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What's Love Got to do with It (Revised)

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1.Background of 1 Corinthians 13:4-7
Written to correct various problems disturbing and dividing the church (full of immorality)(The greek word “to practice fornication” was named after the city of Corinth)-bragged about spiritual gifts, disunity in the lord’s supper
Chp. 12 addresses the church body and the role of each member regarding spiritual gifts.
the last verse of chp 12 directs the reader to the “more excellent way” which is love.
Gifts must be used with love
2. What is “love” is verses 4-7
The word used for love here is “agape”. the highest form of love in the Greek language and the word used when referring to the “love of God”
The words that Paul uses to describe love here are verbs (Love is not just a feeling but a feeling with an action”
3. Characteristics of Agape love
be patient when things are gone wrong or you are suffering
Patience i
“living life to be useful to other people”
Patient is passive be kindness is active
not only are we to be patient with people that wrong us but also show them kindness (Prodigal Son)
Jealously (envy)
Jealously is meanness of the soul
Jealousy is not only wanting what others have but wanting them not to have it
Jealously being at the root of many sins is a theme in the bible (Adam & Eve)
Boastful (Bragging)
causes others to envy
to think of yourself as better than others
full of your own importance
Rudeness is a disregard for others
Rudeness is dishonoring others or indecent
Does not insist on it’s own way
love is not self-seeking or selfish
love looks for the advantage of others
Love is not easily angered (irritable)
One is not easily pushed to anger
love shows patience instead of anger
Love is not resentful
love does not keep count of wrongs
can also be translated to “do not contemplate evil”
This means to not even think about doing evil
(6)Does not rejoice in wrong doing but in Truth
does not rejoice when someone falls into sin
does not promote sin
This would be contrasting the sinful culture of Corinth
(7) Love Bears all Things
can be translated to “always protects”
not condemn someone for their sin but to help them
this does not mean to sit by while sin has it’s way
love believes all things
love does not assume the worst of others
this is not a blind trust of someone but a trust in the God that calls us to love. A trust that He can do a work in them
Love Hopes all Things
Love does not give up on someone
this is because we have hope in Christ
Endures all Things (perseveres)
love never quits
this can be seen in the Cross of Christ
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