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A man last week.
I introduced you to a process called fruit to root that helps us think through.
How does the gospel deal with the realities of our life when we're struggling with a sin when we're struggling with a challenge when we're struggling with an emotional reality.
That doesn't look like the gospel.
How do we change?
How is it that we grow in the gospel?
How is it that we are set free and liberated from sinful patterns and desires and thoughts.
How is it that the gospel actually functions in our lives far too often in the church.
We just been told believe it.
So just believe the truth and then stop doing the bad stuff.
And in the words of that great prophet, dr.
Phil, how's that working for you?
It doesn't it doesn't work.
It doesn't work to just tell somebody stop.
It doesn't work to just quote a verse at a problem.
We have to go deeper than the fruit or the symptoms or the sinful Behavior itself.
We have to move from the fruit down to the roots the desire that is creating the behavior.
I want to continue to unpack that this morning, and we're going to walk through another specific example as trying to think of an example one that we all struggle with an end to that.
We actually admit to struggling with it took me a while, but I think I got it.
So how many of you have been hurt by someone before then?
You just willing to admit that very brave of you.
Thank you.
You've been hurt by someone before what we're not going to talk about how you've heard others yet.
Let's just start with how others have hurt you.
You been hurt.
How many of you like me have struggled?
Granting forgiveness to those that have hurt you.
I think this is something that we all know and then I think we can all admit and admitting it is important because if we don't acknowledge, we're never going to try to deal with it.
So this is a room full of people that have been hurt by others and buy our own admission.
Sometimes we struggle we find it difficult to forgive other you should forget Just do it.
Just do it.
I don't want to do it.
How do I just forgive and then if we can't do it will move from telling people just do it to shame.
I can't believe you won't do it.
I'm so ashamed of you you should be ashamed of yourself not being able to forget that doesn't help us.
I just spirals us deeper sin has the spiraling effect that you start with $0.01.
If you check it will move into a whole host of other.
Let me make it a little bit worse for you this morning.
Got to have the bad news before we get to the good news.
Jesus said This is the part of the Lord's prayer that we leave off and don't want to think about at the end of teaching people how to pray.
Jesus says if you forgive others their trespasses your heavenly father will also forgive you, but if you do not forgive others their trespasses neither, will your father forgive your trespasses?
What's what's thinking for a moment?
So we all just admitted that people hurt us and that we have trouble forgiving others.
And Jesus is like yeah, if you don't forgive others, you can't experience forgiveness from the father.
That summer you were saying was that that sounds like a work that doesn't sound like a gospel of grace of Jesus saying we've got to we've got to do this work of forgiveness in order to get forgiveness from listen.
That is not what Jesus is saying and I want to unpack why it's not what Jesus is saying as we walk through this what Jesus is saying actually makes absolutely beautiful sense of the Gospel.
If we are not willing to let go of everything else in order to grab a hold of Jesus.
We don't get the gospel.
Jesus said if anyone would come after me.
Anyone can come in town mail feel rich poor educated on the if anyone would come after me.
You can come.
You got to deny yourself pick up your cross and follow.
The gospel is a radical change of Allegiance.
It's a defection from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of the beloved Son.
The gospel is an all-or-nothing reality.
It's all in with Jesus Jesus.
Anybody can come nobody deserves to come but anybody can come but if you're going to come you've got to be all in.
What was talked a little bit about?
Sending impatiens why it is that our hearts struggle so much.
With any type of Simba particular this morning, let's think about why is it that we struggled to forget someone?
one of my favorite passages about Temptation and sin is James chapter 1 which is 13 to 15 is three simple versus here, and I want to walk through them in.
Just listen to what the spirit says here.
starts this way it says let no one say When he or she is tempted I'm being tempted.
by God God cannot be tempted with evil and he himself and snow one.
There's a reality in every person that I've ever met or talked to.
Where we really don't like taking responsibility for our sin.
right Like we we want to blame someone else we want to blame.
Our friends are family our boss when I'm playing the devil's sometimes we want to play.
It's not my fault.
I didn't I didn't want to do it but there's all these Reasons.
I'm really the victim.
There's business this desire within us to set us to set ourselves free from the responsibility of our sin Yves.
Like worm snake made me do it Adams like he's made me do it and we've been doing the same thing ever since trying to Pawn off responsibility for our sinful choices on someone else with James is doing here in this person.
He's he's stripping away our excuses.
It's not God's fault.
It's not the devil's fault is not your family's fault.
It's not your boss's fault.
Let no one say when they're tempted.
I'm being tempted by God for God cannot be tempted with evil and he himself pimps no one but each person is tempted.
when he is Lord and enticed by his own desire External its internal the problem with sin is not out there.
It's in here if we don't acknowledge that reality will never deal with the reality of sin, and we will never experience freedom.
Far too often we try to deal with sin by dealing with external reality and all we're doing is treating the symptoms or putting Band-Aids on an open wound.
We've got to deal with the sin doesn't exist out there somewhere send isn't an idea or a principle or a proposition sin is in her notes in his personal.
The problem is the problem with forgiveness forgiveness is one of those things where it's easy to blame somebody else.
Why would forgive them but what they did is so bad, I would forgive them but they haven't apologized I would forgive them but they're going to do it again.
I would forgive them.
But but but but we get our list of excuses Park rational and our justification attach bible verses to it.
Sometimes to avoid the reality that the reason I'm not forgiving the one who is hurt me because I don't want to
I don't want to let just listen what we got on this morning.
We send because we want to
we sin because we want to we got all night in the church y'all.
We don't deal with the desire.
This is what it said.
He says each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire.
interesting word therefore desire opportunity and in the Greek it it means
What is saying is that?
Send right is not Desiring bad thing.
Sin is an over abundance of Desire.
We want things too much.
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