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Many people like to use new words and phrases or “lingo” as we often call it to refer to different things.
A lot of times we may find ourselves using the language of the culture and not really understanding what it means.
Today we will continue our study of expressions that are not in the Bible.
There are a lot of different phrases and expressions that come an go.
Some of them stand the test of time.
Phrases like:
He’s up the creek without a paddle.
I’ll put the fear of God in you.
You better walk the straight and narrow.
Or, Karma will get you.
This last one is a phrase that many Christians say without realizing the origins of the expression or what they are consenting to when they say this.
Today, we are going to examine it a little closer.
1. Karma and Its Origins
There are a couple of things to point out with regard to Karma that we need to understand.
First, what does Karma even mean?
Karma - (in Hinduism and Buddhism) the sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.
- Google
Karma is not just a word that is thrown around, but its actually an eastern spiritual expression that has been revived by New Age teachings that Hollywood elites have started following.
This of course gets filtered down to everyone that idolizes them and it ends up in the mainstream culture.
There are two aspects of karma that we need to understand.
Karma teaches reincarnation, or the idea that once we die we come back again as a higher or lower form.
The second part of karma that we need to understand is that karma is all about judgment but in the next life ON THIS earth
So with these two things in mind, let’s go to the Bible and hear what God says about karma.
2. What Does the Bible Say?
A. Man has a date with destiny (v.27a)
B. Judgment follows death (v.27b)
There is no reincarnation (v.27b)
3. The Law of Sowing and Reaping
A. The Scriptures
Hos 10:12
B. Application for the Present Life
The Law of Sowing and Reaping is a real concept that applies to our lives, but contrary to what Karma teaches, those realities are not realized in some future life on earth, but rather in the present life and at the judgment.
We need to understand that we do reap what we sow in this life.
How we treat others will affect our relationships with other people.
But also there is a judgment that we all must face.
C. Application for Judgment
Matt 16:
The judgment that we face comes in one of two forms.
We will either:
Appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ ()
Appear before the Great White Throne ()
The first Judgment, The Judgment Seat of Christ is only for believers.
We are not judged for sin, because God judged our sin at the cross.
Jesus has satisfied justice and given us grace and mercy that we do not deserve.
However, we are judged according to what we do with the life God gave us.
Do we live for the Kingdom of God?
Are we faithful stewards of the time, talent, and resources God gives us?
And in some mysterious way, we are also judged for every idle word we say.
The Second Judgment is only for the lost.
It is a judgment that is to prepare the lost person for the final punishment that will last for all eternity.
That punishment is given in the lake of fire.
Let’s read a little about that, because it is so important that we do not partake of it.
Rev. 20:11-1
Notice that the people at this judgment come from death and hades.
Hades is another word for Hell.
Hell is actually the translation into the King James for this word Hell and it means the place of the dead.
Particularly after Christ died and set free those who trusted in Him from Hades, this is only the place lost people go.
They are in torment (), but all of their sins have not been accounted for yet.
That happens at the Great White Throne Judgment as the books of their deeds and even their thoughts are opened up.
Remember, that Jesus said the heart matters as much as the deed when he said if you lust you commit adultery or if you hate you commit murder.
However, the final nail in the coffin is not their sin, because all of us have sinned, even after trusting in Jesus.
The final nail is what is recorded in verse 15.
Let me show you again.
Rev. 20:15
How do you get your name written in the Book of Life so you can avoid this terrible fate?
The answer is simple.
Trust in what Christ did on the cross.
He died for our sins so that the penalty for our sin could be satisfied.
He was raised to give us life.
If we trust in His saving work on the cross, we are made right with God.
We must simply call out to Him and ask Him to save us and deliver us from our sin.
However, there is a real difference between trusting Jesus as your Savior and not wanting to go to Hell.
Did you know that Satan and his demons don’t want to go to Hell either?
No sane person wants to go to Hell, at least if they realize it is a real place, it is eternal, and it is terrible.
But Hell is a choice you make.
When you choose to reject the free gift of salvation available to you in Christ, you choose hell over God’s heaven.
But you must realize that to choose Christ means submission.
Submission to His lordship over your life; submission to His authority; submission to His plan for you.
You must decide to walk with Him every day.
You aren’t saved by this, but your salvation will be evident by your desire to know the One who saved you.
Have you trusted in Christ today?
If not, what are you waiting for?
Are you willing to gamble with something so precious as your eternal life?
If you are a Christian, do you live like you are saved?
Do you live with the understanding that we will give an account before the judgment seat of Christ?
Do you follow Jesus command to love one another and treat others the way you would want to be treated?
Notice it is not treat others the way they treat you.
It goes farther to treat others the way you want to be treated.
Love your neighbor as yourself.
The Golden Rule is far better than Karma any day, so let’s just stick to what God says!
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