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Genesis 26:1-5 // Same but Different

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… besides the former famine …

Similarities in this story has caused some to accuse the author of confusing it with accounts of Abraham. This is not true.
Isaac in Gerar avoid the drought (calling his wife a sister) was confused with Abraham in Egypt avoiding a drought (calling his wife a sister)
Repetition was very much intentional
Moses is alluding to the story of Abraham for a purpose.
Our job is to determine what that purpose is...

Same but different

Great practice to look for repetition in scripture.
The exclamation point of ancient text.
Guides you to the main point.
Sometimes the lesson is in what has changed.

Do not go to Egypt

Isaac might have remembered a story from his father going to Egypt to avoid a famine. (Gen 12)
But God is obviously doing something different.
Problem must not be Egypt.
Egypt synonymous with “the world”
Egypt also used by God in His plan to save the world.
We can falsely label things God or Bad
Not a bad practise as long as we don’t take our eyes off of God
Different people have different needs
Different relationships with God
Different trials in life
Different lessons need to be learned.
The lesson that Isaac apparently needed to learn is seen in the second difference in the narrative of Isaacs…

I will be with you.

Coupled with the instruction not to go to Egypt. Here is what we can understand from this…
Your relationship (and standing) with God doesn’t come from a regulated process.
Our relationship comes from our personal faith in a personal God.
I know your father found refuge in Egypt
But it wasn’t Egypt that saved him
And I need you to know that.
YOU walk with me and I will be with you.
God was making sure that Isaac didn’t place his faith sole on the decisions of his father.

His father’s greatest decision was to place it faith in God.

A major hindrance to the church continues to be the false belief that rigidly holding to a process from the past will ensure our blessings in the future.
We build on the same foundation that was laid (which is Christ)
We decorate to a different style.
Foundationally we NEVER change.
Application WILL ALWAYS CHANGE!!!!

In your offspring all nations shall be blessed

Restating His plan to bring Christ into the world through Abraham’s lineage.
Reminder that God’s plans will prevail.
God is not asking for help He is inviting us to join Him.

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