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How to become more Holy

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Increased Holiness is our Responsibility.

What is our responsibility
Worship is our Life
Worldliness is not our calling
Be immersed by the Word
Trials need to be embraced
Good Evening Everyone.
Let’s pray and ask the Lord to bless our time together.
Before we start, let’s talk. I want you all to get to know me better. So lets start slide show.
Slide 1: This is me. I clean up pretty nice
Slide 2: I love dogs,
Slide 3: this is my dog buffy
Slide 4: I was born in San Diego but hate all San Diego sports teams
Slide 5: I am a Bronco fan, Dodger, and Kings fan.
Slide 6: I am a homeschooler. My mom was my favorite and least favorite teacher. Who else was homeschooled? Homeschoolers unit!
Slide 7: I currently work for Puma. Which means I think Adidas and Nike suck.
Slide 8: I ride a motorcycle
Slide 9: I am golfer
Slide 10: I am a Marvel nerd
Slide 11: I love coffee
Slide 12: I think it is really weird when someone you don’t know just sits next to you for no reason.
Slide 13: Country music is obviously the best music ever.
Slide 14: I think bugs are gross but I will eat roasted crickets.
Slide 15: I did a hot sauce challenge and puked in a bush and we renamed that bush the burning bush
Slide 16: I have a shoe and watch obsession
Slide 17: I love my mom and think she is the strongest person in the world.
Slide 18: And I think riding electric scooters are cool. If you want to know who those people are, ask me later tonight
Well I feel like you know who I am. And now that you know me, let’s dive into our message this evening. And I want to start by seeing how well you know yourself. Let me ask a question.
What were you put on this earth to do? Do not answer out loud but Like specifically, what were you put on this earth to do? I want you to really think about this.
Like specifically what were you put on this earth to do?
There are some people that it just seems obvious. They were put on the earth to do that. You look at Kobe Bryant, you may dislike him but that man was a great basketball player. Or maybe you look at Jimmy Choo. Who knows who Jimmy Choo is? Jimmy Choo is a women’s shoe designer. This man seemingly was made to sell $1000 women’s wedges. Or how about a great singer like Tay Tay, Taylor Swift.
There are some people on this earth who are so great at what they do that it seems like they were made for that. This kinda hard for some of us. Because we may not feel world class at anything. So I ask again what were you put on this earth to do?
If you know what you are put on this earth to do, you feel this sense of responsibility.
If you
This questions gets kinda hard when you start to think specifically about what you were put on this earth to do. Now wouldn’t it be nice if you just knew exactly what you were to do. Like a job application. I think it would be really nice if you became a Christian and you got a text from Jesus. Saying like “Hey, Alex, glad to have you on board. Now that you are part of the team please see the below job responsibilities. Please read through and get back to me, - JC”
Now when I think about job responsibilities, I think about one particular thing. I think about my old roommate. If you have been going to this conference for a bit you might who I am talking about. His name was Chris Eich, some of us called him Eich, Eichy
I love Chris to death and I did get his permission to tell this story. But about a year and half ago. I had left the house and Chris was doing some “home repairs.” He was mounting a TV to the wall in his room. And he started drilling into the wall. No big deal, except he forgot to check where he was supposed to be drilling. So he drilled into a hot water pipe. So that is not good. I just a call saying you need to come home now. I turned around and I open the door to the front of the house and water started coming out of the door. I start walking up the stairs that were soaked. And rushed into Chris’ room and there is boiling water shooting out the wall. I turn off the main water valve (I don’t know why that was not his first idea) but there was just water everywhere. I mean I could go swimming in our garage. It was not good. So after all was said and done I needed to get a contractor out to the house. Now a contractors job is to assess damages, estimate costs, understand how a house works and what needs to be fixed and a few other things. I was walking the contractor around the house and showing him what i believed was damaged. Now i am a golfer, i know very little about houses. He walks into Chris’ room and starts asking me questions about what pipe was drilled into and i said, “i think it was a hot water pipe.” Then he asked do you know what the pipe was made of?” and i said, “I don’t know, all i know is that it is a pipe that carries water that is hot.” Now I was not trying to be rude but i had no idea what the inside of my house was made of and i just wanted to take a hot shower. But this guy did not seem to understand his own job description.
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