his were there live just because it means no longer. Am I speaking in the negative text a man? What I'm going to do is say positive powerful things that line up with God's word. I am anointed and appointed. Come on somebody in Jesus Christ. Hey, man, I'm stepping up not down. I'm moving forward not backward. One thing I do is taking those things which are behind me or behind me precious Lord hallelujah.

I hate where I can be courteous a man where I can be that shining example of the man or the woman of God that he's called us to be.

You see developing attitudes most marriages today that end up in divorce is all attitude. I'm not saying I'm sorry. How many ever heard that I'm not saying? I'm sorry. I didn't do anything. It was all you none of those. Well, I'm not saying I'm sorry because I'm not sorry about the Believers. Dory so you know what you're right I did. There's my attitude. How many of you ever said something and angry you wish you'd never said?

Come on somebody. Once you speak words are like canisters of power. They explode you can never take him back. You can say you're sorry a million times, but until you're willing to prove. That you're sorry for saying that it makes no difference. That's the reason that when we read his brother message when we begin to read the red letters. We begin to find out that the words of God or this he said and John chapter 16. I want you to hear this. He said these things have I spoken unto you that you should not be offended. They shall put you out of the church. Yes a time, that whosoever kill if you were thinking that he do with God service. I mean, no that's an Islam right now.

They'll scream out all I'll cover and it begin to kill innocent thinking they're doing that for God, but they're not then it goes on and it says right here they do unto you because they have not known the father nor me. But these things have I told you that when the time she'll come it's right here. Now. You may remember that. I told you of them and these things I said not under you at the beginning because I was with you but now I go my way to him that sent me and none of you asking me whether go Style. He said you know what hard times are coming Church. List the body of Christ against us Stand Together. I wish we see the body of Christ coming together.

It's not going to be about the Baptist and Methodist or Presbyterian not going to be about the non-denominational Spirit-filled. No, no, no, it's going to be the body of Christ. and if if they can separate us then they can destroy us. How many? Today tomorrow next year how many will go to jail?

Because they will be deemed to be haters. Oh, hey just because you speak to her to God haters because you don't agree with them.

Are you willing? Think about it. your children Right now we're in danger in the schools of America. It one time we could say our schools with the most Honorable in the world. But today they've been infiltrated. Today, we look around and evil is called good. Good is called evil. We look around today. We find out that listen life. No longer has value.

You look around how many young men were shot and killed just over the weekend in Chicago la. We begin to look around what is life? there's one job here today that listen that you could care less about Who We Are All they want is what they can get. We have to pray pray over a school's we have to pray over. Our college has a man. It's a sad day when when the students in the college begin to demand that the the professors that they step down and resign because they will not adhere to the evil. That's of their own doing. It's a sad day. We look around we have to self. What is the answer? Is very simple. Let's get God back in America. Let's get the body of Christ back to where we stand together. I said they've had that they've had all these marches and everything else. Where's the church? Where they at? Most of the church didn't even know that listen, they had they had a gathering. They had a big gathering at the White House over the of the Ministers of all these coming together.

I don't want to report it where they come together for because they were told. It we're not we're not connected. We're separated. They were gathered together just say listen your programs your conferences.

Oh, you can jump and shout and scream and do all this but leave here and your attitude still the same.

Can we change it? One at a time. loved one teach him how to love another and that one love another and that one love another. That's how that we're going to win this nation back. That's how they were going to be last and I've made a statement many times. I am not a Republican and I'm not a Democrat. I'm looking to see who is the man or the woman that will stand for the biblical principles of God's word. If you're staying for life, I can support that if you stand for marriage I can support that. If you stand and you begin to Proclaim that God is God in America. I can support that.

I'm not looking for a party. I'm not looking for a party. I'm looking for not even a conservative. I'm looking for a man or a woman of God that will stand up and take back what the enemy stole. Jesus said the reason that I came. He said I did not come to condemn the World Church is done enough of that. We don't want kids in church. Come on somebody.

We want you come in here on.

Come on, you know I want every one of them. I don't care if their hair is pink green blue purple if it if it comes down to it. I'll die mine.

Is that means getting them saved? Jesus went to the center. Jesus went to the outcasts Jesus showed. What true love is

he never rejected one that needed him. Are we are we ready for that? She is going to be more than just run to the Altar and someone lay hands on you. It's going to be guess what I got this word. And you know what? I've connected. I'm committed to the body of Christ. I'm going to be more committed to the house of God then I am committed to where I work.

Oh, well, that's a yes a lot of commitment.

But that's the commitment it takes when we get to heaven. Answer me this morning. Jesus said it. Offenses are going to come.

but offenses if allowed Bill fences It means that people now. We can't bless you. They can't get close to you. You build a fence around yourself and you you've already said I can't receive anything from that person of that person. But if the offense, and you don't accept it. And you begin to blessed individual then what happens is your free you're free to be able to bless your free to be able to measure your free to have that good day that blessed day. Don't let deception steal your joy. The word of God says the joy of the Lord is your strength. Do you have no joy in the Lord your week you accept at all fish you get mad you retaliate. No, Jesus you love me. And when I was at my worst. You still love me and you brought me in and it it and you've worked with me and and you seem my ups and downs and my failures and my success, but you still love me. Can we do that? Can we do that? Somebody somebody got hurt somebody had a wreck? And they need us to stop and render Aid.

They need us to be able to minister them. Hope. Yes, Michigan reconciliation. Measure them Hey, listen, you going to be? All right, you know why cuz we're going to stand right there with you and we're going to pray over your going to we're going to walk with you. We're going to help you through this. You're going to be just fine. You're coming out of this stronger than ever. He might have take some. physical therapy

But it'll be spiritual. You might have to learn how to exercise the word of God more. You might have to learn how to love more forgive more. Yeah. Yeah, but it'll be alright cuz we're going to help you were going to work with you somebody this morning. I'm just laying this out there. Are you ready for that? Are you ready to help the beat in the batter to broken in the bruised? Are you ready to help those that have been hurt they they've been so hurt by religion? They don't even know what a true relationship is. Maybe you've been hurt. Maybe you're saying you know what I'm hurting inside. I'm hurting inside because something that happened it could be five years ago 10 years ago. It could have been two years ago whenever he's still hurting inside. I got good news for you this morning. Jesus is here to help you. You got to let him be the surgeon to help get that hurt out. To be able to restore unto you the joy is David said restore to me the joy of your salvation. This morning. Would you stand with me? position yourself for a new move position yourself this morning to say Lord people told me I was a nobody. But you just show me I'm a somebody. People told me that. Even in my growing up that you know, I never would amount to much would you begin to show me? That annoying that favor that you placed upon me that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me somewhere this morning just lift your hands. I want that anger off of you.

I want the attitude to change. I want you to learn how to love to say. I love you. I want you to learn how to love.

love as Jesus loved love without prejudice. And I say Prejudice within the body of Christ. Real don't learn to love and say you know why God it doesn't matter who you put in my path. I want to love them all the way to Calvary. I want to love them all the way to Deliverance help me. this morning just a quick simple prayer. Enter pray like this just to say father in the name of Jesus. It's my attitude. Father I've been blaming everybody else, but it's me and I place myself in your arms of Mercy as I plead the blood of Jesus help me in my thinking help me. And how I treat others help me to think before I speak for words are powerful because following you spoke and said let there be light there was light. When you spoke and said water separate from dryer from the land headed separate nose dry land. Words are powerful. Help me that when I begin to make promises. I don't promise when I can't keep but what I promise I shall keep and right now my promise is my commitment. Once you my commitment through the blood of Jesus Christ that I would commit that my day shall be good and full of life because today I give you myself totally my mind my Soul and Spirit. And I asked you to help me help me be the one that you created me to be father II release this in the name of Jesus. I pray a blessing over everyone here. I bless you in the name of Jesus Christ. I bless you in the city and I bless you in the feel your rising up in your going for may he cause his face to shine upon you make his brace be continually within you. May you rise up in the head. Not the tail. May you walk in wisdom enough foolishness how to rejoice and be glad when you reach out further than you've ever met. You help more than you've ever come back to the house of God and God's goodness father. I releases in the name of Jesus Christ never once said a man and give God glory and praise in the house of God a man. How to invite somebody next Sunday and tell him you're not going to believe what's going to happen.

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