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Jesus Is Watching You

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Jesus Is Watching You

            A burglar broke into a house one day. As he was stealing the valuables he heard a voice out of the darkness that said, “Jesus is watching you.” He almost choked. He stopped and looked around, didn’t see or hear anyone, so he shook off his fear and went on stealing some more.

            Suddenly just as before the voice came and said Jesus is watching you. He was trembling so bad he could hardly contain any composure. He finally approached the corner and there was a bird cage with the cover over it. The words came from the cage, “Jesus is watching you.” The thief pulled off the cover and saw the parrot. He said with an angry voice, what is your name?

The parrot replied, “Moses.” The thief replied, “What kind of weird person would name a parrot Moses?” The parrot replied the same kind of weird person that would name a Rotweiler “Jesus.”

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