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Prasise Brought Me To It, God Brought me Through it  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  34:42
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Lori Frazier

zombie prank

Turn on Alexander's in the house.

Come on, everybody. How's y'all know this?

king of Dreams

You're the one that I want.

Tell me what is the highest Glory Glory Glory Glory Glory.

You've been so good. You've been so kind we praise you. Yeah.

Jewel always been the friend of mine we praise you.

Yeah, one more time one more time. Tell me what you know.

That life is not all about us. We may know this in our heads but I will heart sometimes Deacon seems to think differently at times Well prone to selfishness. That's where I'm at.

He is worthy of all praise no matter what we Face from day-to-day praise brings us to a place of humility River level. We remember our dependency on God as we acknowledge our need for him. as we praise him as Creator and king of this world we admit and recognize that we're not in control, but he is we experienced this type of Praise when we recognize that phrase new leaves no room for complaining and negativity.

Don't talk back to me somebody sometimes even when we pray. We can tend to complain about our problems and all prayers. I know I said something. I've heard it said over and over again that God knows my heart. How many times you heard somebody say that God knows my heart.

Yes, God knows our hearts and he cares all about our concerns, but through praise will focus on him and no longer allowing too much attention to be centered around the struggle.

Will remind instead of what he has already done and I would lies key word is already.

already I'm focus on a problem that exists now, but I forget what he's already.

Brought me through so we'll remind me that he knows what concerns us and can take care of all that burdens up. Secondly second point. I want to rent it to you that preys make room for God's blessings in our lives. What you saying? That mean I don't have to walk over you to get my blessing. Guy got to know blessing to spread around here thinking I ain't got to slander you and slander your name in order for me to get my blessings and God's Got a Blessing. Around, you are tell somebody to sprinkle some blessings. He will not hold back here.

As we come into His presence of our King. praise invites his presence in God dwells close to us when we praise him. He lives right there in our praise. Come on. I have any Bible readers in his Psalms 22 tells me that God inhabits. I will praise and have it here means to live in or to occupy. He looked toward I was Spirits all refreshed and renewed. His presence was strengthened by his peace and refused by his Joy through a heart of Praise. We realize that God doesn't just change our situation and work through our problems, but rather he changes our heart. And I want mine. Come on, tell somebody get your mind, right? I need you to get this in your spirit and understand that we are in the presence of the one who has control and authority over to situation. I want you to miss this controlling authority over the situation. That means that situation don't have controlling authority over me. We praise paves the way for God's power to be displayed. miracles happen

The only reason you going through what you going through right now weather? It's because God is equipping you and strengthen you to pull somebody else out of their situation.

Somebody is stuck right now in a rut. And God has you bottle up to get ready to pull somebody else out of their situation. Hottest something to shout about right there y'all you ought to feel Mighty special because people's lives are affected and change about a simple way you praise God.

That's value in your life. Just by your place.

you want to Thank God right now because he is about to get ready to shake some things up through your praise. That's Paul and Cyrus at in prison Shackled and chained. They kept right on praising God. And God sent an earthquake that shook the sales and broke the chains free. Can I speak into your life this morning? God is about to send an earthquake in your life.

At that moment when God sends this earthquake in your life. It is going to shake the very foundations Sherman that you are standing on.

There's some folks. I've been bound up for years. I'm speaking life does the Bible says speak those things that are not as though they were so I'm speaking into somebody's life right now. God is about to sit in her quake and your life. You've been stuck in one position for so long. God said I need for you to move now.

You rushing you Russian. It almost got good to me that deacon.

Come on, let's get back to the text. I like the phrase that Paul and Silas had remember we said that Paul and Silas were singing him. So the type of prey is that Paul and Silas had was to him.

Since about midnight Paul and Silas was praying and singing hymns to God and the prisoners were listening to them and suddenly there was a great earthquake so that the foundations of the prison were shaking and Amelia all the doors were open and everyone's Bonds were unfasten. Remember I told you other folk will benefit from your praise just because they're right in the vicinity of what Paul and Silas would doing into for free. Sometimes you ain't got to do much in order for God to Set You Free by all it takes is for us to give God all praise. Come on somebody you are in a miss right now. I love being a Freedom Center. Yes, I just made that word up. But you are be got to be our freedom sensor. The only thing you got to do is praise. Ye the Lord. Amen. Bible said let everything that has breath praise the Lord.

Show me Raptor price God brings life into a dead situation y'all with me now. So how do we get to the point of being in prison here? Coming from Asia Minor and arriving at the port to port of Philip II of Macedonia fall in silence went right so work evangelizing. Going to the place of prayer where they met by a slave girl who had a Spirit by which you predicted. The future is girl followed Paul and the rest of them for shouting these men. Servants of the most high God who are telling you the way to be safe. What days could you imagine somebody shouting the same thing over and over again? Now? What she said was true Snow lying that they were Servants of the god. Most high God pointing shoulder unbelievable how to be saved. The issue here is not what she said, but how she said talk back to me somebody sometimes you can be around a permanent. Paul gets fed up and he said. Your name of Jesus. Come on. We got the same power and presently that sometimes you got to tell you forgot. I'm dealing with the same folks have been saved a whole life. I've had some times that I had to talk to my spirit and commanding in the name of Jesus Release Me. How come out somebody when alcohol had taken control of me dating in the name of Jesus?

We have the same spirit in the same power that Paul had so when the owners of a slave girl realize that their hope of making money was gone. They she's Paul and Silas and drag them from the marketplace to face the authorities the power that you possess an authority that you have in your mouth. The enemy wants to silence their 800 got junk on quiet. They won't realize what they really possessed on the inside of it. You have the power to speak at the life and death at the power of the tongue. But that means that I have to speak or I can speak there. What are you speaking on this morning?

Heart of the matter in the problem here was that Paul had sent the girl free of her demon. and by doing this this is now the proud owners of the him come they were profiting off of I don't want you to miss it. So I'm just going to tell you. Me and I mean, I only mad that you said free Deacon the enemy mad that you set it free and now you can no longer be controlled.

Know that you can't be controlled. You are no longer a prophet.

Oh you just making the enemy so mad right now just because you had enough sense to come up in the household of faith. And you right now in a situation. Oh my God, so you making any real man control your situation. I'll come on somebody you supposed to be looking like a smile on your face like God already done it. I wish I had somebody right now.

I think this thing is getting good to me. Now because he can no longer Bank off of your Misfortune. It was in the name on the power of Jesus that all is able to set her free. Here it is. Praise getting them to it. Remember I told you praise you got me to it. But God brought me through it. So praise is getting them to the point now life where things are about to ship. I like that word shift. They're in a situation that most people will find difficult and they turn a difficult situation in to praise Mama Bobby. Memory in a typical situation you can read the text further. It says that they are in stop. The hands in their feets difficult situation here anybody ever see the old movies back then they're not in a stock that is comfortable there in a very uncomfortable situation. This means that their hands are up here and their feet like this come on somebody. So if anything was to have no way of moving freely how I'm going somewhere with this thing right here situation just got tied up like this and your feet I like this so you can't move freely like you need to you have something knowing that your side but you can't really get to it. You're not helping somebody here this way there in a difficult situation, but there are about to shift. Come on tell to people say shift. Watch this. Watch this. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

difficult no more hope All Is Lost And there's no way out of it. if I just ship my Approach and my way of thinking watch this then God will find me right where I'm at. I need you to get us in your spirit. Remember praise got them to it because I need you to get this in your spirit people of God that in the valley experience that we get to that trip since up.

Paul and Silas are going to the valley experience. This is where the enemy messes up shrimp sums up because we get to the valley.

We get to the valley and we worry more about the valley.

I know I said something else.

We get to the valley and we more worried more about the valley then we need you. He'll let you know this morning that preys already had a conversation with god on your behalf about your Valley Springs had already discussed your situation with God about Youngstown it and why you was busy praising God. Yo praise was busy leaving you too. I know I said something else and without you even realising it taking you directly to God. Because praise I taking you as praise could take you do I have somebody I'm talking to Joe praize begins its benediction praised. This is where I now get off. My job is now complete and I finish my course. I was instructed to bring you to the valley, but now I will leave you in capable hands because it's the only one that can bring you through. No valid my toe and toe. Type of Praise David recall how good God has been is it? All right, if I testified just a little bit strong but later became insecure about his kingship Not only was he insecure but this King was also holds of a giant named Goliath. So he went and sent me a teenage boy to deal with the matter Fit For A King and fit for a grown man regular, but this giant just come on back and forth and I heard the Giants cussing phone call from outside of the capsule. So this pink gave me this Alma and said he'll put this on my own and go out and fight this giant. I looked at that King and I said I don't need your armor because it ain't my size. Sometimes people that give you stuff in that look like one-size-fits-all, but God said I desire your weapon is specially for you. Tell somebody my armor is just for me. Keep your home or just give me my sling and five smooth stones from the show. David goes out to see Goliath. I believe y'all miss that write them. David didn't wait till the giant instead. David went to meet his giant and said I can't believe you would be this bored. David said boy just come to me and I will give your body to the birds and to the animals to eat that even looked at the light and said come to me with the swan the come to me with a spear. You even come to me with a javelin, but I come to your right now. I don't know about power and authority you want to come to your job and no power in the name of God. Somebody hit a day. I don't know who I'm talkin to you but you need to when you get home. All right what you're standing right now? Tell yo giant that this day this very hour off with your head.

I don't know who I'm talking to right now, but you want to look at your giant right where you stand?

with your head

same way David toga life. Tell your situation that Later on in life. David started to think. What tending to his sheep? And reflective ribbon level on how good God has been to him. So David started humming deacon. David started rocking His humming turned into words and David put on up so he looked high praise and David started to sing a song. Play the song with a little bit like this. Shepherd in Green Pastures. He leadeth me beside the Still Waters in The Path of Righteousness for his name's sake of the shadow of death. I will fear no evil for thou and thy staff they comfort me. Preparest a table right in the presence of mine enemies.

Running told me it's not good to hold. David payment said shut up. Shut up.

Good and mercy will follow me all the days of my life.

Every time I'm in a situation. And I get a giant bow for me. I got to put my mind to shut off. Which shohei do I have a off with your hand if you sitting on your diet? Turn to your feet and tell your giant right now with your head.

Fraser get us to it. What is going to take God to bring us through it? This is my prayer. this morning that we let praise be our fighting 2. Lot of people always say there's a breakthrough in your praise and some more than just a breakthrough in your prayers. If you use it often times I can use that preys because they're so worried about the situation in front of the phrase understand this now before we can we can ready to go we got to go to church directly to the one who has control over the situation. The Bible tells me that everything is subject to God. That means doubt fear depression worry sickness diseases Financial instabilities bankruptcies Brokenness.

This is the reason why my addiction could not hold me as long as my addiction did I wish I had a witness said this morning that know what I'm talkin about that's been through something.

If it had not been for the grace of God, where would I be I leave this with you.

How amir's I will be in Sunday school class, I thank God for the men that come we have such an awesome time. And we learned we are all able to draw off of each other and Landon says on the date it almost brought me to tears. He said the last time he talked to his brother Tracy. He said his brother had told him brought some things that you got it now let go and you have to change. Don't worry about what people owe you.

Hey, what is time worry about? What for call me? I need to come to the realization that I owe him.

So once my mind changes from that perspective of bowing to me and I owe him that I'm able to make that shift right here them. I told you we got to shift all the way of thinking. Hey, man, that's somebody right here right now right here right now under the sound of my voice you are in a struggle.

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