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Pt. 1 - Identifying Strongholds (It's All In Your Head)   •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  43:41
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I really do hate to leave that light bulbs.

Are you going to talk to my spirit?

Katherine Heigl Soul so that we can begin to live out the nation the expression of Christ and his kingdom.

And we're going to talk about today.


identify song Ho Hey name

Send Elizabeth a blood.

ruled by their soul the Best Buy their soul Is this a song that you can find? All of that is in the soul? You can find your thoughts. Trouble trouble trouble is in my soul if I have trouble focusing. Hello, beautiful. And this is about Foundation business.

Place a hiding place in Manhattan that is formed and stored in your time of the morning and then you break your toe. If you wake up you brush your teeth first. Your soul is your soul if you ever had it stored in October.

Because we didn't have to show up to work everyday.


Show me the message work lineup.

It is sometimes just a habit.

And it's Thursday. You have to Captain your phone.

captain captain It's in my soul that I didn't know. You going to practice? Yahoo

I Can Only Imagine

Glory Hallelujah glory to God that creatively

has used

your memory imagination if I find somebody that

The only way I'm on my way.


One for you.

You cannot see a bright future. That's depression.

What is a stronghold? How do I know?

Call home or a safe place. It is not talking about you have a song.


in my life

foot surgery

Demi Lovato

about everything and when does it come home?

You can't get rid of what you think.

Oh, yeah, I don't care how bad you want me to go. You can't get rid of.

Aquatica distance to work

In order for me to get to him.

Newbridge Drive is wrong with you and you keep wondering. Why does this happen to me over?

is Harding

Becca it's a safe place. Thank you all so much.


And the way you think it's fun to find in his presence in that situation. Rondayview way to speak about situation like that. temp agency

Because you won't deal with how you think.

Is there a song called This is from the center of a covert operation?

operation operation

It's a hit for 4.

Remind me in half.


center of a covert operation


What is the area?

hey look like



you don't have

come out.

What about what happened?

Are you like this one?

Ever wonder why they hate operation, Florida.

That's where they come from. They come from something happening to you. It's kind of like when you when you hit your head.

What's wrong?

I don't know. I know you think.

Always there. No problem.

Rochelle. Prosper Without a what I'm saying. Why don't you stop making people and they went?

I don't think my text to me. What do you say?

Bravo concealment company

doesn't always come from where.


What do you mean by impose?

John Cena wife

what to put in a freezer

is a stronghold.

Bring bring bring up.

Doctor said hurry up.

place where you have been

Hallelujah Funeral Home big head will not rated DVD.

You got it.

God created you with your own personal.

Got it.

Hey, do you call when you see a pay raise?

Okay. What?

How many sets go ahead give me the tell me if something happens to you in life.

What is the weather?


I come back a day. Later.

I don't know. like definition of song

I like the music.

Show me the Bible commentary the phone holder.

proud reasonings of man

David Hogg

Bassett ottoman

It was you.

reasons of man

he don't like you. She don't like you.

Antioch why on it Yahoo week Wiki What happened to cut me? He touched me all week. You mean to tell me I have things that are in my life.

Like an echo food right there.

If I have flavors of it come out.

I don't want you here.

I don't want you to work with it. Because I know that I have somebody there with you.

Give Me a Reason

Kamala Peter Piper 12th and Center bring them out of your face in my phone.

Turn that what it is.


Can I see the menu.

Hallelujah next era.

It said it said I was spiritual weapon.


So now a stronghold shows up in relationships.

effectively this map


I want to ride with me.

Why did amplifinder?

What's after phone? I will weapon or divinely powerful for the destruction of portrait. Where do it, pronto.

Don't know Cafe.

That's what it is.

tablet as a head

Is there a war?

You have to learn to pull up.

Eufaula gun but it ain't got you going to be home.

and Donna said


architects Are you getting sensitive?

What makes me vulnerable? It looks so good on you.

But I don't care. I'm in the Greek and Hebrew scriptures, you know. I don't care if you can speak.

Your spirit to be perfectly healthy in your bottle in your flesh in the marriage and your children and your business.

Don't have a cupcake Soul. You won't have a healthy life.

bicycle Donald Trump

ovarian and making good luck. I don't have it all together.

Oh, yes. I am an American Spirit.

By the way, you've broken me and money. We were by the exit.

broken knuckle darkroom

Have you been to a traumatic event?

That wasn't even in this situation.

protective boekenoogen end of the world

I like to stay busy.

The only one I don't even know anything. I'm so scared of being broke. Why don't you know that I'm poor?

That's what he wants.

bottom feeders

washing machine I'm leaving Portland.

Thank you gone with the SSC composed.

Costa Rica

Take first thing in your life.

Rebecca Nicole, we can't get it.

I Leave You meaning

What is atropine?

Your biggest problem is how do you get it?

Let me get access to your heart. What are connected to your heart?

baseball pattern

Venice Airport

What time does Pick-n-Pull?

What are you going to do today?

Be angry and sin not. He knows it that anger is a part of your emotions. He put it in. I don't have a problem with you.

Reedy and let not the sun go down on your wrath. Why did you say that because you're angry.

Whatever works.

The longer you leave it on. the highest chance of a saint

Process process it, okay.

Give me the name for the past.

Brotherhood of God

Why is it important for the next air date?

John is going to rain today.

forward Freight location So what is it? You need to give place to the devil?

Thermometer in a tank that song look it up.

The moment you can get to entertain the thought that again with you with your friend.

Wake me in right now.


Hey my family and getting along.

I got family to. Bonne Terre

Olympic standings


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