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A man like no other

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                       A Man Like No Other

Judges 16: 15-17

I.                   Charles Spurgeon tells of a man that said AI will do as much as I can@.

A.                The reply came to him Aany fool can do that@.

B.                 But when a man trusts Jesus he is able to do even what he can=t.

C.                 The things that are impossible with men are possible with God.

D.                We are living in a time like no other. (Extraordinary, out of the norm)

E.                 I believe today that God is looking for men that are like no other man.

F.                  Men that will step up, step out, step around, step through, step over...whatever is needed

G.                David was Aa MAN after God=s own heart@.

H.                I believe there are some Men that will say for me and my house will shall serve the Lord.@

II.                If we=re going to be like no other man, first.

A.                There must be some differentiating element in our life.

B.                 God made plants and trees and fish and animals and male and female.

C.                 Differentiating each one from the other.

D.                And if men don=t be men then we cease to be capable of carrying out our purpose.

E.                 If he wanted male to be female he would have called us female.

F.                  When we look at Samson we think that it was because of his physical disposition.

G.                But what made Samson stand out is the secret to manhood.

H.                It wasn=t his outward presentation but his inward preparation.

I.                   Touch neighbor Ayou got to get your heart ready@.

J.                   We think Samson was 6'6" 350 lbs.

K.                But if that was the case they never would have asked Awhere lieth your great strength?@

L.                 Men have thought in the past that if you open your shirt, smell like the cologne counter..

M.               But none of these things make you a man.

N.                But you realize that it=s in somebody else=s hands and if it had not been for the Lord...

III.             If we=re going to be like no other man, secondly.

A.                We must balance our lives with a deep devotion to the things of God.

B.                 When  we ponder over Samson=s life we easily get the impression that he was a fun-loving  fellow.

C.                 I believe that every man ought to have a healthy sense of humor. 

D.                Although Samson was fun-loving with a good sense of humor sometimes he didn=t take his gifts and his work seriously.

E.                 Psalms 2:11 Aserve the Lord with fear and rejoice with trembling.

F.                  Have fun but don=t forget about God.

G.                Go to the football game but get up the next morning and go to church.  (Adam..nobody)

H.                Remember that we=re talking about balance.

I.                   We=re about to see in a minute how important balance is in your life to make sure you don=t tip the scale one way to far or the other.

J.                   I seen men lose everything just like, home, jobs, everything

K.                Samson was a man of faith but he wasn=t faithful.

IV.             If we=re going to be like no other man, lastly.

A.                We must take our rightful place in society as leaders.

B.                 Samson played the part as champion of Israel but never the leader of Israel.

C.                 He had many wonderful victories that he was praised for.

D.                Many of us are very successful...

E.                 He fulfilled his place but never his purpose.

F.                  That was the reason God raised Samson up.

G.                Samson came out of a barren situation.

H.                We must realize what God has done to put us in the position he has.

I.                   Samson never rallied the troops around him.

J.                   The sign of a good leader is his ability to raise the levels of those around him.

K.                Men it ought to be our goal that everybody in our house ought to be successful.

L.                 If we=re going to be leaders we must be able to deal with pressure.

M.               One of the things that men don=t like is pressure.

N.                We don=t like to held to anything, no strings attached, no one to be accountable to.

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