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Everyone who has a phone take it out…
let’s take a selfie
Is that still the word… sometimes I get out of touch
What social media apps are you guys on
What else is out there?
See I remember Myspace… Live Journal, Xanga…
That’s old school stuff right there
What are those things called that you use to make your selfie look like a dog or whatever?
There we go!
What’s your favorite filter?
Just yell it out?
Anyone have one that they see a bunch?
Today we are continuing our talk on Damage Control
Say Control
Today I want to talk to you about selfie: control
Now I’m not talking about self control the concept of having restraint… I’m talking about the concept of having control of how others percieve you… having control of who others think you are… of your image.
We live in a world that is run by filters
Have any of you ever heard of this program called deep fake?
It is a graphic program that can take someone’s face and digitally replace it with someone else’s in a video.
Some of the deep Fake video’s are so convincing that if you didn’t know you wouldn’t know
But you don’t have to go that deep with it
How many of you have seen people post so many photos with filters on that youforget what they look like?
I tell you what I hope some of my friends don’t go missing … the police will be out there looking for people with dog ears and nose piercings and rainbows coming out of thier mouths!
This is all fun and games but
There is something deeper at play here.
We’ve fallen into not only filters on our faces but filters on our lives
We only post the stuff on social media that we think will make us look good
You edit and filter each picture
You post all the glorifying posts and you neglect to post all the real
You are working at stuntin’ for the grahm … doing things just to post it on social media so that your image… how you look to the world will increase
And then that transfers into your real life relationships
Before we go any further let’s jump into scripture.
If you have a bible near you turn to the book of Exodus Chapter 34:29-35
We’re going to look at Moses here and his veiled face
While you’re turning there here’s a little context
The children of israel had been out in the wilderness now for 50 days
This is where the celebration of Pentecost comes from
50 days after the passover moses came down with the ten commandments and gave the law to the children of Israel
READ 34:29-35
So let’s dive into this a bit
Moses had a face to face encounter with the living God
it was so awesome and amazing that he walked away with his actual skin glowing
I’m talking glow int he dark… emanating light from his skin from just being in the presence of God
But after time the glow would fade… The longer he was away from the presence of God the more the glow would fade
And 2 corinthians tells us that moses was worried about people seeing the fading glory of God so he hid his face
Hiding the slow fade of the Glory of God
Moses was using the veil to manage his image
he didn’t want the people to see his face loosing the Glory of God
When he was in the presence of the most high it changed him and he was glad to let that be seen, But when he saw it slip when he saw the light diminish he would cover his face so that the people wouldn’t see the real moses start to slip through
Now in the context of the Old Testament, what moses did was for the people’s hard hearts.
Moses didn’t have the Holy Spirit living inside him
Did you guys know that those of you who have accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior have the power of the living God inside of you
The same power that spoke creation into creation and raised Jesus from the dead is alive and active in your very hearts
Moses, abraham, isaac, david… Any of those guys would’ve traded their situation for yours in a heartbeat
They had to follow the law and live by the faith in a future day of Glory to be in the presence of God
We have the law of Grace and the Spirit of truth living inside of us and we can access God at any moment of any day because he dwells inside you.... Pretty cool right?
Back to the text
What we see in Moses this veiling is exactly what we do on social media, its what we do in real life situations
How many times have you been around your brothers and sisters in the faith and when they ask you how you’re doing you say fine
I’m stealing this from Rob Schmutz but i like his definition of fine
Frustrated, Insecure, Neurotic, and Emotional
You’re not fine, but you want to manage you want to control the way that other people see you
You don’t ever want to look you don’t have it together or that you need someone
We use this selfie control in all these areas of our lives when That’s not what God has for you
Christ didn’t call you here to be around others so that you can portray an image of strength
Christ calls you out of this lifestyle of seeking to manage your image in order to live into his image
It’s not about your image… its a bout his image in you
If you still have your bible open, turn to or write it down and check it out later
Paul is talking about how living in Christ brings us eternal hope and how the glory of Christ surpasses the glory of the law
Since we have a hope we are very bold… Not to veil our faces but what?
Down in 18: we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image
That is the image of the Glorious Christ Jesus
From one degree of glory to another
He’s saying that when you are beholding the face of Christ you don’t have to manage the way others view you
you don’t have to fight for other people’s attention
You don’t have to impress anyone
You don’t have to worry about the right filter to put on your life
You don’t have to worry about controlling your selfie
Because as we behold his glory HE transforms us from one degree to another
That is bit by bit, step by step, inch by inch.
You may not be able to see how you reflect the GLory of Christ more today than you did yesterday… but if you look back to where you were last year… have you been being transformed from one degree to another
If not… could it be because you have been spending so much of your time and your energy trying to control the way others see you instead of just beholding the glory of Christ?
Remember… his grace is sufficient, not your effort.
His grace transforms our hearts from the inside and not our efforts transforming our hearts from the outside.
What does that look like?
Beholding the Glory of Christ means spending time in his presence, listening to him, reading your word, It means being able to just be real in the presence of the lover of your soul
the one who will not leave or forsake you.
The one who will shine his light into every dark place of your life
So again i ask… What’s your favorite filter?
It’s my hope that you will be able to eliminate the filters and allow the light of Christ to shine in every area of your life as you are seeking to look into his wonderful face.
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