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Text:  2 Peter 1.1-11

Thesis: To prove that a Christian must be continually growing because of what the Lord

             has done and what He will do.


1)      We see growth all around us.

a)      A baby grows physically in height and weight.

b)      A child grows intellectually from kindergarten to college.

c)      A new employee may grow professionally from a secretary to a C.E.O.

2)      What about spiritual growth?

a)      “As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby” (1 Pet. 2.2).

b)      “But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Pet. 3.18).

c)      There is a time when we ought to be teachers (cf. Heb. 5.12-14).


I.          Purpose of growth:

A.      For this very reason (v. 5):

1.   Because of the fact that we may become partakers (v. 4)

2.   In light of our new birth, His divine power, and His precious and

      magnificent promises

B.      These are ethical imperatives built upon dogmatic indicatives

1.   cf. Rom. 12.1-2 – I beseech you by the mercies of God

2.   cf. John 14.15

II.        Process of growth:

A.    How to grow-

1.   A progressive, active Christianity

      a.   “Add”/Supply – “The graces which adorn the Christian’s character are

            to be chorused into a grand symphony to the delight and pleasure of

            Him who fashioned and made us for His own good pleasure” (Woods


b.      We are to develop one virtue in the exercise of another.

      2.   This requires both zeal and seriousness in the pursuit of holiness.

B.     What to grow-

1.  Faith – the foundation (cf. Gal. 3.27)

2.  Virtue/Goodness/Moral Excellence

      a.   We must shine and reflect the character of Christ

b.      cf. Matt. 5.13-16; 1 Pet. 2.9

      3.   Knowledge

            a.   God’s Will, ignorance is no longer an excuse

b.      Eph. 5.17 – Be not unwise but understand; contrasted with Rom. 10.2

      4.   Self-control

            a.   All of life, one who holds himself in

b.      1 Cor. 9.25 – I buffet my body daily

                  5.   Patience

                        a.   Perseverance – temper of mind unmoved by difficulty and distress

b.      1 Cor. 15.58

                  6.   Godliness

                        a.   A very practical awareness of God in every aspect of life

b.      Reverence and piety toward God

                  7.  Brotherly kindness

                        a.   1 John 4.20 – Love God and hate brother - liar

b.      1 Pet. 1.22 – Fervently love one another

                  8.   Love

                        a.   1 Cor. 13.13

b.      Evoked not by what is in it, but who we are

III.       Product of growth:

            A.   Keeps you from being ineffective and unproductive (v. 8)

B.   Makes your calling and election sure (v. 10)

C.      Entrance into the eternal kingdom will be abundantly supplied to you (v. 11)


1)      Are you in spiritual retirement?

2)      Will you grow for God?

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