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Hear my Cry O God

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Reading Psalm 61
From the ends of the earth I call to you, I call as my heart grows faint; lead me to the rock that is higher than I.  Psalm 61:2 (NIV)

I.   We call from a Distance

     A.  We feel Lost and confused

           1.  We sometimes find ourselves at the ends of the earth — at least our earth.

                 a.  From the edges and extremes of life.

                 b.  Where everything seems to come to an end or be at an end.

           2.  There are times in life when we really do feel lost and confused.

                 a.  We find ourselves in the boon-docks, in the Timbuktu of life and don’t know how to get home.

           3.  We call to God from what seems like a great distance.

                 a.  Not sure if he hears, if the call can get through.

                 b.  We’re not sure if we have drifted so far off the mainland of our faith that God is beyond the reach of our prayer signals.

     B.  We feel Alone

           1.  There are moments, sometimes days and even weeks where all we feel is alone.

                 a.  There are times when we need more than our heads can possibly tell us.

                 b.  We need not only the Truth, but we need love — and we need to experience that love.

           2.  In the desert of life’s circumstances there are times when we see nothing but the dust and rocks and snakes and thorns.

                 a.  This is not faithlessness, it is normal.

                 b.  It is the place where we begin to understand what Jesus meant when he said “Blessed are those who do not see, and yet believe.”

     C.  We feel Far Away from God

           1.  We feel without God.

                 a.  Even when we know his promise to never leave us or forsake us.

                 b.  Yet we feel nothing but our aloneness and forsakenness.

           2.  We call out from the ends of the earth, while we imagine God in the heights of heaven.

II.  We’re Losing it

     A.  We’re at the end of our Rope

           1.  My heart grows faint

                 a.  I am about to pass out — or I’m about to give up.

                 b.  The heart is the decision making center

                 c.  I’m at the end of my rope - at my wit’s end.

           2.  Not only do we feel lost, alone and far from God, we’re about to fall apart.

                 a.  There are times when we are so overwhelmed by sorrow, or pain, that we wonder if they will simply sweep us away.

     B.  We Call out to God

           1.  In desperation perhaps — not knowing what else to do.

                 a.  For some not knowing Who He is, but not knowing what else do to either.

           2.  In confidence perhaps — knowing that this is the only thing we can do.

                 a.  For some we call out confident that God hears and hopeful that he will rescue.

           3.  Whatever is our understanding, we call out to God for help.

III. Lead me to Solid ground

     A.  The Rock that is Higher than I

           1.  The Rock is beyond our reach

                 a.  But it is not beyond God’s ability to set us on that Rock.

                 b.  God Himself is the Rock.

           2.  He is higher than we are.

                 a.  We acknowledge that He is above and beyond our experience.

                 b.  We acknowledge His power and love

           3.  He is a strong tower and defense against the onslaught of the circumstances of life.

                 a.  Nothing can happen that God can’t handle — even when I can’t

                 b.  He is with us.

     B.  We long to be in your Presence

           1.  We know that if God would only open up his tent to us, it will be enough. (v.3)

                 a.  If we can’t get out of the desert, as long as God is camping with us — or rather, we with him — it will be enough.

                 b.  The rivers might sweep over us, and the flames lick at us, but God will be with us.

           2.  If we can only get under the shelter of his wings (like chicks hiding from the heat of the sun and enemies to big for them to fight) it will be enough. (v.4)

                 a.  God will protect us, not from all harm, but from all that would destroy us.

           3.  God gives me also his people to help me and sustain me (v.5))

                 a.  His people are our heritage — those who have gone before and those who now surround us.

                 b.  When life’s circumstances blind us to God, He shows himself through His people.

     C.  The king is enthroned Forever (v.6-7)

           1.  When God is king, when God’s anointed is on the throne, we are confident that we will survive.

           2.  The King is ultimately Jesus.

                 a.  Jesus is enthroned forever.

                 b.  May we find our days filled with the Kingship of Jesus.

                 c.  May God’s love protect us from whatever would try to hide his love from us.

     D.  Now we can Worship! (v.8)

           1.  We started out desperate and hanging on to hope with our finger nails.

           2.  Now that God has gotten a hold of us we can sing praise!

                 a.  We know God will help us make it!

The Bottom Line:

When there is Nothing else to hang on to, hang on to God. He is More than we could ever need!

 Red #332 My Jesus I Love Thee

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