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by Bob Larson





You've probably heard of degree mills that for the right price will declare anyone an ordained minister. The latest in mail-order religious gimmicks offers the complete absolution of one's sins for only $35. The outfit behind it, the Church of World Peace, sells saint­hood certificates for $5. But forgive­ness, it seems, has been hit by inflation and hence the higher charge. Future forgiveness is out of the question and a new application must be filed for each moral misdemeanor. Hebrews 9:22 states that sins cannot be remitted without the shedding of blood. The in­spired writer declared this fact so that humanity might look to the Cross of Christ where Jesus shed His blood that men might be forgiven. Just the same as the Church of World Peace, God places a high value on forgiving sins. The dif­ference is that Jesus already paid the price and you can now have God's grace for free.

Richard Parke, a missionary, was on a bus to Washington, D.C. He had picked out an empty seat next to a young man named John. Rev. Parke told John what it meant to be a Chris­tian and how he could know God's love in his own life. John listened, but made no outward moves to accept the message of salvation shared by the returned missionary. When they got off the bus on March 29, 1981, Richard Parke told John, "God had a reason for us to meet." The next day, Rev. Parke learned of the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan. When television reports flashed the face of John Hinckley, Jr., on the screen, Parke was stunned to recognize the alleged assassin as his traveling companion on that Greyhound bus. Share the Good News of Jesus with everyone you can today—in the car, at the job, eating lunch, on a bus. You never know to whom you might be speaking, and what might be on his mind.

Can you guess who said the follow­ing: "Prayer is nothing but a form of witchcraft"? Before you attribute this comment to some perverse Satanist, let me point out this statement was published by Moscow University. However shocking this definition of prayer may be, it's at least consistent with atheistic dogma. To the Soviet atheist, consorting with the devil is not more dangerous than petitioning God for His favor; kneeling in reverence before the cross is no better than saluting Lucifer during a black mass. This perspective on faith says something about the source of atheism. The devil has succeeded in getting one of earth's most influential countries to deny the Creator. "The fool hath said in his heart there is no God," the psalmist declared. If that's the case, Moscow University should certainly have its academic standing questioned.

© Copyright   Bob Larson


JUNE 1983


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