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Sunday, May 19th, 2019 - AM - Are You a Disciple Inwardly? [Matt. 5-7]

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The Sermon on the Mount is a message for Christians today, and we should approach it, asking to ourselves, “Lord, what would you have me to do?”

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And I'm really glad that you all were here today. I really treasure your prayers because proteins that we have our work cut out for us this morning and now with your prayers and the Lord's patience with me. I think we'll do okay, but I invite you to take your Bible and join me in Matthew chapter number 5, if you're listening outside of these walls online or by the medes you listen to the morning message and there is not really a title for it this morning. It's basically an overview of where we're going in our next days ahead. Should the border terrier. I'm excited. I think about The Sermon on the Mount how many times have I read the story, now? How many times have I pray to The Sermon on the Mount and yet now I have this task in front of me as a pastor to preach through. Sermon on the Mount and the sermon on the plain in part of our overview for those who might just be joining us. We began last Christmas on a journey that I have an idea behind this is that when are they serious? You learned that when it comes to learning the Bible has requested to come in the leadership of the Jerusalem Church sent him to Antioch to help strengthen their faith. This is what happens when people go out and when the church is persecuted, they go everywhere.

More and we don't we need some guidance and so wisely they sent back to the leadership. And so we need help. So while they're on their Journeys they would go and they would teach and they would preach Jesus Christ and his church would be built on that foundation. So I'm using my glorified imagination. I'm expecting you to go with me a little bit on this could be reproduced in a church.

What do you say that again? Say that one day we get to the point where we're going to be planting. That's a little better be playing to go to church. Maybe you're just cutting their teeth on this and they need some wisdom. I don't pretend to have it all figured out. I can tell someone much more what not to do but I'm going to go to these places. What did they teach What did the what did they say? What was the foundation? Well, I know it was New Testament. I know that they were well-versed in the Old Testament that it would probably just come out in their preaching and teaching and we see that in the letters of Paul in the letters, but we don't really have anything that's part of us in here. And so just kind of need to be able to say take this and say brake and rotor.

That started looking at our savior. So we have a Biblical New Testament definition of who Jesus is. And so we began that turnabout looking at his humanity and that was easy to do at Christmas time a little bit of his aspect of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and find out those seven sign Miracles that were given to show that Jesus Christ is the son of the Living God will now we enter into another segment of that having considered Christ Humanity in him coming and living among us. Slowly and me can see what we considered his miracles in the power. That was at his disposal. What a loving savior now we come to the next segment that will spend a good amount of time during looking at price for his discourses. If you will some of this conversation's so far. I've been able to break this down into about three segments. We have his sermons, which is a Sermon on the Mount where you're going today more to an exposition. It'll be a great time. Probably look at some of his conversation. For instance. There's a lot that we can learn from Jesus Christ went about his ministry. What did he teach about marriage and divorce? He did teach on that in a conversation that you had what about covered in the summit on the map, but they're our conversation. She had with Peter about the church is and the foundations of the sermon on the parable of the conversations of Christ. I don't know how long it'll take maybe it'll take until Jesus comes back in 5 minutes. nevertheless join me in Matthew chapter 5

You need to read over and over and over till you you think you could you read enough and then it just might start to conceal a little and read it some more. 5 6 and 7 of Matthew Matthew 5:16 because I think the entire sermon will put it from chapter 5 verse number 20 for you to read it out loud with me. If you would Jesus said it for I say unto you that except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Barry Allen. Okay, sticker Lord. We embark on this journey a journey of Journey. No doubt. How many books have been written how many sermons have been preached much more? Eloquently than I can on this wonderful sermon Lord. This is so light changing when it when it impacts the way that it should through the power of the Holy Spirit. I pray for your help as we Endeavor on this to unfold what's here a little bit more than we get a good overview still together in one unified teaching from this Sermon on the Mount. I pray that you bless your people that will grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ and his precious name. I pray amen, except your righteousness. Shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and the Pharisees you shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven. I'm afraid that The Sermon on the Mount after all that I've read know that I study after having Read It Read It Read It Read It Read it going to look at it when everybody else is really really good books out there on this by the way, one of the books that I change. My life is the studies in the sermon on out by dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones work on this guy agree with dr. Jones on every aspect know I understand that he's coming from a little bit of a different perspective, but when it comes to do that to you so many people down through the course of time have really really misunderstood The Sermon on the Mount as we begin to delve into it. We need to know how to approach it and as simply as I can tell you from you need to approach it with a clean slate in your mind need to approach it with an open heart and open my Nat says Lord. I don't need some theological system. I just need what you teach and if you'll come to it that way then the Lord will speak to you personally and it will help your life. It will have the Sermon on the Mount when I was in college. Mullenix. That's what it should look like. And I wish I would have never to do that and did you know in New York Public Library has been there making sense take a picture with it. It's in a glass case.

This is the whole gang. Is there how many remember and then you got ruined?

Okay, pastor your way.

some people

maybe I should have kept your looks like it's just like everything is so I didn't know this is a wonderful day ever on this but then there's other people that come to it and they wanted up more like Eeyore memory or probably one of the most episodes for him was his birthday party, but you're okay.

Another word for like I'm never going to be a nurse's vacillation sometime in the cloud because well I come to certain things and then I'm doing pretty good for a while. But then I approached him and aspect of it and in my Fallen conditioner I wind up.

I wanted hurting my savior. I'll put that in perspective. I think in a way that will help us understand. We are supposed to turn on the matter one and only pay a new sticker key points on it. And when you read other people's Riders on the Storm of the mountain it might help you to know what you're looking at in a way that you can pinpoint something. Now, there's different perspective. There's a Roman Catholic perspective traditionally that said You Know The Sermon on the Mount

For people who really want to dedicate their lives with that came the Reformation. So you have Martin Luther and his two kingdoms aspects of her Zone State and he came to the conclusion that will there's really two kingdoms. You know, there's the personal aspect of where we we have our everyday World Kingdom. So when you're dealing with legal situations The Sermon on the Mount to breathe when you're walking in your

They're still did Martin Luther. He was the man who was behind what we have is at The Sermon on the Mount now this has some good qualities to it because I think this is something that Eminem, you know, you have these two laws that are given in the purpose of the law is to be a Schoolmaster to bring it to you trying to live it. Do it. It shows you your absolute need for Christ. And it leads you to him. I'll tell you I can't argue that too hard. Can I apply for benefits apply to the wrong to the wrong era to the wrong age? Because Jesus was doing wasn't replacing lumos.

And when I when I took it in in school, I think we narrowed it down to like eight or nine out of all 30 of those Picante how I approach it just in case you're wondering now, I can't go to chapter and verse and say this is how you make out. Okay, I believe that Jesus gave is it is magnificent some of the best stuff. You can read at 7. Now there's an old old dispensational view that I'm with you. I agree with that. But I think we do a disservice to hold it only to the Future. I really believe we can gain from it now that we ought to as Disciples of the Lord come to this and say I don't want to do what Jesus says so that means he's going to come and he's going to rule with a rod of iron and this Earth is going to be under a range of Peace for a thousand years until the end of that thousand years to Devil's loose for a little season 8 final Judgment of everything up until that point. What am I supposed to be doing? Do I just ignore him? Thanks a lot. It's for today just as much as it will be for then and this fits with the idea of sanctification if you really think about it, because when someone gets the holy spirit in them and God begins working on them changing them conforming them into them to Chrysler afraid of Mountain Creek Jesus when we get done here then we did before we start being conformed to His Image. He's the second Adam. He's the one that was stored all that was lost in the first Adam and so through this life going to have some balls. I'm going to have some knock-down. I'm going to have some areas where I fall short because I'm leaving us with these two night. Crucified with Christ nevertheless, I live I will have the power of God friended me are going to see any victory in your life when it comes to that aspect of this Sermon on the Mount it's going to be when you say Lord. I'm not doing this My Own Strength. When you're on your own strength?

Yes, I used to work happy. Are you this is an amazing portion of the attic part number one can be seen in Matthew chapter number 5 verses 1 through 12. We want to have a balanced approach when it comes to The Sermon on the Mount and I'll tell you if you approach it as simply as a disciple you will do well in chapter 5:1, before he has just been healing and preaching. It's interesting. I didn't see the word preach anywhere in chapter 5. He's been preaching and his message really was taken up and chapter four by letting John the Baptist and Jesus Christ. I remember when was baptized. Remember setting is baptism together after that. This is when Matthew sermon was given this message came only after he had been preaching or towards the end of it. Also, he had called some key to cycle now. He calls them over a. Of time and you have petered Andrew with John at least those are listed and they will either they're fishing and they followed me to meet him. So he's already got a gathering. He's got a following of people that's the multitude should have seen him healing and doing everything that he's been doing and then he's got these key to follow me and they'll even the following him. So notice the two groups that Matthew tells us our present for when he went into amount. And when he was set edition of teaching and totally understandable so he would sit and depending on where you see this been given a lot of time to landscape Amphitheater so that he can project his voice better remember so you ever been to like a seminar or something like that where you met like multiple days of instruction, sometimes the people would do that.

on this mountain and he begins to teach his disciples in

Disciple so, who is this Sermon on the Mount intended initially for? Bible those who follow Jesus does it matter if you're going to be a monk or not?

You are a follower price. If you had the lead on word for salvation, then you can find application here. You don't have to buy her to you want to split it? You don't have to do all this fancy stuff.

Notice here in Gryffindor to says his disciples came to him and he opened his mouth and taught them. send open his mouth.

He prepared for this. He actually invested himself leading up to this. So when you look at his sermon, there is a definite structure to it has to be to buy at least even the first 12 verses which I'm I won't go into the detail, but I brought it in case I know you're looking at doing here. This was some help.

This is scripture.

When you look at verses 1 through 12, there's a certain amount of words and each portion. There's there's four Beatitudes on either side of one another. And it's amazing. You can see one just right up off the top Erica C3 and look at her some pretend. This would be your inclusive blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness sake for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. You see the book in their theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

And it's just amazing to see this is the inspired word of God and the Holy Spirit has put every word he gets to enjoy word of God as a civilian. But if you will have ears to hear if you apply yourself to study that and the same and I don't just mean devotionally blessed are the poor in spirit.

Is that what that means? What's the latest hunger and thirst after righteousness? What does it mean to be hungry and thirsty for righteousness? What does it mean to be merciful in the sense that what Jesus is teaching. This is his introduction. Sherman has a structure very detailed structure. He has an introduction and given the setting Northshore Galilee. He goes up into this mountain and he teaches has its introduction. Then he gives his bobby gets a conclusion with some warning to say you need to meet watch out for these kind of people and you need to build your life on these tanks and he dropped the whole thing to close and the whole body was turned off, but do you see how he put some time and it is so that he opened his mouth.

Xfinity this took preparation this could plan and so I heard you just like these disciples if you say your disciple. Why don't you climb on up that mountain? Why don't you yourself sit at the feet of Jesus preached Urban after surban and you know, something like quick along the way but I'll tell you what really change your life is when you go up that hill and you sit at the feet of Jesus. Can you say Lord? I want to hear you. I want to hear you. I feel read this listen to it put it put it on their straw hats that too. I know I listen to screw three. Alexander's scurvy and then I've got some other people that have read the scriptures and I constantly and catching myself because my mind is racing right listening 6 versus into it. I'm going can I go back and start it over? So the disciples company gives them he gives them to be attitude. He then that's in verses 1 through 12. He's in is going to encourage his disciples to Savory salt and sea lights and he says you're the salt of the earth persecution for righteousness sake there's a reward just stick through it. If you will see this thing through for everything you have to go through for me. You said we can understand Saul the preservation of it the feeling of light in a piercing.

Between 17 and 48 and he really is a contract. Between the letter of the law and the spirit of the disciple and he's going to go through the second set of old-time would you referring to but to fulfill it? Basically, we're not getting to the truth of what God has lost battalion. He needs to be an inward change to see in his day. Reread. What did he say?


keep in mind, you know, they're going to be privy to his teachings as well and he's not going to come out and just land blast them right away. He's going to save that for later after they have enough rope to hang themselves.

But hear Jesus is going to go into the wind because outside and just keep all this stuff and cross my T's and Dot my I's if I do and everybody sees that. Really doesn't matter what's happening on the inside? This is why I say Jesus is going to contrast the letter of the law said that the letter of the law of killer he's going to contrast that with his spirit that goes above and beyond that. It's not just enough for you to not commit VIP burger. If you hate it's murder in your heart, even when nobody else that's going to carry all through First 48. So we see the field of hatred and murder in versus 2126. She's going to experiment on lust and adultery in verses 27 to 32 and to be a person of your word and verses 33 to 37. He's going to talk about revenge in restitution and how to approach that in versus 38 to 42 in the love of God. And be mature behold be grown as the Lord would have you be to be perfect as your father in Heaven is perfect. That's been verses 43 to 48 11 chapter 5 in chapter number 6, he's going to tell us a little bit about the difference that discipleship automating your life. It ought to be different right? I'm different now than I was before. I said, I would follow Jesus I am. There's a different set of magic. You know, why and how to pray. The word what it was like to really give from the heart not just as a religious exercise to feel spiritual.

McCall's goes back to the BFG take those Beatitudes and read the rest of the day. Where do I see that you was coming right? So when he talks about giving of alms and chapter 6 verse 24, you can relate that back to what he said about blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain Mercy. To be merciful in that sense says that you're not just turning a blind eye.

You have enough compassion to put yourself in their shoes and safe.

You see that and that is an inwardness that moves you to safety.

That's that's generosity in real sensor part. Number one. He's going to say when you pray you don't need to do it. Like they stand in the street corner part see how it really happened in our character in chapter 6 verses 9 through 15. He's going to talk about that would look like today. I think he's going to where your treasure is there. Will your heart be he's going to talk about how are we to have our our Mind Set On Earth? Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things to worry about tomorrow. You need to you need to have the proper mine when it comes to Heavenly things. You need to have the top of the earth Lee think this is just magnificent, by the way. He's going to Heavenly Father and I forget it's prayer answered prayer and a disciple that preys

It's changed her life. Then he's going to talk about a fruits and Foundations. This is chapter 7 verse 12 to the end of the chapter. He's going to help us know how to stay on the courts to stay on the path of True Life. Narrow is the way that leads to life. He's going to steer clear of false prophets and false teachers that remember he's been talking about these religious leaders that everybody should be looking up to and he's been talking about some things that are wrong with them because they don't have it on the inside. It's all Outside Pretty. You need to find somebody who loves Jesus from the inside. And walk with them to walk together, except they be agreed and we've got to have it in here before it ever and pass out here. If we do the other way, we got the car. He's going to close it sermon by encouraging us to stand firm on a strong Foundation who give the story about the the wise man and the foolish man.

Yeah, when you go back to Sunday school. What is that Foundation? we build on these sayings now let's think about how this whole thing wrapped up Jesus go department is Mount his disciples have come since he opens his mouth with a prepared sermon and he begins to teach It was finished disciples with multiple are two. By the time he can Clues. What a reaction. You read the last portion of chapter 7 it says they were just blown away. They were astonished different from everything and Rabbi and sit down quote Rabbi Rabbi by the time sometime.

Not too thankful that we can stand up with authority and say this is the disciple Thurman. If you are a follower of Jesus, you need to read this like an assignment only caught up in all of the different ins-and-outs of theological take some stuff just read it. I don't know what that means. No. Looks like you've come back next time when we get into those reactions.

I'm warning in my life the way I should when you break those Beatitudes down four of them the first four really deal with who we are inside. And in the last four deal with who we are out here. See how that's major. To the whole server. Take me to go to the law. He says this is what you been doing outside when you mentioned it inside your heart is far from me.

Since we don't know whether or when you're praying chapter number 6 inside. Don't be like these people who missed and are only focusing on the outside brain. God is more concerned about who you are. And where do I begin by telling me a little bit about my journey with The Sermon on the Mount. And how that can lead frustration if you just take it like a about The Sermon on the Mount. Karl Karl Marx wrote The Communist Manifesto

Call Mark scheme to this and Insulin Don't Lie. By the way, they came to The Sermon on the Mount and both of them said.

Supposed to say member that wrong babe and 11 down a path of works for salvation.

That's the end result. And if you're working for salvation is no more grace processing if it's a source of Grace Paul sent for by grace. Are ye saved through faith and that the gift of God, not of Works lest any man should boast.

You will never make it.

Competition say I'm going to come the way to Jesus 72. I'm going to come bankrupt first spiritually bankrupt. I'm going to realize I've got nothing in my account. I am completely destitute before God. That's the path of Salvation that for the kingdom of heaven will be yours when you come by faith.

My struggle my journey has been no hopefully one of growth hopefully the heavenly father in I was looking at my life and say what I heard.

I'm experienced frustration with this probably not long from now. We're we're the little ones that are with us. They're going to start taking those first steps how many repairs around you know there to see the first second. Maybe this is terrible.

Precious moment but when those steps are being taken think about that as a father. I don't know what's bothering to wreck my first steps that my mission Falls along the way but the eagle has to get a little help out look and see. How do you say yes Lord, your heavenly father have the same kind of joy to see that. You're actually gone. He knows one day we shall see him as he is one day that you're coming and soon we'll have no presence whatsoever. But you know, what? Don't stop, don't stop giving it that you want me to do this. You want me to succeed and I'm going to be more merciful tomorrow then I was today. I'm going to work on My Heart Lord because there's some things in there that's not clean before you and I'm not going to give up. I'm not going to just

1st John 1:9 if we confess our sins. He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse just keep drawing closer to the light. Your heavenly father just like an Earthly father would look and see those first steps and see the fall the joy that it brings as you approach The Sermon on the Mount I want you to approach it with freedom. Bondage. I want to approach it with Liberty that says Christ is going to help me. I can do all things through Christ the next time and you feel like you need to be merciful and you're not being merciful. Why don't you remember this and say what am I beautiful now this time because I'm going to trust you to help me. Exercising Mercy that you have for me. I'm going to show that to them. I'm going to keep my heart clean because I want to I want to know God. I want to see God in my life to see God. This is such a marvelous sermon. If you just type this sermon read it and read it and read it and know it inside and out. You will be a better disciple. You will know better what Jesus asked you to do as you follow him when it comes to your getting your prayer your prayers. How are you be in this world as a follower of?

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