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September 1982 • Vol. 6, No. 9

LOVING WORDS. The neglect of

loving words and tones of voice to each

other in marriage would not be tolerated

during the dating period. Few if any nur-;

riages would develop dry-rot if husbands

and wives were even as gracious to each other

as they are to strangers and friends. This means

the same little phrases of love in courtship, siuh ;is "I lo\e \ou," "Ma\ I help \ou?"

"I'm sorry," and "Forgive me," must be continued for a happy marriage. This means

that little gifts selected with care, love letters when away, good-bye and welcome

home kisses, remembrances on special occasions, the loving touch of the hand and

all other expressions of love which we practiced so eagerly during courtship must be

maintained for love to continue.                                                              John Drescher

FEW THINGS HELP AN INDIVIDUAL MORE than to place re­sponsibility upon him and to let him know that you trust him.

Booker T. Washington

VALUES IN THE 80'S. Only 26% of our educators believe abortion is wrong, compared to better than 65% of the general public; 27% of the educators think homo­sexuality is wrong as opposed to 71% of the public; 19% of the educators think di­vorce is wrong compared to 52% of the public and 73% of the public believes God loves them as opposed to 40% of the educators, and only half as many educators (12%) as the general public (25%) have had frequent religious experiences.

Connecticut Mutual Life Report

THE TRUTH. Marriage should be honored by all, and husbands and wives
must be faithful to each other. God will judge those who are immoral and
those who commit adultery.                                                   Hebrews 13:4TEV

NAGGING is a form of continual criticism whereby the same complaint is brought
out over and over. This chronic criticism is disastrous to a marriage and does more
harm than good. Criticism can be helpful to a marriage - nagging tends to destroy
harmonious relations. Through discussion and intelligent criticism, the problem,
whatever it might be, can be brought to a head, analyzed and act as the source lead­
ing to a redefinition of the situation whereby the marriage relationship is made
stronger.                                                                                               Morris Chalfant

1,500 SCHOOL CHILDREN who were asked the question, "What do you
think makes a happy family?" The most frequent answer was doing things
together. As one observer said, "It's not so much what we do for our children
that makes fun at home as what we do with them."                 Wayne Rickerson

VIOLENCE EPIDEMIC. Our nation is suffering from a violence epidemic worse
than at any other time in history. Since 1957, rates of murder, rape, assault, robbery,
and burglary have soared - increasing from 300 to 600 percent, depending on the
category. Research shows that the most likely #1 cause of this increase in violence
is the massive amounts of violent entertainment being sold to the public. TV is one
of the leading causes of violence in America today.                      Dr. Thomas Radecki

All sexi

Sydney J. Harris, on rearing children: Parents who expect or want their children to "appreciate" what they have done for them usually find that the children feel resentful or rebellious when they grow older. A noted psycho­analyst, in one of his books, points out that the love of the parents goes to the children—and the love of the children goes to their children. A parent should try to rear a child not so much to be a dutiful child as to be a good parent.

-The Best of Sydney / Harris (Hougliton Mifflin)

with them.

Dr. Victor B. Cline

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