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God Given Generosity

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Faith tested and generosity extended

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God Given Generosity

Introduction: In these verses we have a mass picture, in which John by inspiration of the Holy Spirit, brings us into a bird’s eye view of the miraculous. First, we see a great multitude, exhausted and famished. Next, we see the Great Shepherd, full of compassion and mercy. We also see the disciples and in their comments we hear their complaint (). Finally, we see a young boy, willing to give what he has, in order to gain what he can’t lose.

As John takes us through the scenes of this picture and moves us along faith’s highway, we find ourselves stopped at a place called, “God Given Generosity.” Its here Jesus poses a question to His disciple (Philip), whence shall we buy bread, that these may eat ()? The scripture are clear, “And this he said to prove him: for he himself knew What He would do.”

Corrie Ten Boom said, “There’s no panic in heaven only plans.”

What was Jesus doing? He was testing his faith.

It takes faith to move mountains. It takes faith to believe in the impossible. It takes faith to walk, when you’re having a dark night of the soul. It takes faith, for without it-it is impossible to please God. Jesus tests their faith and generosity. I wonder if they will pass the test!

If You and I are to pass the test we must see; The Position of Generosity, The New Place of Generosity and The Purpose of Generosity.

Randy Alcorn said, “ Giving is a giant level positioned on the fulcrum of this world, allowing us to move mountains in the next world. Because we give, eternity will be different-for others and for us.”

I. The Position of Generosity -

1. He Gave What He Had -

2. He Gave to Help -

A. Because he saw the need through investigation

B. Because he felt the need through interdependency

3. He Gave in Hope -

II. The New Place

II. The New Place of Generosity -

1. Its A Place of the Miraculous.


A. He amazed them

B. He assured them -

C. He astonished them

2. Its A Place of Multiplication -

III. The Purpose of Generosity -

1. To Trust in Christ

2. To Glorify God - Proverbs 3:9

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