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Opening Illustration:
Girls decorating rocks to hide.
Messages of hope when they are found
John 3:16, Jesus loves you!, Hakuna Matata,
Claira, wanting to stay with the spiritual theme - “Stop Sinning.”
We are prepping for a great week of VBS and you’ll notice that is our weekly focus as a church family.
To be praying for a great week ahead in these specific ways.
*Look at Bulletin*
Well, a couple of weeks ago we spent a week at Teen Camp with 9 of our boys and we spent the whole week on this theme of restoration - and how we can get back to God’s good design.
As we walked throughout that week we had great discussions about the decisions we were needing to make moving forward in our relationships with Jesus, and I couldn’t help but come back to this 4 part theme as I was praying and planning for this three week break in our Romans Study.
The four main themes within this study is:
Design | Brokenness | Repentance | Restoration
We will unpack the first two today and finish up with the final two next week.
If you would, turn with me to Genesis 2 and John 1.
And as you turn there, I want you think about the word design, and what comes to mind.
For many of the ladies in our group, you imediately think of Joanna Gaines, HGTV and projects you want to get done around your house.
And many of the guys in here, immediately begin to squirm because they know what the ladies are thinking...
Often times, we base designs off of what we have previously seen.
Whether it was a project someone else did that we will tweak to make our own, or something in Creation that stimulates your creativity and you run with it.
Whatever the case, our designing typically hitches a ride off of something we have touched, smelt, felt, or experienced.
However, as we look at Genesis today and ponder the greatness of our Creator, I want you to know that everything God did in Creation, He did without pinterest or any other thought generator.
He is the pre-creation Creator that spoke into nothing and made everything.
In Genesis 1-2 we learn that God’s creative order was:
Day 1 - Day and Night
Day 2 - Sky and Seas
Day 3 - Land and Vegetation
Day 4 - Stars, Sun, and Moon
Day 5 - Sea Creatures and Birds
Day 6 - Land Animals and Mankind
Day 7 - Rest
And His original design was perfect.
1. God Created a Perfect World.
The way we know His creation was so good is that He said it.
Following what He created on a specific day, throughout Gen. 1, the Bible says that God saw that it was good.
And following day 6, He looked at all of it and said it was very good.
And following the 6 days of creation and the day of rest God set apart, we find Gen 2:15-18.
We find that in this perfect world that God created, He placed Adam in the perfect place and gave him the perfect spouse.
And in all of this perfection, he placed the tree of knowledge of good and evil and said, “Don’t eat it.”
Not only did God Create the perfect World with a perfect purpose.
That purpose is found in the image we are created after.
2. God Created Us In His Perfect Image (Gen.
1:27, Gen. 2:25-28, Psalm 139)
God’s creation reflected the image of God.
Both male and female were God’s design.
Then we find in 2:25,
There was no shame or awkwardness in God’s perfect Creation.
There was harmony in Eden.
God’s original design was a reflection of His greatness.
David, who we are going to look at throughout this series understood it well.
David understood that He was fearfully and wonderfully made.
This infinite Creator God designed His creation to reflect His glory.
This reflection as His image bearers is our purpose.
ILL: God’s Design is that we would reflect His image.
“Mirror” That you would be His image bearer.
And we see this in John 1:1-5
3. God Created Us With a Plan and Purpose (John 1:1-5, Eph.
v. 3 - all things were made through Him.
God created all things.
He is the original designer and produced every molecule that makes up the stuff we know of today.
And, If you were to say “God created everything” to a junior high young boy - they might respond - “God didn’t make the car, or this cup, or my clothes.”
But in fact He did - the very molecules that make up that car, that cup, and those clothes consist of the original molecules God Created.
And He made the mind that put those molecules together.
The same God who created the galaxies, the sunsets, and laughter - created you and me uniquely and with a purpose.
v. 4 - Jesus is the giver of life and light.
And this light and life that Christ provides shines in our darkness.
v. 5 - His light shines in our darkness.
and the darkness did not overcome the light.
The original design in the garden and the continual plan of God in your life involves volition - your will to choose.
God’s light today shines bright, and is getting brighter because of the dark brokenness we each experience around and within us.
Which brings us to our second part of this series - Brokenness.
4. We Have Departed from God’s Design By Seeking Our Own Desires (Gen 3:1-6; Rom.
1:25, 3:23)
Satan caused Eve to begin questioning God’s Word and sowed a seed of doubt in her mind.
The image of God in Eve’s mind began to be distorted.
And that’s where sin begins.
It begins with believing a lie over God’s truth.
When we sin (transgress God’s law) we are believing our way is better than God’s.
So that’s what Adam and Eve did - they believed their own way over God’s way and sought their own desires.
5. Our Sin Left Us Broken, Leading to Death (Gen.
3:7; Rom.
Sin had now entered perfect Creation, and shame and guilt are the result.
And the original purpose of reflecting God’s glory was no longer possible.
And sin became inherent in humanity.
This orginal sin now passed from generation to generation - leaving in it’s wake a ripple effect of brokenness.
No longer are we reflecting God’s Glory in perfection, but now reflect in brokeness.
Things are no longer seen through the perfect reflection of who God is, but is skewed.
ILL: Broken Mirror.
It still reflects, but not like it should.
So Sin is present and it produces brokenness in our homes, our work, our communities.
This brokenness from God’s perfection permeates our thoughts, our bodies, and our relationships.
Nothing is as it should be any longer.
But as we will see next week, God has a plan of rescue from ourselves and His name is Jesus.
6. Jesus Came to Rescue Us from our Sin and Brokenness.
(John 3:16, Rom.
Even in our brokenness, God’s love is extended.
And anyone who places their trust in God’s plan through Jesus will not perish (see the ultimate consequence for their sin) but will be given everlasting life.
Dear friend,
You are created.
And there is coming a day when you will stand before your Creator.
And when you stand before your Creator, you will give an account for your sin.
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