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All right.
Well, you didn't like hearing my voice during worship.
I've got bad news.
It's going to be a little more my voice followed by a little more of my voice today have Mike and Leah took their annual vacation when I get to disappear for a Sunday.
And so you're stuck with me and fortunately for the whole thing over in Daniel 5 today.
We've been going through the Book of Daniel for those who may be have.
I been plugged in on the small group Seymour trying to do have a new thing for us.
At least.
I've been here where we're having our small groups and our sermon series go through the same thing.
So it's like about Daniel 5 today and next week in small group will be a chance to discuss what was talked about today in more depth in a small a setting.
I don't have anyone else has been going with this but it's been really interesting cuz everyone's on the same page and what's going on with you to dig a little deeper than what the sermon says.
So today will be in Daniel 5 if you'd like all I want to read Daniel 5 in its entirety ideally and then we will It to I get to a message there.
So Daniel 5 verse 1 King belshazzar made a great feast for thousand of his Lords and drink wine in front of the Thousand belshazzar when he tasted the wine command at the vessels of gold in a silver the Nebuchadnezzar his father.
I taken out of the temple in Jerusalem be brought.
That the king and his Lord's his wives and concubines my drink from them.
I brought in the golden vessels that have been taken out of the temple the house of God in Jerusalem, and the king is lowered his wives and concubines they drink wine and praise the gods of gold and silver bronze iron wood and Stone.
Immediately the fingers of a human hand appeared and wrote on the plaster of the wall of the king's Palace opposite the lamp stand on the king saw the hand is it wrote then the Kings color change and it starts alarm him his limbs gave way and his knees knock together the king called loudly to bring in the enchanters the Chaldeans the ascending astrologist the king declared to the wise men of Babylon whoever reads this writing and shows me its interpretation shall be closed with purple and have a chain of gold around his neck and she'll be the third ruler in the Kingdom.
Turn all the kings wise men came in but they could not read the writing or make known to the king the interpretation.
Then King belshazzar was greatly alarmed and its color change and his Lords were perplexed the queen because of the words of the king and his Lord's came into the banqueting-hall and the queen declare don't live forever, but not your thoughts alarm you or your color change.
There was a man in your kingdom in whom is the speaker of the holy God in the days of your father light and understanding and wisdom like the wisdom of the gods were found in him and can't even the condenser your father your father.
The king made him chief of The Magicians and Chandler's child and an astrologist because an excellent Spirit knowledge and understanding to interpret dreams explained riddles and solve problems were found in this Daniel from the King named Balthazar.
Now that Daniel be called and he will show the interpretation.
The Nanny was brought in before the king the king answered and said to Daniel you are that Daniel one of the Exiles of Judah from the King my father brought from Judah.
I have heard of you that the spirit of the Gods as in you and that lighten understanding an excellent Wismer found in you.
The wise man, the enchanters have been brought in before me to read this writing and make known to me its interpretation, but they could not show the interpretation of the matter.
But I've heard that you can give interpretations and solve problems.
Now if you can read the writing and make known to me its interpretation you shall be closed with purple and have a chain of go around your neck and be the third ruler in the Kingdom.
Ben Daniel answered and said before the king let your gifts be for yourself and give you rewards to another nevertheless.
I will read the writing to the king and make known to him the interpretation O King the most high God gave Nebuchadnezzar your father kingship and greatness and glory and majesty and because of the greatness that he gave him all peoples Nations and language is trembled in fear before him whom he would he killed him.
He would he kept alive, but he would he raised up and whom he would he humbled when is heart was lifted up and his Spirit was hardened so that he don't probably he was brought down from his kingly thrown in his glory was taken from him.
He was driven from among the children of mankind.
His mind was made like that of a beast that is running with the wild donkeys.
He was fed grass like an ox and his body was wet with the Dew of Heaven until he knew that the most high God rules the kingdom of mankind and sets over it whom he will And you his son belshazzar.
I've got humbled your heart that you knew all this but you have lifted up yourself against the Lord of Heaven and a vessel of his house have been brought in before you and you and your Lord's you're watching your concubines of drunk wine from them and you have praise the gods of silver and gold LeBrons iron.
Wooden Stone, which do not see or hear or know what the god whose hand is your breath and who and who's all are and whose are all your ways.
You have not honored.
Ben from his presents the hand was sent in this riding with inscribed and this is the writing it was inscribed many men a tackle and Parson.
This is the interpretation of the matter.
Then I got his number the days of your kingdom and brought it to an end decal.
You have been found weighed in the balances and found wanting Paris your kingdom is divided and given to the medes and the Persians when belshazzar gave the command and Daniel was close the purple a chain of gold was put around his neck and a proclamation was made about him that he should be the third ruler in the Kingdom that very night belshazzar the child and King was killed.
And Darius the mede receive the kingdom being about 62 years old.
That's right.
Heavenly Father we thank you for this time.
It's great to get in your words great to read these words Lord.
And as we study this Lord, I I pray that we will be able to see very clearly the foreshadowing of Jesus Christ how he is going to come and save and how how about how necessary it was in the world or even one king might be able to have their heart turned towards you Lord it and just a short amount of time.
We see him to lose our way over and over and over again or we're thankful for your faithfulness for thankful for your grace and we are thankful for your son and your words.
Okay, so this starts off if you remember everything before we ended with Nebuchadnezzar and he spoke of it here, lost.
His mind was a beast live like an animal thought he was an animal what have you and towards the end of that God restores him and he Praises God and then here we hit Daniel 5 and King belshazzar in like a minute or so a little bit here.
Let's talk about what happened to Nebuchadnezzar.
I'm in this is based off some historical, you know documents and things that were found.
I think we jumped about 20 years or Daniel for that's where most theologians nail this down based on the lineage of of Babylon.
And here's a little bit of a history.
So evil.
Merodac Nebuchadnezzar son assumed the throne after Nebuchadnezzar and he was there for about a year.
Neriglissar who is evil-merodach brother-in-law assassinated evil-merodach and took the throne and he ruled for about 4 years.
Then larache Marduk neriglissar son assumed the throne for about a month and then another guy in the family line conspires with some other people.
In this case.
It was likely belshazzar's family to assassinate larache Marduk and he takes the throne ahold of her about 15 years and then belshazzar in abundance.
The son assumes the throne and this might be a little bit confusing because you'll hear the queen calling like your father the King Nebuchadnezzar, but it's more of a colloquial right like our our fathers who who are you know, who came before our fathers, but more sort of it a general lineage play that right.
So here's how we got from the end of Daniel for wartime American desert and then boom were here.
The reason I want to talk through this is Cuz you can see this isn't he ruled with her car and then passed nice laying in his son was kind.
There's a whole bunch of assassinations and conspiracies.
Right right after Nebuchadnezzar be sort of politics of kingship take right back over and all this bad behavior and plotting and scheming and so when belshazzar gets there it might be logical in our brain to say what he should remember Nebuchadnezzar's decree.
I mean it was he was just turned into a beast and then write Rihanna restored from that is How Could You Forget so quickly what's been 20 years and at least 20 years a lot of really too lousy things happened in 20 years is a long time.
That's a long time that's long enough to forget some things that happen to get replaced with the world that's filled with ourselves.
Who is a belshazzar and why does it matter he came to power through bad behavior?
That's what we see here.
He's the king once he's in power though.
He keeps up the bad behavior.
We start the story we can see he is not doing good things.
He's not being a righteous King and and and going back into picking up where Nebuchadnezzar left off.
That's not what he's about at all in the longer.
He was in power the worst his behavior.
Much like a perhaps a spoiled child or some of his completely left unchecked in the world of right and wrong.
They just gravitate or whatever they want to do and you can see this here.
It's a complete Hedonism this every little thing is heart desires.
And so that's where that's where we start in this chapter.
We got a guy here that doesn't really have it together certainly based on where we were in the evidence answers time where he ended up really kind of having it together.
So as a rock through this and once again, this comes from the book that the state were doing this kind comes from a book called The christ-centered Gospel of Daniel.
I'm so we're trying to talk to these headers if they seem a little on-the-nose I got these are his glory.
It's because he wants to stall tie end.
So these are his glory is our party if you will was more than get together with some pal soap.
It doesn't read into this very well.
But this party would have been a a absolute whatever you can think of regarding sand Festival celebration of that right?
He's they are his wives are there his concubines are there so you can imagine what they were getting up too.
And it was anything and everything that was not of God write.
These are not just hanging around like watching a game and calling it a day.
They are they are going to ring life out of this are going to celebrate everything that they can so much so that we see he specifically sets out to mock God specifically, right?
He knows what's going on when he tasted the wine.
So King belshazzar makes a great face when he tastes One commands the vessels of gold and silver the Nebuchadnezzar his father taken out of the Temple of Jerusalem be brought specifically that the king in Lourdes is why is it taking miles might be drink from them that they want a drink from these vessels.
That's what they're going to do.
You know it be fun to drink out of let's get all those holy artifacts.
That would be hilarious, right?
That's a great idea to have apparently right to ordering that these vessels that were wholly from Jerusalem.
So if you connect the dots here Nebuchadnezzar and it's well-known look at a queen mattress in a bit write references Daniel.
They know who which God Daniel suhr Nebuchadnezzar extolled that God praise it on high the same God that came that was represented by all these things in Jerusalem the 20 years ago.
We have never knez are holding the god in high esteem.
And now we've got belshazzar 20 years later trying to Sully everything about that.
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