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What should tragedy teach us?

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The Gospel of Luke  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  26:05
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Jesus comments on two tragedies showing that it is not guilt and sin which lead to them, but at the same time warning that "unless you repent you too will perish." Only this bad news prepares us for the good news that Jesus came in order that no-one should perish.

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Is that good? Yes. Okay, it's good to see you all here. And it's even getting more active right now. So. I'm standing next to speaker. I am the speaker.

The speaker is standing next to me just got here.

Real set Joey 10 a.m. As most of you will know I think everyone will know on September 11th 2001 to add line has hijacked by Islamic militants strictly Twin Towers in New York reducing them to rebel and killing 2996 people.

a boxing day in 2004 a massive tsunami in the Indian Ocean strict 14 countries in southern Asia causing a Devastation and killing an estimated 230000 people.

On the 14th of June 2017 at 5 broke out in the 24th Story grenfell Tower block of flats in North Kensington. in Westland and causing 72 deaths stretch it is whether they be man-made or what we call Natural affecting thousands or individuals occur every day in the world. We struggle to make sense of them to make sense of life and death. We look for courses and we seek for justice.

That is the case today and if it's always been the case throughout human history was the case when Jesus of Nazareth. Whooped on the Earth. Time today is we continue our story of Jesus recorded in this book The Bible in the New Testament by my name. Luke was a doctor. We've been doing this for several months now. We come to a section where Jesus comments on two tragedies. Did it recently I could actually read them together? What you will discover is what he said was truly radical the word radical means getting to the root of the issue.

But what he does his answer the question The crucial question what should tragedy teach us that really would be important could so controversial that you have the Bible in front of you so you can check the what I'm saying is what Jesus said know what I'm saying? So if you have a Bible that he's nuts Bibles here if you turn to page 1 0 4 6 1 0 4 6 everyone got the Bible anyone need one. There's two Stewart and I'll bring Bibles.

Thank you. Anyone else not go to Bible 1046. We going to be reading from chapter 13. That's a big block letters, and we're going to be reading the little letters are the verses 1 through 2 9 SoCal who's going to read forest, and then we'll make some comments about it. Thank you Carolyn. You got a microphone to my good. Thank you.

Let's read from God's word. I know there was some present at that time who told Jesus about the galileans whose blood piloted mixed with Basset their sacrifices. Jesus answered do you think that these galileans were worse Sinners than all the other galileans because they suffered this way I tell you no, but unless you repent you too will all perish. Were those 18 who died when the tar in Siloam fell on them, do you think they were more guilty than all the others living in Jerusalem? I tell you no, but unless you repent you too will all perish. Then he told this parable. Remind me to pick treat Greg and his Vineyard and he went to look for fruit on it, but did not find any. So he said to the man who took care of The Vineyards for 3 years now. I've been coming to look for free on this fig tree and haven't find any cuz it's iron why should it use up with soil? Sir, the man replied leave it alone for one more year and I'll dig around it and fertilize it if it fast fruit next year fine. If not, then cut it starting.

But that's crowded people. If you look back in the previous chapter the beginning chapter 12 this whole section hangs together. Luke tells us that there was so many thousands of people that they were trampling on one another. Adele listening to the radical teaching of Jesus Jesus speaking about life and death about Heaven and Hell about peace and he's just announced them is hypocrite. She said you're Hypocrites. You can look at the weather and predict what's going to come but you can't read the signs of the times what's happening around you you don't really understand what life is all about and you imagine the scene the crowds of people smoke crack with Christian top of one another maybe someone shouts out all day. If it was today, someone threats and microphone under the face of Jesus and tells him about tragedy as it has recently occurred, which hold about the galileans whose blood piloted mixed with that sacrifices. We can't be sure of the details pilot was the governor of the Roman province of Judea the Romans were an occupying Force. I need to pay that he sent his soldiers into the temple area where these galileans you came from the northern God of Israel Galilee, we're offering animal sacrifices and they're gunning withdrawn sewed but during the mingling. Blood with brutality as well as religious desecration. Now we can imagine the here is saying as he thrusts the microphone under Jesus face. So what do you think about that Jesus any comment?

Jesus replace a nut only speaks about this tragedy but he mentions another you talked about the collapse of a tower in the southern part of the city of Jerusalem in which 18 people had lost their lives.

Lakefront, thank you.

Thank you.

Add any comments on these two tragedies salute with me what he says because what he says, it's Oakley countercultural.

Is choke against coming thinking then and then all day now and let me summarize what Jesus said. This is pretty hard-hitting. Alright, it's the one you call teaching Jesus responds with three short stuck statements. Let me let me summarize him statement one. We are all guilty says Jesus. Invitation with Jesus lift and still today many countries that have been infected with secularism the first conclusions people drew about tragedy. We're not human but the electrical relating to God and his part in what happened unlock all rational when we look for a human explanation to charge it isn't accidents using the catch-all phrase active God for anything that doesn't fit into that. The Jewish people. So everything that happened as an act of God either directly or indirectly.

If a person died in a particularly nasty or premature way or horrific way that this proves they must have done something really bad. And this is God punishing them for it. In other words. They said God and shows that the punishment always fits the crime. That show is Sofia real painful punishment must mean a very grave crime and it's very bad Senate. In fact, they even believed.

But your treasure this could be caused by your parents. Is one story in the Bible and in another gospel call John where the disciples and Jesus walking on the road. That's it matters begging and he's a man who's been born blind and say who sings this man or his parents that he was born blind.

Don't know what you saw Jesus challenge. Is this kind of thinking it looks at you look at it. And then he simply says do you think do you think do you suppose that these galileans will would send this and all other galinanes because

The Tavern Salem Fallon kill to tell you. No, emphatically. He says no and other words you just said there is no direct equivalents. No quid pro quo between suffering and sin between tragedy and guilt. The people were murdered by Pilot Soldiers with no wisdom. The other people that went there and didn't get killed the people on whom the tough L with no wish in it than all the other people in Jerusalem who maybe walk by and just missed it.

Jesus joking about the innocent sin and guilt of people.

How did we discover that what Jesus says not only challenges that was in his J Who focused on the guilt of people when back things happened? Put challenges as in all day because we focus on the Innocents. Of those who are victims of tragedy how many times in a tragedy occurs. Do you hear people talk about innocent victims? innocent civilians intensive direct equivalence

Between the terrible death and suffering as some kind of Retribution that's never the case about standing before God not guilty.

picture of Michael Paul who's won the great message in Jesus wrote? We've already read some of the stuff on the screen before you're writing to Christians in Rome. He's summer. I just hit this way. He says for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God in the Bible for what week of advice in the wood here means to miss the mark and Jesus saying nobody hits bullseye. You might fall a long way short you might feel a little white short, but none of us hit the targets. We have. All Misty says God's glory. That is God's perfection. None of us is perfect. Any chance of God standard? We are all guilty. News. The first bit of bad news is we're all guilty what follows from this the consequences sentence rug in Jesus says we will all perish

Again, not that you to Romans summarized in this which has the wages of sin is death. Looking kind of what Jesus saying here. He send you cannot drawer specific correlation between an individual's the fight. They suffer Rowdy you can draw a general conclusion that all have sinned and all of us will perish twice she repeats it unless you repent you to Willow Parish. You see the people have died died that day and another as well. Especially today we think it's the most terrible thing to be killed in the tragedy and that's why I newspaper headlines and the media and television and social media that full of news about great tragedies. What's the most horrifying thing about 9/11 is that it struck at the heart of what was the what is the most prosperous Nation on earth and the symbols of all these greatest achievements and security. So when it happens when you really are you not shaking it do you not feel vulnerable?

In the same way we did when Princess Diana's most beautiful and prominent person is killed in in a car accident, but we ask who's safe. Jesus unequivocal no one initially repentant YOLO Parish light was now he's not saying likewise in the same way. They suffered he's saying likewise and Tim to the ultimate consequence will perish. Perish means more than just dying. It means to be lost to be ruined forever without any hope that's bad news. The greatest tragedy is to Paris to die in your sin under sentence of guilt to be lost. Eternally. This is why the teaching of Jesus is so Canticle true. If you've been with in this series, we looked in the previous chapter few weeks ago this in Jesus said she says I tell you my friends Do not be afraid of Those Who Kill the body and after that can do no more, but I will show you whom you should fit him who asked to killing the buddy has power to throw you into hell. Yes. I tell you fear. He said he'll feed him.

Tragic death makes no sense. Unless there is something beyond the grave life makes no sense. Unless there is some Elton Ridge Road Church of Our Lives. Yes, we should support those who seek to bring Justice in this life. We should stand firm be behind a busis. Horrific abuse is sometimes in seat to bring people to account, but we recognize that it may never happen. The reminder is to go to the Grave without any punishment whatsoever. I'd like my history innocent people sometimes a condemned unjustly.

Jimmy shuffle for example as you're wonderfully famous person ever to live with him sir, Jimmy Savile. He went to his grave from great Rhonda O'Neal A to Z just discovered the terrible abuse that he perpetrated. So he's got away with it with it. So Jesus says there was more to life. There is more to death than just the physical sensation if there was a final accounting beyond the grave. So listen carefully the most important thing for each one of us is not how you die. Whether it be in a plane or car crash an earthquake or world of sickness or old age. The most important thing is not when you die be it in use or middle-aged. You live to be a hundred the most important thing of all is when you're ready to die. Jesus says tragedy teacher says that we're all guilty and we will all perish and that is the bad news.

And unless you understand that we will not appreciate the good news, which thankfully follows the third thing. Jesus says, yes. We're all guilty. We will all perish we missed all repent. And would repent is a really important but it's a great way to write literally means to change your mind one right to defend you like this. It is a change in direction that comes from a change of mind after hearing God's messenger. Who is this messenger? Jesus says I am God's messenger. I'm good son have come to help you in this mess and at the beginning when he began his ministry is teaching at the age of 30 and another gospel Mark at the beginning. It says at the beginning of that. He says Jesus said notice what Jesus says he says the time has come the kingdom of God is near repent and believe the good news. I'm glad I've got through the bad news for an extra understand that you won't really appreciate the good news and a wonderful good news is this The Jesus came to bring good news, which in the Bible would is the word gospel? The good news is that Jesus came to deal with the penalty for?

Start paying the penalty we deserved you see the greatest tragedy in human history the greatest tragedy the only innocent victim in human history. Is Jesus God's son?

The greatest tragedy was nothing is Quaker war or any of the disaster is when the only true victim died on a cross in the darkness one Friday afternoon bearing your sin and guilt my sin and guilt and paying the penalty we could never pay. But God turn tragedy into Triumph God declared that what Jesus did was acceptable. It paid the price by raising him from the dead and now through him through him alone all guilt can be removed the death sentence taken away.

And we can have to choose as you turn left that is life beyond the grave way to live forever. Gloriously in his presence. That's why the Christian message is really good news. The best known verse in the Bible and another gospel John chapter 3 verse 16 notice what it says for God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that whoever believes in him shall not same word shall not perish but have eternal life. How do you say good news? But the repeated won't even Jesus says unless you repent you'll perish. Unless you turn from your sin change your mind put your trust in Jesus and what he did when he died on the cross and can be your life to him. You were still in recent and said that I don't look if you have lots of you. I don't know. I've no idea what you're living on death row or whether you know, it has to be forgiven and put right with God Only God knows. Unless you repent you will all perish and it's such an urgent matter. These are not my words of Jesus. And in order to bring home the urgency of this Jesus tells another recital stories to be cool Parables called the parable of the barren fig tree the people of one of their ancient prophets among Klingons that I told a similar story to the people of Israel. His story was not about a fig tree in the vineyard. It was about as Vineyard itself in the only came looking for grapes in the winter in a Jesus kind of change it ran in the closet to the Fig Tree. Okay?

He's a parable about them. The people of history says God has lavished his live-in Care on this particular nation and people has been looking to change lives. But what the Bible calls are free to repentance. But he comes looking and there's nothing that I tried spoke that 700 years later Jesus. The son of God is working in that same among those same people that he says God is still looking for genuine repentance CNA and showing the story. The owner of the Fig Tree says to the man was looking after the gardener. He says he has not been looking coming looking for fruitless. Fig tree have not found any shut it down shut it down.

We're not till the outcome of the parable directly. It appears that the owner says the garden says just give it one more year. Give me the final chance for one more year, but we do know what happened with the people of Israel significantly exactly Year from this moment Jesus approaches Jerusalem for the last time heading for the cross. Energy approaches. He leaves Playskool Bethany and he sees a fake tree by the road and he goes looking for fruit on it. And there is nothing that he curses the fig tree. But not bearing fruit in the next day of the disciples. Come with cheese is naeyc. It's with it right to the roots to the ground and they're amazed. It's acting out the Peril in reality for the people of Israel. That morning is coming. They felt to repent 40 years after Jesus set this the city of Jerusalem is raised to the ground Temple rules everything by the invading Roman armies. I pulled in tragedy. And Jesus is using this is a warning a warning that time is limited. Let me give you a trivial illustration, which is kind of both good news and bad news. In a month's time you won't get tested with lettuce about PPI. Personal payment insurance. They paid out millions of pounds to people who would do it, but the Romanians the left unclaimed so the good news you won't be past. The bad news is if you've missed your Mister day, and you won't be able to claim it anymore. No, I cannot tell you how long each one of us got this sounds pretty Moby, but it's really important.

I can't tell you what's going to be on the news tomorrow, but that will be tragedies in the news. They'll be tragedies in the newspapers. That may be pistol tragedies. ship Easter but as long as we hear this is an opportunity to repent and believe the good news the great news that God has made a way when we went by we can be forgiven we can have peace with God forever. I just fantastic. Amazing you've talked in desert. And this is the good news the Christian good news. But Jesus said unless you repent you will perish. Eual H Parrish, so I simply asked you have you repented?

Are you ready for whenever it might be? Maybe tomorrow maybe today maybe decades later. Bumpy my case cuz I want to feel this pain relief. None of his now. This is serious news that is really and it should is a church give his other than petition admission to share with people to canusa Jesus cuz unless you repent you will perish. That's what Jesus Tech. We need to take it on board. How many to make sure they're right with god. Let's just pray and then some questions going to come up and In God's Presence. Maybe today is your day today for Turning Commission in Oregon simply need to do is say Lord. I'm sorry for my sin of live my life my way. Thank you that you sent Jesus in the world to die in my place to buy my guilt. And I want to put my trust in him today, and this can be your day.

Bible quotes at the day of salvation

But you know how it's nothing is hidden from your gaze. Thank you for your amazing laughing sending you listen to pay the price. We could never pay so that we might be free. granted each person here not repent for their faith in him. You can today. Let me pray for those we know and live who was yet has not done that. Did we mention someway be able to share the good news with them and message you horny? But oh, so miss you. Hope your friend Jesus name.

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