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Oh Lord, we pray for grace to pray. Lord our God, we ask that You teach us to love You and Your word, even in prayer. Oh Lord, please make Christ beautiful to us. Satisfy our minds with a true knowledge of Him and set our hearts ablaze with a profound love for Him! Do draw us back to the cross of Christ where He poured out His great love for our souls. In Jesus Name we pray…AMEN.
. Oh Lord what great comfort will the close of our life be at death when we’ve walked after Christ’s pattern and example in this world! O how awful the sting of death is to those that are half-christians.
. Lord help us as a church to all guard our hearts. Our hearts are the seat of sin, the fountain from where all our sinning stems from, oh may we mortify our sin at the root of it! Oh Father, as such as our hearts are, so we are. Transform our hearts dear Lord!
. O Father may faith feed the our lamps of hope with fresh oil?
Father, may the faith that You give set love to work in our lives as “faith works through love” as we believe the mercy and merit of Christ that He might cause a flame of love to ascend to You, upwards, and to those around us, outwards!
. Lord we come and ask You for faith! Faith as we hear the Scripture preached! Let us all attend upon the unfolding of Christ Jesus in the gospel! May we not leave off any of the means by which Your Spirit makes the Word effectual, help us to not only hear messages from Your Word but to read it and meditate upon the preached Word and to talk about it to our brothers and sisters!
Oh Father, let the assurance of Your Spirit work in our hearts true joy and a peace that brings rest to our souls by the hearing of faith!
. O Lord Jesus make us zealous for Your glory and praise! Help us to boil over and our devotion to be ignited and that our hearts would boil over in holy affections!
Oh Father, may all our service have that heavenly heat upon it that our service would have divine fire in it!
Father may we look to our hearts in all that we seek to do because Your divine eye is fixed upon our hearts and so may our motives be inline with Your will so that our works won’t be dead works!
Lord, Your Word calls us ‘living stones’. Lord we pray that we’d be what You say we are, stones! Stones aren’t blown as chaff, tossed to and fro w/ every wind.
Lord let us not be just stones that lay there to be turned over here are there, to be cut and carved out by the forces of creation, but make us to live as living stones! as Paul did, having his spirit stirred up when he saw the idolatry!
O precious Lord, we pray this morning that you abide with Your blood bought church. Precious Lord, You are our rescuer and our guide! We call upon You to receive our worship through the merits and sacrifice of Christ our Lord!
We come and bow before You Father, who made us. We bow before You Jesus, the Son of God, who saved us. We bow before Your Spirit, who guides us and in devotion and adoration we seek to intentionally bow our lips, hearts, minds, strength, our all to worship You, sacred Three, the Ever One and true God.
Even as we turn to our own church body.
Lord God we lift up Bob and Shannon to You and we rejoice at the news of Bob’s potential job. O Father we pray that You be a bright light before them and be a guiding light above them, today, tomorrow, and forever!
Lord, we’ve prayed for George this week who has (perhaps) a month on this earth. O Father, break through the darkness of false religion and reveal the glory to Christ to Him, we pray!
Oh Father, we ask that the Holy Comforter, Your Spirit, Your sacred witness bearer, to go to Jim and Loretta dear Lord. That Christ’s Spirit of power would reign in their hearts as they near the finish line! In their earthy sorrows we pray that You might intertwine hope and comfort to them from above.
Protect all those that wanted to come but weren’t able. Perhaps they’re ill or hurt. We ask Lord that You bless each thing they undertake and we pray that Your Spirit’s power would lengthen their days as You oversee their lives.
Lord, we celebrate and rejoice at the wonderful salvation that You’ve visited upon those being married this upcoming month! For the favor upon them from Your heavenly hand. Bless them dear Lord! Fill them with great joy! And may they always seek Your face!
Lord we pray for the Financial Peace course we’re hosting. Lord God we hope to honor You with everything that You’ve blessed us with and seek to bring You praise for Your goodness. May You use the course to equip us dear Lord to honor You with all our substance!
Lord, as Your redeemed people this morning we mutually confess of the greatness of all Your works and of the infinite wisdom and kindness of all Your ways and so we’re seeking to open our mouths to pronounce high praise of our sweet Jesus! Draw near to us dear Lord as we worship You! In Jesus precious Name we pray, AMEN.
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