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Dealing with impossibilities

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Dealing With Impossibilities

Mat 14: 28-29

I.                   Walking on water is an inconceivable idea.

A.                You do not just happen to ride by the reservoir and find people walking on water.

B.                 But as we look at this blessed text we see that impossibilities are possible.

C.                 But the key to it all is you got to have Jesus on your side...when you trust Jesus the impossible becomes possible.

D.                Charles Spurgeon tells of a man...

E.                 When you trust Jesus not only are you able to do what you can but you are also able...

II.                I just know tonight that there are many New Year=s resolutions.

A.                I=m gone lose 10 lbs by March...I=m gone have my car paid off by July...I=m gone do this

B.                 But all of these can seem like impossibilities when we look at them in the natural.

C.                 But tonight God wants to turn our attention from the natural to the of the one who can=t to the one that can.

III.             If we=re going to deal with impossibilities, first we must focus our faith.

A.                Jesus has just intentionally scared the faith right out of these disciples.

B.                 Do you not know that God will take you through something in order for you to lose faith.

C.                 Because sometimes the faith we have is not the right kind of faith.

D.                You do know that you can have faith in the wrong thing

E.                 AThe fool hath said in his heart..@ [this is a man that has faith but his faith is wrong]

F.                  God turned Moses in order to change the focus of his faith.

G.                We think that it=s how much faith you have but it=s in the object of your faith.

H.                Jesus Aif you have faith as a grain of mustard seed...@[ex. Ice]

IV.             If we=re going to deal with impossibilities, secondly, we must come out of the ship.

A.                What ship?   [MEMBERSHIP]

B.                 You remember Jonah.

C.                 Jonah ran into the ship trying to run from what God wanted him to do.

D.                You can not substitute membership for relationship.

E.                 When there is relationship it will be easy for commitment.

F.                  You will never deal with impossibilities if you don=t ever commit to anything.

G.                Peter was not just going to test the waters...he was going to Jesus.

H.                If you=re going to make it to Jesus you must have a committed faith.

I.                   Because it=s not easy..adversity comes...hurt comes....disappointments come.

J.                   You better get ready to have some lonely days and some sleepless nights.

K.                You better get ready to deal with backstabbing people.

V.                Last, if we=re going to deal with impossibilities, we must keep our eyes on Jesus.

A.                Paul in 2Cor 2 was dealing with the great responsibilities of the church.

B.                 He had things building up around him.

C.                 Paul had taken his eyes of Jesus and placed them on things.

D.                If your eyes are on things they can=t be on Jesus. [Can=t serve 2 masters]

E.                 But Paul=s testimony changes when he steps back and put=s eyes back on Jesus.

F.                  And says AI can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me@.

G.                Don=t tell me what you can=t do..

H.                Don=t tell me you can=t lose weight....can=t pay off that debt...can=t heal that relationship..

I.                   God plus you is the majority.

J.                   As long as you got Jesus I know he=ll make a way some how.

K.                God can make a way out of know way.

L.                 AHave you any rivers that you think are impossible, got any rivers you can=t tunnel through God specializes in things that seem impossible, and he can do what no other God can do.@

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