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The Great Deception - Part 1

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Turn to Psalms 26. All right. Good morning. All right, my heart was full and I'm excited because my family is so we have a house. What kind of whining and whimpering?

I'm the same way. Let me get situated here.

Stick around only forget that and give me a second.

I believe music Revelations from the word of God.

All right. And one of the things that I need his input, I want to share with you and what district is about is the guy gave me Three core values The Book of Revelation 22 chapters, and I have been running so much the last chapter by chapter of the book. And it's going to change your life. and as I was getting ready and receiving I need inspiration from war how to do this.

And the reception is Pretty P.

And there are millions and millions of us.

So as I'm processing this mean Monday through Wednesday, I dealt with a lot of spiritual. I can look at all the time and it's kind of like I expected Rose to the surface and it was our values and number one.

and third Trust true family and Trust

I promise you the truth and family and Trust has never been more important than it is today. What's going on in Spanish? We are all brothers and sisters.

Anybody else?

And Trust, who do you trust who can you trust anymore right? I promise you. You won't understand this book. Well, Jesus said it because you're not going to know where I'm coming back.

But I want you to be able to recognize the signs. And when you see the signs know that it's soon. able to recognize the signs and I struggled this week because as soon as something I feel like as revealed to me, it's so important.

Because why I do share this afternoon. I'm going to lose friends. We're going to lose financial security. And also if it comes out too soon.

It will be received. deception movie

but also if I do my job in teaching the word of God it all begins there then you'll come to the same conclusion. We're going to study the text. What is God saying? Premier Gymnastics

triple one to be able to understand what that means but it does not matter. There's a way that you think it's right.

So now I understand Bible reveals everything that is necessary to obtain salvation.

Everything that we've now right in the back. Is square gets sorted corrupted?

Play some music. Protestants protesters from the average person anyways

And what our spiritual ancestors did on the back of Technology, by the way, so there is on the back of the injection spring-trap off said they could mass-produce the scripture in everything.

And for the self and that's when they realize that they could get to. So half the week, I was thrilled and excited to have you know, I was also too terrified and I know that this is going to cost. I wish I knew that something happens to me in the next 6 months and I found a smile on my face.

Bible-believing church, so we have what's a christ-centered which means that Jesus is and final Authority on what scripture says and what it means. There's like three or four different in everyone's trying to run this through their system. I mean, I can give you a break down and I don't want to tell you I want you to put yours together or a denomination.

Call Josefina Southern Baptist from my favorite.

I pretty much so I know you were part of the reason why.

strategy to make a

so anyway

All right. I want to explain what I mean by this evening of God and we have Old and New Testament. All of these books like we have Revelations progression. Call me more than elephants.

Show all the books all in history. I think we getting a increase in Knowledge from God work and I'm skinny and what that means.

Okay, that's that make you excited.

And knowing that it's going to be awesome to see this go down terrifying for for the Spanish. You're going to be like

so nice to have an attitude that doesn't matter you no answer detached. Okay.


Show all of God's word we get a massive amount of information from scripture or the New Testament.

All right, so you guys fall in love?

You guys excited?

so I guess I'm going to wait until

it's a guy says reveal deception. It's not going to start raining here today. Are we going to finish this series January February of Scott Phillips? Sweet funny and numbers are not good anymore. All right. All right, but more versus today. I'm going to ever play in.

You're going to want to go back cuz I don't want to be late. Probably seeing anyone. Verses 1 through 8. I'm just going to read it. the revelation of Jesus Christ see I told you start with him Jesus Christ which. Gate show me sermons.

Please request shortly take place and he sent and signified it by his angel. for women

highlights in sports

for the time is near ja To the seven churches which are in Asia.

Grace to you and peace from him who is and who was and from the seven spirits who are before his throne in from Jesus Christ with people witnessed the first and watch a men. I needed a lot of watching you guys.

A little Kings and Priests at the price you want for dinner?

because of Jesus

This wicked evil person.


We can do.

and so you could have committed whatever.

Philadelphia And when you turn the god inside what?

he's out like

now what pictures?

But Jesus died for yourself. So when God looks at you.

So this isn't like fire Insurance to keep sitting in your house.

Text Grace and peace be you. from Jennifer Whalen who was Louis

are over the kings of the Earth?

She is, with class at every eye will be recognized in. We're being just fine for being the Son of God. This is no ordinary thing false appearance everything.

I have a lot of friends that you know if I can figure

when God Bless America with on the Nile bearded to the guy who is paralyzed.

Phone not like you got a pair of coffee. All right.

amen, I Am The Optimist social Lord

this picture this image here. Alright, the reason why it's going to take me about six months to go to the store because you also have to go through all parts of the Bible to understand now, I'm most of the commentaries most of the people who I've heard in a teaspoon of garlic.

And the book was written in Greek. So that's part of it, but we have to

but I understand that you have built that as our filter of ribs before you can understand this but there's a lot of misinformation misconceptions about the end times that I hope they banished. I do believe that we're actually we have a very strong chance of seeing all go down. And so today what I'm going to start with the seal on it because Isaiah Jadis asked a lot of detail Polish people begin to learn how to what is the symbols mean to get to learn all these things meme from of the profits that John Hughes as his text that he was inspired. Jesus also had the Old Testament text as a source text a little less spicy.

I'm not just going to talk about theology. But I want you to see this message inspired inspired you and you're going to learn how I'm going to read through these texts. I may stop off at a minimum wage Nevada trails in the side, I'm going to fly to and this is just the tip of the iceberg. All right. All right. All right, and don't try to keep up. I'll read it you listen and we'll publish I can send it.

Isaiah 95 top song 96 okay vs. Lacan 13th. What's the heavens rejoice in the earth be glad with a C Moore and all its. Look up she'll be joyful and all that is in it.

Wow is coming to this is possible long time is coming to judge the Earth, so he's coming back. to shake hands and kiss babies

his first appearance

What's the weather like?

Angela Isaiah Rashad and Isaiah 23

This is starting to make me. What is a mechanism and why is coming and all people are involved? All right.

12 years

she will return to her higher. I don't know what I say. And commit fornication all the kingdoms of the Earth on the face of the Earth you took the pieces together and I'll make a deal with higher. She will return for higher-income.

Are granny and her table set apart for the Lord. He will not be alright, cronenbold power. All of the kings of the Earth. All nations are involved one world.

All right, and it's the wealthiest ever been most powerful military strength is ice in the band. All right now.

Watch What Happens in verse 18 for the Lord will not be treasured or lay down for Hurricane purposes of the New Jerusalem.

an arrogance

You're not going to get the key.

We're going before the Lord.

What should I do me? For they shall inherit the earth.

He knew Isaiah Jesus scripture.

Ark survival what?

Is there any more detail in 501?

Okay, Isaiah 24 verse 2123

It shall come to pass in that day secrets that dick that the Lord will punish on Earth the kings of the Earth on high refers to not on her okay in that day.

Who is going to punish you going to be?

Add Flex shut up and fish. Napa on death row for the Lord house will rent on Mount Zion in the for his Elders Quorum cigar. Isaiah 29-13 forecaster week. We know that's how we're supposed to look for the hours of Jesus Christ.

Explain how we see manatees in Isaiah 29:13.

But have removed from me.

I will do a marvelous work. I will do a marvelous work among these people.

For the wisdom of the wise men Shall Perish people who say they are part of the house of God.

We all know what we call CEO Christians write Chris.

And so what's your name? All right, what you say?

One of them is laughing to himself.

And we are not saved by works. We don't learn our salvation, but I can guarantee you that faith without works is dead.

Gone are those people?

Are you all right? So what is this day called?

there will be like every time now on every time I kill roses images rivers and streams and wires and Slaughter

when the towers fall weirdest hours psychic cities that are prosperous full of pride height and arrogance of man All of the knowledge that we had to build these things came from God by the way all the wealth that we used and resources that we use in combat. And that's why these things fall out when he comes back slap.

Alright, alright, so we determine what? We determine that there's three. Why do you talk about that too? And so far? It's mostly been focused on what now? He's going to deal with the wicked.

When we say renovation don't approach the book with presuppositions Award Show Me Your Truth. Whatever it is it it me, which is more out of the heart. That is because you just said your car.

Exodus one side of that day. The other side when you believe in Jesus now, it's suspended from outside. This is a bad day. It's not a good day.

Isaiah 32 And these things are I I categorize these in the order. They are not necessarily. Just yet. I want it. I want God to take a picture of me and I didn't want to do that for you.

I could ever want to try to speculate this isn't the doctor will see if you have a cold or something is wrong and texture symptoms.

Tell me my call. That's what I want to teach you how to read how to check the system.

Then you said it.

16 through 19

Justice will dwell in the wilderness and the work of righteousness will be peace.

I care way out in the mountains somewhere and you don't hear the sound of the freeway. You hear the sound of an are going to finance it. People. Don't worry about.

Mikey Garcia will dwell in a peaceful habitation Any secure dwellings, so Tower the Chrome link.

But not much. Can you play Tchaikovsky? Dealt with your sense when you pour out his wrath on his son. So the Rapid City for down on Earth? That's not for us.

Secure dwellings in quite a few places still Hell Comes Down on Forest City is brought down.

And let me know later to send out some quiet relaxing all day for hours.

First 33:33 verses 5 and 6 the Lord is exalted or he will be the stability of your times. You left your life on the wisdom knowledge Jesus Christ by stability.

The strength of Salvation so that's what I want to be. stability and strength that's a promise for the people of God.

Can I get that better better? So? SoundCloud story from here is about heaven coming down. And finally resting on her once and for all. All right. All right.

Okay. So this great day at Slaughter happens more terrible than any time in the history of the world.

To have a feeling people killing themselves killing the children were jumping out of the high-rise house. All right, then shows that it was certain to come another one. They said they were not going to wait for the fire to go up and pieces floral and I know it.


my check out website for God's people you just read back.

the Great Day Spa Shelby and Blossom as The Rose Shop

He shall see the boys.

Those who are fearful be strong. Do not fear the whole.

With the recall pants of God, she will come to save you some.

Okay, it's the most joyous ever experience fear and Terror in the ears to that. Sell Beyond stop.

All right.

Anaconda, shopping UC renewal like in all suddenly. Wish I could sleep meditation of life. God did not create any part of this world to be a wasteland. Nor your lights in my life, by the way, no part of our life should be like a wasteland. It should be.

And if you return to him and seek Him First to bring what? And by the way, we might be able to fix things with some plastic. or small plane rental from Baton Rouge

Why are silver forest in the wilderness and streams in the desert?

Lands of a Springs of water in a habitation of jackals shall be there. And so

Just like a new work this place. I understand he works for a White Guy.

Exactly what you said?

But you watch too much to leave you that.

the highway poets

It shall not be found there, but there is Dean.

Shout out there who are the receipts?

You're not trying to get books and The Ransom of the Lord shall return and come so and I love this and sorrow sign shop near way there. You are going to enter into a time to be lonely.

I knew my case ugly.

One last time you seen the picture. All right. This is I really said the prophet shown you hate what this is going to be like.

Isaiah 55 67

There's one of the 55 exit. I am in line to get slaughtered.

Call Tanya Martinez near. Let the wicked forsake his way and the unrighteous man who stopped.

At some point in our life specially if you're like me and you screw up.

You still turn something? Can I have time to research?

Oh God responds beef when you do turn back to him you could have went most of your life and Rebellion his response be.

He will have mercy I can't.

and to our God For he will have fun. I love that. I like to work. Okay, so ugly and Taps and I just mean there are that's like 10% maybe the last of the versus so we're going to need more time and it actually comes because the New Testament we hear that MTF. Is it supposed to be and there's going to be a lot of people go to church? into the system

And I so I would like to say that it's been yeah, I was just 28.

It gets better as you don't answer that.

Now we're wrapping it up.

The great deception. Is that the

and the people

the spirits all the above. That was. Where energies we actually more alike than we realize.

Just remember the phrase control opposition. All right. I don't have time to go into it. But

And some of your enemies are more alike than you think but if you let the world change the way you look at it and your prejudices and we divide people up in the class.

I've been 6 months of like, you know when you put away some of the cancer.

The good news is you're going to learn the truth and the byproduct of knowing the truth.

It makes you feel.

Have you seen my shame?

franchise there's this scene where people are in the city. And you're sure if there's families children old people college today? You know, I just like this big crowd. hundreds of tourists beautiful magnificent City

I'm already getting shots. all right, at least people are walking around taking pictures completely unaware

They're special people and then they close the doors behind them. All you hear is people. Sheer Terror because they are literally that tornadoes happen.

The Greeks options like that.

and hear these people and Trust UCF

back on that we pay the turnpike. you're going to want to tell you there's a ton of scripture and understand Rudolph Hollywood is always run by Satan

I hope you know that all right, so Hollywood straight up and run bicycle already right there. I see friends on Facebook.

And movies you seen her. He's always been doing that since the beginning. And I know it sounds crazy. But the illustration I just told you if it is fixed and if you can begin to see the reception, okay?

Just as God with boxing Bible Satan tempts put his plan out there in plain sight. And will I get there?

So I hope you guys soon in for the next six months the next 22 weeks cuz I don't want you to be in the line that's going to be alright.

Jesus talks about the play Revelation lukewarm

What is it in yourself? I'm thinking that you can take it easy and there's this like cigs on. Well, we can deal with work because it doesn't go well for that, It doesn't go well for that tour bus.

Are the ones who are going to be guided by the word of God with the spirit of God.

And it's a wrap with us. It was Gilmore feel guilty when you choose to turn away. Okay, but turn back. You're forgetting the wrapping is done. So shady trying to terrify you or make you think like that. Stop loving you or you're going to the situation you send, you know, if you're single.

I don't think that's always the case. I think we kind of like

all right, sometimes it's just call me when you get in the world.

And when you're ready.

Strength and stability will Define your life.

Alright, so I know right. First and foremost seek first the kingdom of God, that's okay. Let me see the kingdom of God. Got you the number one TV series. Not your job, not your spouse. Chipmunks

like the classic machete show me your friends. I'll show you your future very trick. All right. Bjd to make a lifestyle change. Okay, be present early Factor the church.

All right, if you're in sin can also be like you're worried out if your mind is constantly to be around people and they're going to wake you up.

But you want if you don't listen to Jessica.

Will getting a timer for 5.

Solomon rice good to everywhere except single Rock.

That's how you got that. By the way, that's the heart to contract, but I want you to have hope and joy and just need to have something exciting.

I was wrong to hate materialism. More destination iron my palate.

Live joyfully with the wife and you love all this or husband.

You're not Spanish.

What you expect and whatever works for love your Johnny can't wait till Monday morning to talk to me and opportunities to go to play YouTube when you love your work it will do.

Okay. Whatever your hand finds to do do it with your might be apart of it. All right collecting welfare or sitting at home.

I'm going to wait around to help with decks modern slavery. What's even worse about that?

price of knowledge wisdom in the grave

just like you said hate your life is limited live it up now, by the way, they look like if I were to take my vacation you've done for a while. I'm making out.

Dom and volume to Mass In Eric's by the way, and if you do all that you've built.

Okay. Will you lick it will work. Well, you will be blessed if your riches.

Is your finances grow? Set your heart on them.

Know your blessed is she close to your heart? You stop doing that situation changes. What is the key to all of us who or whom?

I forgot it on 2.

Learn the truth and the truth is it will make you free right now. Most of the people are living in the deception. We've been in are Georgia right now every now if you can't beat them yet, but know the truth. And I will miss you freak.

And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.

And this is Jesus talking you guys are from Below.

Which is also a key we are in the world would be the Beast and anti-god City flourished. Just know it. All right. Because in Revelation as we find, there's only one people of God.

There now.

All right, and I love things that he gives them. And this need to be like the model of our lives and it's not by our think of power that becomes possible. It's through Jesus be reading a successful oil. Well, if only Jesus He's going to prepare a table for you in the presence of your enemies. Valerie Darkness

athlean X picture I have zero fear of dying zero fear of tribulations.

If you needed that was not for someone in prison.

Bring it.

And you will have tribulation 10 days be faithful unto death and I will give you the kind of Lights. He has an ear let him hear what the spirit says to the church it remembers the name of the people of God Overcomers. We are the people of God are called Overcomer that's supposed to be like Mike situation by your struggles. You overcome them by the power of God by the grace of God. So where do I call to change his not long at? All, right.

Call Eman.

That was a lot. I don't want to know how long you went.

I said down, but I'll try the closing prayer. Thinking about the five things reflect on this. Are you being over, are you living like an overcomer Christian? God has materialism begin to pull your heart away from that. There's a hold on your phone.

Weiner security macaroni, you can take this kind of risk.


There is a creditable Davis, and celebration will we finally get to see you after tomorrow movie name? Like you Jesus will be our glorified safe. no longer rule

an emotional emotional pain be apart of our existence or experience of Life movie finally free from curse.

I want that baby comes out.

I can't wait to see I can't wait for this world to be rid of evil wickedness and unfairness and Injustice and hate Prejudice and racism. competition and there are so many rulers and people leaving and wanting to be served and manipulators out there.

I'm ready to be reunited with this has gone.

Can I come back with you?

The world's biggest pickup truck right now. Can you come back soon, but I know that you want to say more people. This is why you haven't seen So God, help us to be at life protect us and return.

Empower us provide for a stylist

Got a message with nothing to not I know it's long. But just today begin lifting the veil that we will live at people who know the truth that are set free by the truth. We are you in Jesus name?

All right.

Kevin Carden

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