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Back to the Basics - The B-I-B-L-E

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Text:  Psalms 119: 10-16

Thesis:  To prove that the Word of God is all-sufficient.


1.      Many today belittle the importance of the Word of God.

2.      Many claim to believe in Jesus, but they do not follow the Bible.

3.      Let us look at the importance of the Bible:


I.                   The Bible is inspired of God.

A.    The Bible claims to be inspired of God.

1.      All scripture is given by the inspiration of God (II Tim. 3: 16).

a.       All scripture would include every verse of the Bible.

b.      Therefore, the Bible is inspired of God from Genesis to Revelation.

2.      Every word is inspired of God.

a.       The Holy Spirit inspired every word of the Bible (I Cor. 2: 13).

b.      Therefore, the Bible is not merely inspired by the thoughts, but it is inspired by each word.

B.     Inspired men wrote the Bible.

1.      They wrote as the Holy Spirit told them to write (II Pet. 1: 21).

2.      Therefore, the Bible is still the product of God regardless to the fact that men wrote it.

II.                The Bible is the instruction to man.

A.    Man must have instruction (Jer. 10: 23).

B.     The Bible is the instruction of man.

1.      The Bible is complete.

a.       The Bible will completely furnish man’s need (II Tim. 3: 17).

b.      The Bible has all that we need for life (II Pet. 1: 3).

c.       David calls the law of the Lord perfect (Psa. 19: 7).

2.      The Bible tells us how to follow God.

a.       The Bible completely instructs us (II Tim. 3: 16).

(1)   Doctrine is what is right.

(2)   Reproof is what is not right.

(3)   Correction is how to get right.

(4)   Instruction is how to stay right.

b.      The Bible will reprove, rebuke, and exhort (II Tim. 4: 2).

c.       The Bible is a light unto our feet (Psa. 119: 105).

d.      The Bible will warn us of what is wrong (Psa. 119: 11).

3.      We are commanded to follow the Bible (John 14: 15).

III.             The Bible is an instrument of power.

A.    It is the power of God unto salvation (Rom. 1: 16).

B.     It is sharper than any two-edged sword (Heb. 4: 12).

1.      It is the sword of the Spirit (Eph. 6: 17).

2.      It pricks a man’s heart (Acts 2: 37).

C.     We must carry the Word of God out into this lost and dying world.

1.      We are commanded to carry out the great commission (Mat. 28: 19;    Mark 16: 15).

2.      We are commanded to preach the Word (II Tim. 4: 2).

3.      Therefore, we must carry the Bible out to the lost.


1.      We must decide whether or not we will follow just the Bible.

2.      David calls the Word of God sweeter than honey (Psa. 19: 10).

3.      What is your reaction to the Word of God?

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