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What Do You See?

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Do You See Others Around You

Matt 36a “But when He saw the multitudes”
There were more outside the synagogue than inside
This isn’t a space and time issue, this is Jesus seeing the multitudes, the crowd, the mass or mob of people standing and walking right in front of Him and around Him
The word “saw” is eidon which has multiple meanings, which is to say that not only did Jesus see, but he paid attention to the people!
Everyday we are surrounded by people
people we know
people we don’t know
Most days we are so busy that we don’t see what is going on around us unless it’s so out of the ordinary it makes us look
We have to be forced to look at something
“Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations; I will be exalted on the earth”.
Even though Jesus was busy, he took time to look and notice the people there.
We are to concerned about our own little world or our own bubble that we miss the people that God has placed around us.
It’s like the horse that has the blinders on. The driver only wants the horse to pay attention to what’s right in front of him.
That’s how many of us walk through each day, with blinders on.
We don’t want to see the drug addict who needs Jesus
We don’t want to see the alcoholic who needs someone to pray with them
We don’t see the husband and wife who are about to split up because of infidelity.
We don’t see the lonely man or woman who just lost a loved one
We don’t see it because we choose to look past them. We choose to pretend their problems don’t exist.
They don’t fit into this checklist that we have created and since they don’t fit in we cast them to side and choose to ignore them.
Illustration: A Homeless man is walking down the street and we see them. The first reaction is to roll up the window and lock the door. Or when one is at the red light and has a sign that is asking for money for a meal. We turn up the radio and hope that the light changes quickly. We don’t want to see them.
Transition: Cool fact: When Matthew writes he saw them and He was moved with compassion. The word saw also gives the idea of not only saw them and to pay attention to but also to concern oneself with. So the next question you need to ask yourself today is:

Do You Care

Vs 36b “He was moved with compassion for them”
Compassion occurs 29 times in the New Testament and gives the expression as if heartbreaking empathy! When Jesus saw these people wandering around in the street he was deeply moved and heartbroken for them.
Matthew says they “fainted, and were scattered abroad”
Fainted = weary which means they were worn out!
This word is also rendered as “harassed” and “confused”
This was coming from the Romans who treated them as dogs and inferior humans
You had their false Gods and false teachings who were influencing the Jews
You had their money and their laws that were influencing the Jews
You also had harassment from the Pharisees, the religious devout
Adding laws
Adding requirements
No wonder these people were confused and worn out. No wonder Jesus says they are like mindless sheep who are scattered! Scattered with such force that they didn’t know where to turn.
The apostles were with Jesus but I wonder if they saw the same thing
They didn’t know the shepherd was with them
I wonder if they saw these people the same way as Jesus did
I wonder if they knew what He was thinking when he was surveying the crowd
Did they realize the true compassion he had felt for these people.
We see it over and over again, from the demoniac to
What about you?
Do You look at the people and wonder if they are saved from an everlasting Hell?
Are You concerned about their eternity
Do you wish they would just move on so you wouldn’t have to deal with it?
Do you hope someone else will tell them the gospel
Do you see others as Jesus sees them or do you choose to let
We are Missionary Baptists. We support missionaries, that’s their job.
That’s what we have a preacher for. He’ll do it.
Why should I care about the drug addict, the homeless person, the criminal out on parole
Why should I care about this person or that person, they made their choice.
What’s the difference in your family and them? Are we all not children of God? Is the gospel not supposed to be preached to every tribe, every tongue every nation?
Isn’t the checker at wal-mart just as important as you, the person at Dollar General waiting in line? Isn’t the person in the Dr.’s office in need of a shepherd?
When we start to see people through the eyes of Jesus then we start to have a heart for the people like Jesus. We can’t make excuses of why we aren’t evangelizing our own town. We can’t make excuses of why we aren’t evangelizing our own coworkers. We must have a heart that is moved with compassion for the lost, for the scattered, for the broken, for people just like you! You once were a part of the same crowd that you refuse to see and care about. So here is the last question:

What Will You Do About It

Notice what Jesus says to His disciples here:
Matthew 9:37–38 KJV 1900
37 Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few; 38 Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest.
Matt 9:
The harvest is still plentiful-
If it weren’t there wouldn’t be 2 new churches popping up in little ole Bogata
There are still people struggling-
There are still people in need of the truth of God’s word and the only way they will know is if we do something about it!
Jesus gives them a specific job to do: Pray
Pray for more workers
pray for more pastors
Pray for more leaders
Pray for more teachers
Pray, Pray, Pray!
Notice what happens in the very next chapter. Jesus send them out into the harvest.
We don’t need to pray that God will send someone else, we need to pray that God will prepare us to be sent!
We should prepare our hearts to see the masses,
We should prepare our hearts to see the problems
We should prepare our hearts to share the answer to their broken hearts and lonely lives, to give them the bread of life and to share with them this great thing that sets us apart and that is Jesus
Conclusion: Can you see them now, do you care about them now, what will you do about it? Will you legitimately pray about this? Some of you today aren’t where you need to be with God. Your relationship may be hindered because of your sin. Maybe it’s time to stop hiding and start looking for the help you need. You could have been one of the sheep in the crowd of people and Christ is calling for you.
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