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Daniel 6

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Good morning church. Oh, it's a beautiful day hosting the sun shining as head of the Thunderstorms that stays less than a hundred degrees pretty pretty happy with summertime. I really miss spring though. So it's just as great as beautiful looking in today. I'm sure it's going to turn a terrible. It is great. Just great come in this morning. So thanks for joining us today. It's great to be here on Chris. I'll be preaching this morning. I will be in Daniel 6. a little bit of a backstory before we get into this cuz when it comes time to preaching things that everybody has heard and I when I say everybody's heard I'd say everybody even if you don't attend church is probably heard about Daniel in the Lion's Den. There's two types of things that I find kind of tricky to preach one or stories like that that everybody knows cuz I turn it in at 6 and you can watch that's not going to happen in here cuz you guys are diligent heard it. I've heard every preaching version of it. I'm not going to try to tell the other difficult thing. Sometimes nobody's ever heard. It's really obscure perhaps today a praying that today was Peyton earlier is that we don't get lost in the minutiae of the familiarity of this story, but read it fresh today and and try to interpret in context Daniel 6, I think is a lot different when you read 1 through 5 before you read it. If you just read Daniel 6 a kind of sounds like maybe some guy that you know was called of this and but when you see the context and how have repetitive this is For him how taxing it must have been for him. It paints this Champion some different regard. So I'm excited to get through today. What we'll do is read Daniel 6, if you got your Bible, please turn there. If not, it'll be on the screen and doing the ESV version. So let sounds good after 6 to be throughout the whole Kingdom and over them three High officials of whom Daniel was one of whom the sandtrap should give account so that the king might suffer no loss. Then this Daniel became distinguished above all the other high officials in Snapchat's because an excellent Spirit was in him and the King plan to set him over the whole Kingdom. Then the high officials in the sand traps talk to find a ground for complaints against Daniel with regard to the kingdom, but they could find no ground for complaint or any fault because he was faithful and no are our fault was found in him. Chinese man said we shall not find any grounds for complaint against this Daniel unless we find it in connection with the law of his God. Then these high officials and sanitize came by agreement to the king and said to him. Okay, NG the riots live forever all the high officials of the Kingdom the prefix in the sand traps counselors in the governors are agreed that the king should establish an ordinate and enforce an injunction that whoever makes petition to any God or man for 30 days except to you. Okay. Be cast into the Den of Lions. Now, okay established the injunction and sign the document so that it cannot be changed according to the law of the medes and the Persians which cannot be revoked. Therefore came to rise sign the document and injunction. Daniel knew that the document had been sign he went to his house where he had windows in his upper chamber open toward Jerusalem. He got down on his knees three times a day and prayed and gave thanks before his God has he had done previously been these men came by agreement and found Daniel making petition employee before his God. Then they came here and said before the king of turn the ejection. Okay, did you not sign an injunction that anyone who makes petition any God or man within 30 days except to you? Okay, shall be cast into the Den of Lions the king answered and said the thing stands fast according to the law of the medes and the Persians which cannot be revoked then they answered and said before the King Daniel who is one of the exiled from Judah pays no attention to you. Okay, or the injunction you have signed but makes his petition three times a day. In the King when he heard these words was much distressed and set his mind to deliver Daniel any labor until the sun went down to rescue him. Then these men came by agreement to the King instead to the king king. No, okay, but it is a law of the medes and Persians that no injunction or ordinance of the king established just can be changed. Then the king commanded and Daniel was brought in cash in The Den of Lions the king declared to Daniel. May your God whom you serve continually deliver you and a stone was brought and laid on the mouth of the den and the King seal it with his own Signet it with the stick another the Lord that nothing might be changed concerning Daniel. Benny King went to his Palace and spent the night fasting. No diversions were brought to him and sleep fled from him. Then a break of day The King arose and went in haste of The Den of Lions as he came near the Denver Daniel was he cried out in the tone of Anguish the king declared the Daniel O'Daniel servant of the Living God has your God whom you serve continually been able to deliver you from the Lions. Then Daniel said to the King okaying live forever my God send his angels to send his angels shut the lion's mouth and they have not hired me because I was found blameless before him and also before you okay, I have done no harm. Then the King was exceedingly glad in command of the Daniel be taken up out of the den. So Daniels taking off out of the den and know of no kind of harmless found on him because he had trusted in his God. And the King commanded and those men who had maliciously accused and you were brought in cast into the Den of Lions. They their children and their wives before they reach the bottom of the den the Lion's overpower then and broke all of their bones in. Peace. Nanking dries road to all the peoples and Nations and languages that do well in all the Earth peace be multiplied to you. I make a decree then all my Royal Dominion people are the tremble in fear before the god of Daniel or he is the Living God enduring forever his kingdom shall never be destroyed and his Dominion shall be to the end. He delivers and rescues he works signs and wonders in heaven and on Earth. He was save Daniel from the power of the Lions. So this Daniel Prosper during the reign of the riots in a ring of Cyrus the Persian, please Heavenly father is a mention before. This is very familiar story. I'm sure we've all heard it. I know I've read it. I've heard it hundreds of times when it's always awesome. It's always inspiring what I pray that today we can read this with with fresh minds and fresh eyes and and really relying on you and your Holy Spirit interpret this text or us today Lord. I was not to lean on our own understanding however long and understanding may have been in place or a bit to be able to put ourselves aside to draw close to you in this time. Thanks for this wonderful time together to do something I pray and then all right. Every chapter so far as been a little bit of a a little bit of a catch-up it helps me at least understand what's going on. So believe it or not. This story is held with some scrutiny by some people even people that would consult Christians. I think this is more of an allegory because of the misalignment of Darius and Cyrus and where they fall in the lineage of kings of things like that. All the test is true and it's accurate this really did happen in this sort of walks through some of this information. So Darius The mede Who dries we see here quite possibly is Cyrus. It's not real clear. It gets kind of blurry in there. But if you ever go out to study Daniel and you find something if you Google it, you'll find if you are cuz of like that. I don't think this really happen. I think this is more of a figure this thing about her is coming to grips with who God is using angles example, I do not believe that believe that it is true and that it occurred and I believe it's just because the nature of lineage what we see a lot of times it's all this last chapter, you know, somebody's great-great-great-grandfather. Pretty commonplace in these times, right? So procedure is and Cyrus get overlapping teeth at two different names of two different people. That's not unheard of so, that's the first thing a hundred twenty. Traps put in place. So you think about a sad trap a sorta like a district for governance, maybe like a county and these districts of governance the satrap sits above this District of governance on this case. What we see is Jiraiya saying we're going to sort this out. Let's get organized. I want 220 little Governor's governing these various areas of the Empire which is pretty large and then above these Governors are going to be three High officials administrators. Daniel is one of those and there's two others and then there's basically

Bojangles got a place of prominence here. He simply does but Daniel is not like the other people for having these places a promise, right and it's important to note that he's only outranked by the king that actually paints a lot of what happened in this book that's important understand. There's nobody else but the king himself that can put a boot on Daniel's neck. It can't be done. He is on par with each other ministers everybody else in the government reports to them. Amora received the very beginning of this that the King has designs to make Daniel a supreme ruler. So perhaps to promote him even above these other three, maybe make him the king that the hand of the king, I'm not sure but he sees more for Daniel than even this current ranking which is quite High.

So this comes right out the outline if you got your Daniel 6 paper going to follow along great, but honor God and let him exalt you. So in this what we see despite his Rank and we saw a hint of this in the last chapter Daniel is not interested in self-exaltation if he is promoted nobody it, but he isn't doing what he is doing for himself. Is ranked the rewards associated with it or not his concern. We talked a little about this in our small group today. I would have tested he's using these as a benefit to the Lord's work, but they're not his primary goal. Oh, you've awarded me more power. Wonderful. How can I use it to better serve God you've taken this away from a wonderful. Now, where will I go to serve God or restaurants other people in the government are very specifically trying to make their way forward much like a career path, right? I need to get ahead. If I could just get high enough rank. I can get whatever I want. I can throw parties. I can have wonderful things all the opulence in the world. I like this notion hear it mentioned that he has an extraordinary is an extraordinary spirit and I put in here holy holy perhaps one could say right it wouldn't let me see this here it we see this notion that hit that that the that he hadn't had an extraordinary Spirit. It speaks to the notion of the other people around Daniel T something in Daniel that is different from everybody else. Extraordinary is a good work cuz I don't know that it's a holy spirit yet. They don't know if the guy doesn't say that necessarily right but it's trending that way. He's a man of God is doing God stuff. But even the other people recognize there's something different about this guy. He doesn't want to do the things that we all want to do. He's not power hungry separation. She's not willing to do to ruin other people's lives for his own betterment. There's something different about this guy then if we compare the Daniel 5 through all these when I mentioned that the walk up here the same Daniel same servant heart same attitude toward same attitude toward Duty right now. His duty is not a surly to the king first and foremost. It's to the king of Heaven. It's the God but we'll see is an extraordinary servant heart. Where where where Daniel is serving it dries and belshazzar in them. Will Felicia with a glad heart and PN, you know, he's not he's not picking on these guys. He's not owe you idiot King. I'll show you who's boss right where you wait till my dad gets he's not doing any of that. He's very respectful during this time. To be true to God even when it may cost you so let the politics begin as I've heard this when I was a kid. I remember the story pain in my chair from my mind. Now when I read it, I thank goodness gracious. This this is pretty grown ups, right. These are people using the world around them to to ruin somebody's career, right? We were aware we're plotting and conniving and we're doing all the stuff. We just work together and do good work. Oh no. Now there has to be some of the things some undercurrent. I heard that he was working with some of the sandtrap to talk about the governor's only people there all chatting with this guy and I bet you they don't even know why they're frustrated. Song about this guy so extraordinary, you know, I don't understand he doesn't everybody. Does he even understand he's a hired administrative and should be spending Atomic. I imagine they're frustrating that regard to these other two administrators primarily because remember their own part with with Daniel, Only one hires the king. So if we want something bad to happen to Daniel the Kings going to have to do it. So they set out and quite simply a pretty brilliant scheme to manipulate and I say it's brilliant because it's elegant and it works. They know but y'all come first in Daniel's life at 7 it to them not allowed to bait to see him praying every day. How do they know this? And I think it's important for us to know they know this because it was obvious but then you was going to his house the doors that are already were open that face Jerusalem. Not that this isn't in here verbatim that that's what he was doing. Right but there's hints of it as I did open. He didn't put on a show. This is what he did three times a day. When are you Scott Brady torture roofs and prayed for his kingdom Pray For His People Prayed For The King. He was doing this they knew it was the perfect again. Foolishly the king drive to exalt himself. So all these other cronies come into the king for you. There should be a 30-day period where nobody can pray to any God, but you and yours a cake. That's right proper. He says yeah and make sure you put it on paper and we can't be revoked. Whatever. I trust you. You're mine. My servants you would do me no harm, right and that's part of the Brilliance. It doesn't really hurt the King right there not trapping the king to hurt himself or have him navigate his throne or anything. They just want to wield the king's power errantly to squash Daniel. And they do a great job of it right interesting enough Daniels. Not a geisha doll. I don't know if you noticed but I have a feeling when you get I mean, you know, like a conspiracy at this scale with all these people involved. He probably had people murmured to him. It's safe to eat here that I had a plotting against you by the way this whole thing about the king we receive it when Daniel new the document have been signed right that a kind of hints at the fact that he probably knew there was a document he didn't know if the king would sign it probably prayed God if he signs it so be it but whatever right when you do it inside wants to do it goes this house. Where he had his windows open towards Route since he's already doing this just continues on his way outside not going to I'm not going to I'm not going to change right do we see a new twist for persecution if you see if you want through this from the first five books of Daniel, that's Racine the Kings making a harsh stances when you don't do what the king asked the king wanted this now the Kings going to turn the screws on you may be king or pants when the King dies spoiler alert belshazzar died the same night, right, but there was a different kind of a situation now, we've got our people here conspiring the king kind of feels like an aloof. Like I like this guy when he was going to kill him for ever. Turn the king likes Daniel. However, if we could trick the king become nipple item Then that the battle we still get the job done. So here is Daniel now from all all sides are reminded me of Ephesians 6:12. We don't wrestle against flesh and blood but against the rulers against the authorities against the cosmic Powers over this present Darkness against the spiritual forces of evil in the Heavenly places, and I used to read that something against the rulers and against the authorities right one to cosmic power goes for the darkness 3, but it really is the rulers and the authorities and a cosmic Powers over this present Darkness if you wonder why Daniel is so kind to people even those that oppress him. It's because he's not fighting against people. We do not wrestle against flesh and blood but in the Story of All Flesh and Blood is set against God in that regard these spiritual forces of evil. They work from the King when the king started like to manipulate even the king against Daniel Radcliffe it never ends. We don't see Daniel shaken by this he doesn't get into politics. She's very obvious his fight not against one person. But against evil forces. He goes back in place not just like the King right later on when you get the chance to speak with the King. They speak like they were old friends like college buddies part in this chapter write the good news is God's bigger and Daniel knows he just doesn't care. He cares. I believe he cares for the king. I believe he cares for the kingdom, but he doesn't care about his oppression. He isn't about to put God second to his own well-being. Interesting me enough. None of this would work if the administrators believed Daniel would do that. They wouldn't bother with any of this if they thought was enough pressure on Daniel. Print. Praying for 30 days. Do you think one of those? What if he just stopped praying for 30 days, I guess it wouldn't matter. Then 30 days. He just go right back into Power. It's only 30 days or whatever, right? These guys knew full. Well. Very well known to them. He probably got enough out of meetings. Maybe I'm so I'll be back in an hour after this guy understand. You bet they knew going into this. This will work. Daniel will not succumb.

Ironically hear what we see is Daniel Nellis has been filed against and his responses. I exalt God is he always has when Daniel new the documents signed he went to his house and broke things because he was so angry. Nope has Windows in his upper chamber and upper chamber open toward Jerusalem as he had done previously.

I can't pray. How about I was prey right and they're sitting there waiting. I will get the super saiyan. Wonderful if it isn't because he is going to stick it to the Raya right? I don't think he's making a scene about the state of politics and pavillon. I don't believe that's the case is in a protest prayer. He didn't start doing this to show them who's boss. He was already doing he continued in the life that he was in continue to serve God continue to elevate god with proper place to make sure that gets maintained. He is defiant of the rice is order make no mistake during I said, don't pray to anybody. I signed it and he is in Define to that but he is not disrespectful right when you when you look in the body of evidence here and Dorise clearly understand this isn't something new he can put up a sign saying free my prayer life. You just kept doing what he was doing. Addicted I'll do it the way I've always not answer why God has me to do it. I understand what you signed. However, I can't abide.

Now we see here trust that God is able to deliver you as we go through this next chunkier. This does begin to read rightfully. So as a story of Deliverance by God, it is indeed God chose to deliver Daniel. I think that the bullet hear that you have in your notes as the God is able to deliver you right Deliverance may not be what we imagined it to be that we don't get much insight into Daniels. Mine said here other than we know he is on board. I'll serve God only what you got for me. I don't know if he thinks he'll be saved or she'll think it if you think he'll be eating or if he cares. It's just not as much like Shadrach Meshach Abednego single if he is able to and that there is no argument. I don't think if we burn up in there that God was unable to save you chose not to. God chose to save them. I would say you're the reason I don't get to feeling the Daniels worried about the outcome of any of this right they come and they grabbed him and he's a Serta like okay, you know, it's just read for the Super Bowl champ is here that the men came and they found any on they came there and they told the king and they speak to the king and the king is stalking and says, well, that's true. And I said, yeah I do this and we don't see anything here about Daniel.

I assume he's baby there they brought him in the best be accused of God. Yes. Yes. Yes.

How frustrating that must be for dries now, right who begins to realize not just realize what it happened but he is interesting enough. This is what I did the King when he heard these words was much distress and set his mind to deliver Daniel. I'd like the King has realized what what am I doing? And he's going to I'm going to deliver him and yet now the king comes to the reality that even as the king. I am unable to deliver him because of the rules of the Kingdom. He will have to be thrown into the lions den. But Daniels just freaking out. Now I got to finish something had to wake him up a lion's den de you slept well. I'm not worried about this king is worried about this the Kings worry about those really can't do it. So the king realizes he's a he's he's impotent here and I'm sorry and Daniel's proclaiming the ability of God. That's what we Proclaim not the delivery right? Throw me in there. You'll probably be happy when she finds out he safe. No Daniels. Happy going into the den. He was a nervous right? You just don't know can't God save you. Absolutely yes. When we pray for people that are going to have a heart procedures and we pray for sickness or jobs or any number of things. We we we pray for the outcome that we think is best that we pray knowing that God is able to deliver the right outcome. And if you're not then we got that out of order right Daniels not nervous because he knows I would assert he knows he'll be saved. He's not nervous because he knows God can save him that is every bit as good as long you're going to be safe. And you may think that's not true. But I think this story proves it if you know, you are saved then there's not a thing to worry about which is why we can gather here whatever the world throws at us and let's got on high now and he has saved us we are saved Daniel knows he is saved maybe not going to Lyon today.

If Daniel parishes God is still good and able.

And I put God Daniels belief is evident here and I put it there specifically because despite his his lack of Engagement during the entire protestation. I think that speaks volumes. He's not pleading for his life and not trying to you know King to strike them down and change the laws and do this. He's he's totally fine with that. I believe that God can save me and if if this is what it's come to if you going to turn the screws on me that if I serve my God, then I'll be punished by you for then punishment Can I submit to your punishment them's the rules. I'll go where I need to go.

How Evernote are different devices compared to belshazzar and Nebuchadnezzar. Those are the last two big names were talking about right? Nebuchadnezzar came in and had to go through a huge amount how to turn into an animal for a while basically lived as a goat or some nonsense because God said he was going to do it and he needed to do it for Nebuchadnezzar to understand who God was belshazzar never did we just talk about this right? Nothing. Now, you've never had repented a heart. They mocked God. It looks like they play these terrible games the riots on the other hand not so much had to make a terrible decision. He clearly didn't want to make but he wasn't in there twiddling his thumbs thing. I'm going to turn the screws on Daniel. I'm going to do to Daniel what the others couldn't do. I'm going to get some we're going to feed some juice to the lines and teach him a thing or two. That's not his goal. He likes Daniel position of power. And and he is from the get-go trying to figure out what's going on here, right? I say the second boy that God is working through Daniel. It's becoming evident to others because we were seeing some change here and everybody around that other people are off foot by this change God's working to Daniel Daniels movies the way up in the in the Kingdom. The kings are starting to like him cuz I'm starting to be on his side and the people that used to have all that power and could could could wheel that are fading away from them and they don't want that. However Daniels living for God's plan and not his own. I don't have any idea other than what he's doing for God what Daniels plans would be that we matches with our small group of like Daniel. You've been summoned to the Palace again e-filing. I just got my feet up or whatever, you know fine. What is it this time writing on a wall? Is it another dream but you know some sort of spooky sound or whatever and I'll let me interpret it for you. Right but he gets pulled into does a game but he shows up when he's talking about. She's already said I don't want your riches. I don't need the power and Harry's at underneath the rice and rice with promoting him but he's he's not playing the game at all. It's God's plan Daniel know something as much rain as we go through the rest of Daniel it gets even more involved, right? We start to see God really proclaiming it speaking out to dinner before but God's putting us in position right now and I think Daniels drink, I don't want the power but it's been given to me. So I'll use it for the betterment of God's kingdom. I'm going to continue to pray just like I did when I was a you know, what they consider the soothsayer interpret dreams. I know he's a prophet he's a good guy has got to help you. He was a nobody now. I'm this, but I'm going to keep doing what I do. I'm going to keep serving God and I keep serving and humbly. A sovereign God is a sovereign God regardless of what happens to Daniel. If you don't take the word Daniel out of there and put you in there or this church or my job or my kids people. I really care about our country. Don't trip.

Something terrible terrible terrible happens to your family today does not change God's sovereignty. And if it does then you don't understand what God is it doesn't mean he doesn't love you any less either but it means his sovereignty is not going to be called into question that we can try it when people State this if you really believe this and you go through life understand who got us as Daniel does the world will be confused by just like the other administrators. They won't care for it. How can you stay? So, how are you not worried about that? I do worry about things but then I try to get rid get rid of that. I'm not called to worry. I want to spend time with God. I want to I want to dwell with him and that peace that transcends understanding that's a better place to be and it's easier if we tell ourselves God is in control. He is Sovereign. There's no surprises. Didn't wake up this and say, oh they trick the king how you kidding me. I'm going to have to do something. I'll send an angel down in a protective. That's all what happened. I knew all of this every bit of it coming is 100% control of it. And in this case, I would say that the power of God his saving power here is fully appreciate it when the accusers are thrown into the den, if you caught that the king may be a little heavy-handed The Kids Are Family the friends life. I don't know everyone in there and if people had doubts about God's power cuz if you have when he goes back on his like a I want to hear Daniel said okay, you live forever. My God sent his Angel shut the lion's mouth and they have not harmed me because I was found blameless before him and also before you okay. I've done no harm right not outsmarted Alliance. I kept that quiet. I'm very holy know God sent Angels save me cuz I was blameless. That's that's what I did and I bet you he would say, LOL. He probably charm the lion right? He's very powerful the Lions or the word add a very sleepy may be hungry. And so what we see here is that he says a list of the accusers in there and they don't even hit the ground before the lions are ripping them to shreds. That's all the other people like woah, including drive. So, okay. So this really was a saving moment. This wasn't good luck. It didn't all just come together. Those lines were starving. They didn't touch him. That's very very telling right and when we see here straight away, right, let's talk about what may have happened there. Right drivers are God's real everybody worshipping no more of this nonsense, right? I got to be really careful about putting lost together. I can't believe now confirms it. not belief in Daniel I think we touch on this old man are smoking today. You get a feeling perhaps at some of these other kings believed in Daniel's power that he had a power there was it wasn't God. It was a power because they keep bringing in these same Schmucks to try and read things again. Right? Like what I failed Bruce at other like they're all in three against god, let's get him before time. It'll be one of these I never do but they keep bringing them back because they believed in power but they're not quite getting the connection that this is not Daniel or not some mystical thing that the Daniel Wheels on the half of Daniel the king but this is God doing God's thing. What we see here in Durant says is it is a belief that mirrors Daniels believe the king doesn't put any any. I guess restrictions on God hears the things that God can do and not do based on the evidence that I see of him. We see the key effectively. I mean it is phrase that serve little song at the end of this right but it's worth all peoples Nations and languages that dwell in the earth. Peace be multiplied with you on a decreasing on my moral too. Many people are tremble in fear before the god of Daniel Daniel or Daniel power, but the god of Daniel when he explains what this is for he is the Living God enduring forever his kingdom shall never be destroyed is Dominion Shelby to the end. He delivers and rescues he work signs and wonders in heaven on Earth. Do you have save Daniel from the pallet Alliance? Stuff that comes before the power of the line is what's important, right? He did save data for the power. He could save anybody from anything. It's all in his hand. He's a live. He lives forever his kingdom can't be destroyed his Dominion. He's never comes off the throne. This is a real king Doris gets this. It's stunning compared to what we see with Nebuchadnezzar and belshazzar both right? I put it in a manner model by Daniel don't I think it's the Daniels worth knowing he does a very good job of staying the course and doing what he needs to do for God spend time in prayer spend time with God and then he's able to function as a man of God and it becomes of it all the stuff happens and I just dancing. Hey glory to God for real. I don't have anything going on here. Everything that I've done for. This Kingdom has been God's power through big. I'm not an account. He can go in there and get the book for you all day and dries gets it. Not only does he acknowledge god of the exalt God above all this would include himself right now. I don't tell you is wrong. We don't have Kings whatever else right, but if you ever hear tell of like the president bowing to D4 nodding in a certain way around like he has power or whatever write this would have been not a I think he might be trying to this is him saying his kingdom shall never be destroyed his Dominion shall be to the end. This is the rise effectively saying Daniels God outranks to me as a king of Avalon. I can't I can't tell you the shock waves that would have would have been a different world. Then he arrived at these people would have been seen as deities and their son opinions much of what they held to be absolute truth in Kingdom management. The king is a God and you're telling me there's not another guy. You're a sub. He's like, well, I'm not really been a sub. I'm just a man apparently and I get it Daniels right? There was just a man. I'm just a man. If not for God. None of this is worth anything.

I think before I think of all the ways this could have gone if Daniels belief and Trust were shaken. If he'd said not for 30 days, I'll just take a Hiatus cuz I do not want to die.

I could have been in the same way. Siren will never know right what a different story if he just capitulated say why don't want any trouble. We got to wait 30 days and he'll still be glorified and cool. Please put on there as I find myself sometimes faced with this reality. I think I know what's right think I know what the words calling me to do, perhaps But I really could could potentially cost me alot or maybe somebody I love a lot right me. Oh, that's right. It was a tough thing. Telecert it's not worth finding out right when the chips are down Trust.

Begin the call-to-action here. Where are you in the story? 3 to talk about that says there's always a like a little kerfuffle in the world of archaeology about like personalized in the Bible us. It's dangerous business. Like I see myself as this person. I can take all this story and put these various parts of my life together. I fit I can be dangerous but clear this is meant to speak to us, right. So if you look at a store like this, that's so familiar. Where are we? Can you see yourself in these places right as you think through this and try to apply this right? Are you delirious? I feel like I am sometimes believing I'm somewhat believing but I'm usually kind in their behavior. I'm not strong enough to know when the bad stuff happens to stay away from him. I took the classes I want to do right by him but no power but other people that he trusted did not have his best interests at heart. He had their best interest at heart and now he's been manipulated to do something that he didn't really want to do because the case was made in a bulletproof. Good news for psoriasis by the end of this so he comes to grips with that. Right? Yes. I need a snake. However, God is good. Maybe the other two administrators for people for their problem. Not me. I would never do that. I would never manipulate somebody to do something. I don't want maybe you I've done it. I know I have something my way. I can't get people to see it my way the right way. They won't listen folks. I'm right. So what I'll do is begin to machinations to get a built-in start some proper things that we can't we can't change now because we all agreed remember we agreed and now we're going to go I'm going to get my way Frank frustrated by the success of a pier and I'm over here trying my darndest and all I ever hear is how good they are doing and what about all my hard work right now that's a tale biblically as old as time right now.

I'll get in there and handle it myself right? It's not fair. Maybe you're the denizens of the empire. Disconnected from the rulers and all their drama don't hear much about him in the storm. Play she want to be there too. I didn't know you went there was that I didn't know you were a Christian. I should be like a dagger like you're kidding me. I talked to the world of the world. As God does my right there's a whole bunch of people here than our engagement story at all. And yeah, I don't want to get engaged guys up there doing what they do. I'll just go as the wind blows. I'll just go I need to be taken. Maybe Daniel focused on God and His will Above All Things. I want to ask him should be some head. Amen. But I'm like a Daniel of this my job or my my world and boy howdy I want to be right we ought to be no question. However, a little bit of orange care is required When comparing ourselves to biblical Heroes the David the Daniels all these write all of them point to Christ Jesus Daniel is modeling aspects. If you've paid attention in the small groups model Christ in this regard, why do we want to talk about that? Because the whole word of God wants to Christ he is the word. So if we find something we got to keep looking we got to reconnect that in this case. Someone hasn't like Christ came suffered for Godfather's will I get all those connections? We take a story like this for their service and we try to put ourselves and Daniel shoes and say well. The problem is my boss is like the right if he really likes me, but he's hamstrung by the rules of the company because I show up late occasionally. He's going to have to fire me and now I know how Daniel felt. Know if you're showing up late to work regularly. We don't see any that the story that Daniel was slacking off and the King was forced to turn the screen now, that's not what happened here. We just want to be very careful with that our lives and plug it into the word we get to a place where we begin to elevate ourselves and not Christ Daniel foreshadows Jesus and we should be very careful about comparing ourselves to Christ. The reason why I brought this up as I've heard countless sermons about like where to find. What's your giant? Weezer Lion's Den. What's your fiery furnace? Who's your Nebuchadnezzar? Right, but you hardly ever heard anybody say what's your cross? Which father are you dying? For? Which people are you saving by your death today? Because nobody preaches that I'm Jesus nobody preaches that why I could never do what Jesus did but I could probably fall into a pit and survive of God wielded. Perhaps but if you understand where it's pointing it paints his picture different way when we go look at these stories, you may find yourself Libre comparisons to Daniel, but it's worth it for every time that I see somebody's in a condenser. I bet you that person sees me as an epic condenser if you are my giant and I'm David your device has none of your life. I'm David right now. I'm going to sing a song to you and I got people argue about after David or Goliath and we don't see that it's important for us to understand it. Yes, we should take stuff out of but let's not put ourselves in the place the biblical hero and then try to align the world around us very very dangerous game. That's it. If you're ready to make a commitment to Jesus today, if it's the first time you've heard any of the stuff, I never even thought about Danielle is being Christ or any of this stuff. Please come up and talk with I'd love to speak to you about who Jesus is the Bible if you'd like to join our church membership, or maybe this'll Service chat about that. But I feel like the prey great time to do that you come up here and I got some pants you can grab anybody happy to play with you myself. Mike James run around anybody like to play with please do that if she's up there. I suppose you're confused by what you've heard. You want to talk about it. Up and chat and then you'd just fine. I disagree with what I said today. There's something I don't buy that one that you are dead wrong. I'm going to prove it and we'll have to talk about it. I love I left the debate. with all that said if I like I said if you if you have business any of this is all just business with God I've been so we don't we don't we don't need people to come up here and and and put on a show or go through the motions of an impactful impactful Sunday. But if you have work to do if you need to spend some time and you need some clarification just need to sit down and and and talk to God for at your heart. This is a great time to do that is at Ali Ali the foot spray. Emily finally right? I hope today that I've divided the word rightly Lord. This is a tough trapped him in regards to me though, you know struggle with in some regards without making it like every other ever the store that we've ever heard Lord but to try to find it a new way to think about this a new way to find you in this word of a way to draw closer to you. Then I'm through the chapter that was probably heard and read so many times that we think we've done is close to you with this part is we could Lord I pray Lord that somebody here right now is is struggling to maybe put some pieces together maybe not considered you in this light before of never thought about how your sovereignty in your goodness and he seems our unshakable and you don't even flow and you never change and despite what happens to us or those around a sword Lion's Den fiery furnace. You are God and we are not and you are in charge and we are not Lord. Thank you so much for who you are. Thank you for what your son did on that cross and thank you for this time because I sent them I pray and then

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